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Posted in: NEC begins mass production of home energy storage systems in Kofu See in context

Sounds great!!! I wish the article had a bit more info on the specs and price.

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Posted in: Tohoku Electric seeks gov't OK to hike power rates See in context

The reason for the hike is because it is everybody's fault that these reactors were not well built. So let's all pay the price!!! How about pay cuts to all the board of directors first??? These kind of articles are a win win for the electric company, they will either get people used to the idea of the rate hike or help change public opinion about restarting the reactors. People are so gullible.

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Posted in: 'Blade Runner' Pistorius charged with girlfriend's murder See in context

Very very tragic!!!

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Posted in: Sapporo restaurant fines customers who don’t finish every last bite See in context

Sounds lovely, I would love to go. But someone yelling at me for not finishing my meal sounds too much like my in-laws for comfort.

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Posted in: Bruce Willis says he's against new gun controls See in context

Yes, it is the law. But the law should evolve like everything else. It is not written in stone, even though that law is from that age. They are called amendments for a reason, it is time to be amended again. There are no brits coming after you. This right to bear arms doesn't mean bayonets anymore. They mean one may own a weapon capable of killing dozens of people in minutes sold to anyone for cash. Use your brain for once and look at yourself from the outside. You wanna know who love that you love your guns so much probably most countries in the middle east, it is proven more efficient killing Americans than all of their efforts put together.

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Posted in: High pollen count expected this year, ministry warns See in context

Is this article repeated every single year???

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Posted in: Miss Hooters Japan 2013 - vote now See in context

Love hooters! Go for the breasts stay for the wings!!!

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Posted in: Osaka City official arrested for allegedly punching out register’s LCD display See in context

Hey buddy do you have any idea how long we have to wait in the cityhall to get anything done??? Easy to say that someone else is slow!

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Posted in: Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a squid See in context

For the sake of fairness, how would Usain Bolt fare if he was running for his life???

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Posted in: Toyota rolls out new Tundra pickup in U.S. See in context

Exciting news. Hopefully there will be a new escalade ext soon as well.

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Posted in: China must stop making threats in maritime disputes: Panetta See in context

Ok, I agree that coming from Panetta, that statement will not be ignored but realistically it is not going to dissuade china to change their policy regarding the territorial dispute. The US do not want to be involved in this mess and they should not, but one could only hope that the words used were a bit stronger.

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Posted in: China must stop making threats in maritime disputes: Panetta See in context

Sounds like a little teen talking to a big bully!!! But do I hope China and Japan will get the message that peace is the only path to prosperity!

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Posted in: U.S. federal agents investigating Armstrong See in context

I wonder what kind of drugs he will use to endure the long and exhausting hours in court.

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Posted in: Man held for slashing son, daughter with knife See in context

Sicko and a huge COWARD!!! 10 and 6 wtf!!! Hope he stays in jail for a long time!

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Posted in: NTT's April-December profit up 24.5% See in context

Time to lower fees and get some of lost costumers back from softbank.

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Posted in: Japan machinery orders surge on weak yen See in context

Hopefully this is just the beginning of a long and prosperous run for the Japanese economy!

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Posted in: Elderly woman burned to death in Fukuoka See in context

It is got to be someone really close to the victim perpetrate such violent crime. Old grudge most likely. I can't imagine being the result of a robbery or a heat of the moment kind of crime.

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Posted in: Shimane town demands pants for Michelangelo's David sculpture See in context

There is ALWAYS someone to complain about anything. There is never such a thing as 100% public opinion. Even the most obvious choices will be met with an opposing opinion. If the town would cover it up someone would complain, if they were taken away too. The decision to put them on public land was probably decided by a group of public servants that had the power to veto it then.

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Posted in: Meteorological Agency supercomputer glitch affects data distribution See in context

They use a supercomputer??? By the rate of misses, they might as well use bingo balls!!!

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Posted in: Gov't, industries battle copyright infringement by hiding strongly worded letters on P2P networks See in context

One of the fastest in the world... Now we are proud of our internet connection even if it is NOT the fastest in the world!!! I think it is lame that Japan has been surpassed by so many countries in the quality of IT and I don't read anything about that on the news.

*Knowingly downloading and of course uploading files that are protected by copyright law without the consent of the owner over the Internet is illegal copyright infringement. Please stop immediately.

Also, from 1 October 2012, downloading content which is known to be available for sale is punishable by a maximum 2-year prison sentence and/or 2,000,000 ye

n fine.*

Does this mean that if one would, for example, download Real Time, a show that has no re-airing in Japan and is not available for sale in this market, nor on the itunes or the web, would NOT break the law? This is all so confusing? P2P is not illegal so long the content is not illegal!!! I get that part....

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Posted in: Whaling costs Japan taxpayers $10 mil a year, animal welfare group says See in context

Hey, whale watching sounds great. Dolphin watching, even better! That would probably be the only way I would spend money in Wakayama again. I have avoided, knowingly, buying anything from that prefecture for years now (including tourism), but I would be glad to go on an eco-tour to watch the thousand of dolphins that still migrate thru their waters.

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Posted in: Stepped-up seismic activity raises concerns that big quake may be looming See in context

If I had a buck for every time I heard that....

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Posted in: 93 cops, police officials arrested; 458 disciplined in 2012 See in context

This is a great step forward. I am not saying I disagree with most of the comments above and that these numbers make up 100% of the bad apples but keep up with giving them jail time. I don't think they should be made an example of but not specially lenient either. The only special trait to be observed in a case where a police officer is the culprit is that he or she is well educated to know the extent of the punishment brought by the actions perpetrated. Not to say that wakarimasen is an excuse but there are times when not knowing a specific information lead to an accident and then the fact of knowingly do something wrong make all the difference.

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Posted in: ANA to seek damages from Boeing for 787 troubles See in context

Let's be fair here for once. If you change the word Boeing for Toyota, the damage suits would be going into the millions by now. I do hope the investigation will be thorough and the responsible party charged with all this lost revenue.

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Posted in: Softbank's 3rd-quarter profit doubles on iPhone sales See in context

No wonder Mr. Son can afford the US$120 million mansion in San Francisco, the largest amount ever paid for a single home property in the US. And LOSTINNAGOYA, great comment, lowering the prices just before the recession was a great move that docomo is taking forever to replicate.

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Posted in: 233 dead in Brazil nightclub fire See in context

Terrible tragedy, 250 young souls perished in few minutes. These accidents are just way to common! It is about time someone come up with safer ways to build these structures. Kabukicho was a very similar story. RIP!!!

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Posted in: Woman throws newborn baby out of toilet window See in context

I feel sick!!! What a horrible story. Rip poor baby.

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Posted in: iPhone tops in U.S. as Android rules the world See in context

As someone who is transiting from IOS to Android, I can say for sure that Android is pretty sweet. You will need some computer skills or a lot of searching on the web, since it is NOT as easy as the IOS, but quite cool. I still use the Ipad and download from Itunes. For me the deciding factor is in the hardware since both android and ios are quite good, I like using the Ipad better than the nexus and galaxy better than Iphone. Can't wait to put my hands on the recently announced xperia z waterproof and 5 inches.

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Posted in: Newborn girl found in bag near highway in Saitama See in context

All I hope is for the baby to live a better life than she would with the soulless parents. Hope she finds a loving and caring family.

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Posted in: Starbucks Japan reduces amount of brew in some offerings See in context

Out of the thousands saying they were not getting enough they found two (to make the sentences plural) who complained about the cups being to full... And of course they had to take action... LOL

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