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Posted in: Ghosn case adds to Nissan's financial problems See in context

"Ghosn case adds to Nissan's financial problems" Nothing that Nissan did not do on it's own.

I have never seen a time that the saying could be more accurate:

You made your bed, now lay on it!

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Posted in: Mother admits neglect in death of 5-year-old daughter; feared husband's reprisals See in context

Reading this makes me so sad! I really hope they use all the media attention this crime has brought to encourage couples going thru a similar situation to come out and stop the worst from happening. I know this might be wishful thinking but one can only hope!

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Posted in: Father's story about parenting on a train highlights Japan’s hidden prejudice against male parenting See in context

It is not always bad here. A couple of weeks ago I had to take my son 2 yo and my daughter 7 yo to dinner, without my wife, and my younger one was very upset and crying his lung out. The waitress offered to bring a baby chair, which is not that unusual, then she asked if she could offer him a lollipop, on top of that she brought a hair band for my oldest along with the meal. Such a sweet lady. I thanked her a million times.

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Posted in: Man arrested for kidnapping teenage girl, seeking ransom money See in context

Anyone else think he was preparing for retirement, you know 20 million yen...

Glad to see that she is safe!

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Posted in: Man found guilty of forcing women into sex trade to clear 'debts' See in context

These news make me so sad! How come this is not lenient? How about an eye for an eye here? How would they feel about paying that debt to society with their body? This is one time I would totally vote for a Law of Talion!

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Posted in: Rose opens with 65 to tie Pebble Beach record at U.S. Open See in context

Pebble Beach record tied... and I still only click to see how Tiger Woods did...

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Posted in: Record amount of stimulants seized in Shizuoka; 7 Chinese men arrested See in context

So, maybe soon, will we read about these people's bosses being jailed?

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Posted in: Three 18-year-olds killed, one in coma after traffic accident in Shizuoka See in context

Wow. RIP. So young.

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Posted in: Nissan's governance committee says Ghosn had too much power See in context

"Too much power". Funny thing, I can NOT recall anyone complaining a few years back, when Nissan was in the gutter.

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Posted in: Vietnamese workers, streaming to Japan, face risks as labor system opens up See in context

Pay back 10 grand on minimum wage here... It is not going to happen.

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Posted in: Japan eyes 2020 Olympics to retake place on tech podium See in context

As long as the industry only requirement to be a success here is to print the Made in Japan words, I do not think they will ever be competitive in a globalized economy. There was a time when companies were really innovative and cheap enough to be attractive, now the big name brands can sell any piece of tech from the last decade labeled as innovative and a good portion of the domestic market won't even question it.

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Posted in: High risk of powerful quake in northeastern Japan within 30 years: panel See in context

Is this really news? Is there any part of Japan that has no probability of a strong quake in the next 30 years?

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Posted in: With Ghosn in rear-view mirror, Nissan faces new tests See in context


How can someone not stick out like and be a CEO?

I do believe there is a glass ceiling for us, Gaijins, here. Sometimes is really hard to tell for most people are so nice and polite all the time.

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Posted in: Nursing care sector to accept largest number of foreign workers: gov't See in context

Politicians should have learnt by now, after all the failed incentive plans, that even the poorest of the people will need more than a mediocre income to leave their family behind. That is specially true for serious professionals trying to follow their dream carrier. A better pay, respect for their knowledge and skills and most of all embrace from the local community, those are the lowest bar to offer to get any good labor through the door. I know, I know that is not going to happen and I know that is not really what this law is all about; they only want numbers. No wonder they are temporary positions. Maybe they should just stop using "higher skills" in the debates.

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Posted in: Japan seeks upgraded whaling ship in sign hunts will continue See in context

Why do we have to foot the bill for this monstrosity?

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Posted in: Osaka police unmask 74-year-old 'ninja' burglar See in context

Ninjas are so good I never been able to spot one. And I have lived here for 20 plus years.

