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Saulo Akazawa comments

Posted in: Rare whale meat barbecue restaurant in Osaka spreads food culture See in context

This is just wrong.

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Posted in: United 787 Dreamliner heading to Tokyo diverted to Seattle See in context

Seattle... Maybe the plane just wanted to go back home for a few days.

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Posted in: Okada quits Wynn Resorts board, avoiding ouster See in context

This is the final proof you can not win in a casino!

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Posted in: Could the way we behave on the train reveal our true personality? See in context

This is called filling in the blanks. If you take the time and try to do what the article suggest you will get to a substantially more colorfull story than the one you would discover if you, god forbid, got to actually know them.

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Posted in: 3-year-old girl starves to death after mother leaves country See in context

Heartbreaking!!! I hope criminal charges will follow!!! What a horrible death to a innocent little one!!! And the psychological trauma the 14 year old will carry, they both could have died. Complete disregard for a human life.

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Posted in: Schwa-chan is back See in context

“And for once, I play a vulnerable character.” I guess he forgot about his time as CA gov.

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Posted in: Sony bills coming PS4 console as future of gaming See in context

I would be very conservative about the sales expectations when this new console hits the market. The demand for these high performance, high priced game console is falling fast and seems like this is a trend that will continue for some time to come. I understand that sony, nintendo and ms xbox have a good following and they should capitalize with new gadgets and games but the new generation doesn't seem to be very attracted to them anymore. I am sure it is a great machine and my uncle will buy one but I will never see my cousin using it (figuratively).

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Posted in: What lies ahead See in context

How come people will pay to have a stranger talk about their future but will vehemently ignore a good and free advise from friends and family???

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Posted in: Standing up to pee 'a matter of honor' for one man See in context

HAHAHAHA, Now we are talking about how we take a p..... soon the frequent users of this site will know our quirks better than our own family.

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Posted in: Yumi Kazama: 15 years in the Japanese adult video industry and still going strong See in context

She seems lovely! I never seen any of her videos myself but I think she is quite accomplished. A lot of the comments here seem to judge her profession so negatively and I really don't agree with that! I don't think that what she does makes her less interesting as person. Time to get your head out of your behind to look at the mirror!

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Posted in: 4-year-old boy survives fall from 12th-floor window See in context

That is really good news. As long as he is alive, problems can be worked out! The blame game and the guilt can wait, now take in the joy of having him there every minute.

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Posted in: Youth gets 5-8 years for killing 3 with car See in context

Joyriding without a drivers license NOT reckless??? Did I miss something here? If he was 18, why didn't he have a license?

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Posted in: Couple claims child care allowance for dead daughter over 6 years See in context

This is very sad. I hope they are properly punished!

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Posted in: Survey to find Japan’s 50 favorite Western musical acts now on See in context

Just like the economy, our heart and soul belongs to the last century!!!

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Posted in: LG to release full HD smartphone in S Korea See in context

It sounds great. I use a note 2 and it is a great piece of tech. The LG is going to be even faster. Sounds like a good step up!

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Posted in: Sony slashes price of PlayStation Vita in Japan See in context

When do they think the gaming performance of an tablet or smartphone will be comparable to that of an game console. I would say really soon. That is how long these consoles will survive.

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Posted in: Laughing matter See in context

They should be laughing, they are the puppeteers now!!!

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Posted in: Osaka's great EV taxi experiment does a slow burnout See in context

25 KM??? Based in what? Those old sedans we see driving around as taxis would be luck to clock 10 km/l. My car runs 2 to 3 in the city and my work prius will go 18 to 20. Since these cars drive mostly in the commercial centers I don't believe these numbers are right.

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Posted in: Abe ramps up pressure on BOJ See in context

2% inflation is not going to happen, for the same reason deflation was minimal compared to the reality of the market. Inertia!

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Posted in: Thieves get away with iPhones, iPads, cash from 2 Ibaraki stores See in context

It is about time to catch these people... this got to be the 5th or 6th time. These are tech stores, don't they have security cams? If they do where is the footage? Any faces??

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Posted in: Protesters urge Obama to act on global warming See in context

14 yo protester... Come to think of it he has more to loose (or gain) than we do.... Smart fella!!!

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Posted in: 42 injured after bus falls off road onto train tracks in Oita See in context

That's scary. All day skiing and the most adrenaline shoot up during the bus ride!

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Posted in: Japan readies space telescope to study atmosphere See in context

They had me at 'observe Jupiter'. There is something magical about seeing planets like Jupiter and Saturn.

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Posted in: Yen weakens in Asia after G20 talks See in context

How come when the USD fell from 110 levels to lower 80s there was no such talks?

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Posted in: World premiere for 2 Mitsubishi concept models at Geneva International Motor Show See in context

This is very exciting. Autonomy should be around 500km (in order to get real 300km using air conditioning and lights) or it would just stall too often. I still do not understand how the internal combustion engine has not evolved yet. It has basically used the same technology for the last 70 years!!!

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Posted in: Thousands evacuated as 2 WWII shells removed in Kobe, Shizuoka See in context

Lots of red tape in in Hama yesterday. Glad all went well.

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Posted in: Man steals 70,000 yen from Ibaraki convenience store See in context

Rob a convenience store or keep a mc job for a week??? Hum... Not such an easy answer to everybody.

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Posted in: Gun tourism See in context

This is a more realistic video game. The ringing sound in the ear last a bit longer and you find out it is not as easy to hit the target.

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Posted in: Train pickpocket suspected of over 200 thefts See in context

Maybe he had an Excell spread sheet with all the details. His columns would include description of the person, type of bag, type of wallet, cash, other id, credit card, cash card, date, time, train line... humm... maybe easier to find a daytime job!!!

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Posted in: 11-year-old boy throws himself under train near Osaka See in context

That was pointless!!! In his mind all that made perfect sense, I know. How sad! Rip young soul. Mercy be with his poor parents!

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