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Posted in: Trump tees up for golf with Abe See in context

that picture is giving me life

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Posted in: Watermelon bread a fruity summer treat See in context

Hard pass, sorry.

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Posted in: Transparent soy sauce creates different culinary experience See in context

I appreciate this. Now I can put some shoyu on my daughters onigiri without my MIL claiming I'm feeding her junk.

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Posted in: Kono to ask foreign media to switch order of Japanese names See in context


Yes because Japanese people never, ever pronounce foreign names or words incorrectly. Are you trolling?

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Posted in: Petition launched to stop forcible hair dyeing from natural color to black in schools See in context

My daughter has very dark brown hair and looks very Japanese in general, aside from her large eyes. My MIL said they probably won't bring it up but if they do then we should dye it black because it will be embarrassing to my daughter to be different than everyone else.

At what point do we stop punishing different? Why is it bad that she's different? She IS different and it's perfectly normal to be different. Hopefully I can overrun my MIL's conservative influence and teach my daughter that the things that make her unique are the things she should treasure about herself.

International school here we come.

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Posted in: Robot restaurant See in context

It is definitely one of the weirdest things you'll ever see. It's definitely a tourist trap but the most enjoyable one I've ever been to.

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One of my friends was visiting from Cali and wanted to go here. It's absolutely kitschy and touristy (actually only tourists were in there), loud, smokey and weird.

But it was fun. I recommend if you have a taste for the weird. Don't order the food though.

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Irezumi is actually very beautiful. You don't have to like tattoos, that's fine. It's association with the yakuza is regrettable but if you actually can appreciate the artwork of a tattoo then most of these are incredible. Look at the guy on the right, the red flowers are so vivid and it's almost like you can see the movement in the tattoo. Amazing artist, whoever did that.

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Posted in: Rather than a place people purposefully visit, Ikebukuro has always been more of a transit point. If Ikebukuro can offer a place to develop the next generation of manga writers and artists, its efforts will take root as the area’s characteristics and charms. See in context

I used to live right near Ikebukuro and its actually got quite a few lovely restaurants and some good shopping. And quite a large foreign population although I forget why... perhaps a university but the reason escapes me. But because of that you can usually find several English speaking doctors which can be helpful if your Japanese isn't that advanced yet.

It has an absolutely horrid JR station, though. I don't know who designed it but its got 8 trillion lines that empty into the same large open space without good signs indicating where to go... so you end up with maybe 1/3 of the people not familiar with the station just standing around trying to figure out which direction to go. Also if you want to go to say, Sunshine City you have to walk a very long underground pathway that never seems to end. Also far too many department stores for a single station. I could go on.

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Posted in: 13 teen boys caught peeping into girls’ hot spring bath during class trip See in context


*Or perhaps, no one has the right to see your naked body unless you've taken your clothes off in a public place.

The definition of "public place" will probably vary depending on the proximity of 15-year old boys and the age of the undressed.*

Obviously not a public place if you have to climb over a wall to see it. Is a bathroom in a shopping center a public place to you? Do these boys have the right to climb over the stall to watch a girl take her pants off?

I'm sure the girls will eventually get over it as they will, inevitably, have to get over the hundreds of other incidents of sexual harassment that they're bound to experience for the rest of their lives.

Natural urges are natural urges but a 16 year old should have more sense than this. I would expect this from 12 year olds.

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Posted in: 13 teen boys caught peeping into girls’ hot spring bath during class trip See in context

Let's say it together now everyone-

No one has the right to see your naked body unless you've given consent.

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Posted in: 13 teen boys caught peeping into girls’ hot spring bath during class trip See in context

If this happened to my daughter I would press charges against the school. No one has the right to see you naked without your permission and from what the article states the school doesn't seem to be doing much about it. Teens are idiots and the ones that did this are particularly gross but it's the school's responsibility to monitor the behavior of their students. They failed to protect the privacy of their female students and that is unacceptable.

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Posted in: U.S. abortion rights activists vow to challenge landmark Alabama ban See in context

Forced-birth extremists. Sometimes I'm glad I no longer live in the US.

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Posted in: Health insurance to cover new cancer therapy worth ¥33 mil See in context

This is great and hopefully with more developments the cost of the therapy will drop. I am curious as to why the age cap is 25 though? I would have thought something like 45 and under considering all of the parents with young children to provide for who have one of this awful diseases could probably benefit from this as well. Perhaps the benefit is less the older you become, not enough information from the article. Either way its a good start and any advancements in cancer treatment is a blessing.

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Posted in: My mother is almost 90. She still looks after me. When she dies, life will be difficult. I've always thought I'll die right after her. See in context

These people need help while they're alive so that it doesn't get to the point where they're being looked after by their 90 year old parents.

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Posted in: Japanese man jailed in Ecuador for trying to smuggle out insects See in context

but why tho

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Posted in: 91-year-old driver who hit pedestrians killing one, gets suspended sentence See in context

You know, there are probably plenty of drunk drivers who can drive perfectly fine when they're under the influence. It's illegal to do so because most people are absolutely dangerous when they drive drunk. Most people at 91 do not have the proper cognitive functionality to drive safely so why do we keep letting this happen? Is there really NOTHING we can do to fix this?