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Posted in: 19-month-old boy drowns in bathtub while parents are away playing slot machines See in context

So very sad! I just learned about a place in the same Toyohashi city that helps people in trouble, physical or psychological. No money involved, when I went to visit, there were lots of kids running around playing and doing activities with volunteer helpers. I wish these parents took the kids there instead. Poor kids, just to think of the guilt and sorrow the 8 year old will carry because of these terrible, criminal I might add, parents.

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Posted in: You’re not really Japanese; you just look the part See in context

I sure look Japanese, since my parents are Japanese, but even after 2 decades here, when I meet new people they will treat me as "smart gaijin or really stupid Japanese" and because of my looks I am afraid the later is prevalent!

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Posted in: Kobe Steel scandal latest to tarnish 'Made-in-Japan' brand See in context

I don't know if this is the straw that will break this camel's back but sure the camel has been hanging rather precariously low for the last decade or so. Still the Japanese economy is staying alive, sort of, though out all these problems, resilient is the best word here.

I don't think these can go on much longer.

We saw the national consumer go from "The only product I can trust is Made in Japan" to "shioganai, I am still too afraid to buy imports, even if it is cheaper, more advanced and has a better track record on safety than the domestic similar".

I said this before but as long as the domestic consumer still buy J-corp no matter what, we will see these problems again and again. Make these huge corporations fight for our money like they did before, make sure we only spend our money on the very best and innovative. Only then we might see some respect from these huge and outdated companies that have been holding Japan back.

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Posted in: 6 dead, including 5 children after apartment fire; father turns himself in See in context

Just like all the other comments, I can not comprehend the murder of children! This is evil to the maximum, I hope this guy never sees the light of day again!

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Posted in: 87-year-old woman in wheelchair dies after attack by swarm of hornets See in context

That is so sad and creepy in so many levels, what a tragic way to go! RIP poor lady.

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Posted in: More people apply for labor inspector jobs after Dentsu incident See in context

"I want to eliminate karoshi," he said

I wonder... how much over time will he have to put in to accomplish that?

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Posted in: Mother, 2 young children found dead in Fukuoka home See in context

Kind of odd. On a week day just before 7, the kids were in bed, let's say someone went in and strangled the mother still early enough to get to the kids still in bed(futon)?

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Posted in: Japan sees potential in solar power See in context

Floating farms sounds like good use for the space, I only hope all the measures for minimizing the environment impact will work fine.

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Posted in: Rare whale meat barbecue restaurant in Osaka spreads food culture See in context

There is not one single good reason to hunt and eat whales. "That is the way we did things in the past", simply won't do it. We, as humans, did a lot of bad things in the past mostly for lack of knowledge or punishment. Now we know how you hunt the whales and dolphins and we care about them. Leave them alone. If you say that is fine because that is how people here were brought up, might I suggest you also take a look a how the disparities of gender liberties in the Middle East, the men there use that same argument.

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Posted in: A dash of bugs with that? Insect-topped noodles sell out in Tokyo See in context

3.000 or you may choose to ride your bike with your mouth hanging open during the summer months, totally free of charge.

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Posted in: Kindergarten teachers taped child’s hands and feet for discipline See in context

Hey as a parent of a 5 year old, I would be really mad to know that my kid was treated in this matter by a teacher BUT, and that is a really important but, I would be really angry to learn that my kid was being beat up by another student and the teachers did nothing. Don't take me wrong, I still think what they did and how they treated this kid was horrendous but at least they did something.

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Posted in: Accused groper on train escapes by jumping onto tracks at Tokyo's Akabane Station See in context

This guy might be a JT reader. Just a few days back the conversation was all about this topic....

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Posted in: Japanese government looking for people to join 'your name.' anime pilgrimage tour See in context

Choose me, choose me.

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Posted in: Season's first dolphins killed in annual Taiji hunt See in context

Shame! I won't ever understand the desire to kill dolphins.

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