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Posted in: Delays and long waits as Japan residents rush to buy Tokyo Olympic tickets See in context

Was in the queue for 2 hours yesterday. Managed to get trough but I was a bit surprised by the prices. I got basic tickets for the few sports events I wanted to go to which were only about 2000 yen but I wanted a bit nicer seats for the opening and closing ceremonies which set me back more than I would have liked but if it's your thing I think it's worth it. Really we just want to bring our daughter so she can have a nice memory, otherwise I don't think I would even try lol

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Posted in: Car hits group of preschoolers in Shiga Pref; 2 dead See in context

Horrible for the parents. My worst nightmare.

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Posted in: People love coffee and beer for the buzz, not the taste: study See in context

Not sure about this. I drink coffee with sweet things because I don't really like sweets and a nice, clean dark roast can really balance out the tastes. I also drink a lot of decaf because I actually don't like the buzz of coffee once it gets to the point I can actually feel it. Sooooo

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Posted in: Japanese women’s magazine’s list of traits for an ideal man is both understandable and baffling See in context

What did I just read lol

Like what is this, actually? Is it a fluffy troll piece or are these women actually serious? If you even have to put in 1/3 of the effort required in this list to date a woman you probably shouldn't date them. Aside from 'Kind and Gentle' none of these are actually personality traits and even those two aren't always the BEST traits to have at all times. This list makes run of the mill gold diggers look good. Birthday is in August? LIKES MEATY DISHES? Why? What for? What does that have to do with you at all? Is always smiling? What kind of psychopath is always smiling?

My husband meets like 2/3rds of these randomly and it makes me think he read an article like this 15 years ago and molded himself to fit lol

Boys just be clean, reasonably healthy and responsible, don't be violent, don't be racist or go into heavy debt on ridiculous hobbies and you're good. No wonder men here don't want to date Jesus Christ lol

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Posted in: Man found dead at imperial burial site in Tokyo See in context

This is terrible and a tragedy for the man's family but damn, what a gangster way to go.

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Posted in: After bodysuit blow, Japan's Zozo embarks on hiring spree to shore up online mall See in context

My husband received the Zozo suit. He then ordered jeans and they didn't fit.

Good thing it was free.

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Posted in: Never mind 'sekuhara' -- now Japan's got 'shokuhara' (eating harassment) See in context

I make a bento for my daughter at her youchien. I generally like the school but this is such a grinding point with me. They are never happy with what I put in her lunch box. At first it was not enough food (shes a light eater which I have mentioned to them), then when I increased the portions they complained that she wouldn't finish her bento. Then they complained that I wasn't giving her enough variety which is ridiculous, and at the end of the last school year her teacher sent me a letter to request I no longer put 'the food with the smell' in her bento that I had that day because I suppose the smell bothered the other kids... which was just chicken breast and peppers with fajita seasoning and rice... essentially a healthy taco salad. God forbid right?

I swear sometimes the people up top in any given situation in Japan just wanna control absolutely everything. They just want some reason to complain.

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Posted in: Many Kurdish children experience bullying here in some form. If they don't understand Japanese and therefore can't convey their thoughts clearly, it's easy for bullying to develop. Lack of knowledge regarding customs, culture and community life here can lead to misunderstandings and prejudice. See in context

My daughter doesn't speak any language besides Japanese, she's never known any other culture. She even looks completely Japanese unless you see her next to me. And some of the kids still pick on her for being a foreigner. I tried really hard to make sure her half-ness wouldn't negatively effect her life, including making sure her first language was Japanese. I regret all of that because apparently being different in absolutely any way puts an enormous target on your back here. Thank god for international school, wouldn't dream of sending her anywhere else now.

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Posted in: Stubbed out: Japanese university stops hiring smoking professors See in context

Interesting how my post about alcohol gets removed but it's perfectly fine for other posters to suggest banning people who are overweight. Jesus christ.

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Posted in: Kobe city bus hits several pedestrians; 2 dead See in context

"The bus suddenly accelerated and hit people"

Sorry, but how exactly would that happen? Has that ever actually happened with a bus in real life?

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Posted in: Pop superstar Adele splits from husband See in context

That's no fun for them. Unfortunate.

Meanwhile her next album should be pretty good then eh

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Posted in: First impression working women want to make is clear skin, Japanese survey reveals See in context

Oh god this makes me ashamed to be a woman, seriously. Of course there's merit to caring about your physical health and appearance but to place it above the importance of pretty much everything else about you doesn't speak much of your character.

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Posted in: These are some of the craziest questions ALTs of color in Japan get asked See in context

The only other biracial child besides my daughter at her school is a little boy with a black American father. We all hang out together sometimes so they're friendly at school. The little boy looks more like his father so he's always saying that his mom is Japanese and his dad is Black to other kids at school when they ask him why he looks different. My daughter looks much more typically Japanese so the kids are surprised when they see me with her. But since she never gets asked about it she just copies what the other little boy says and tells people her mom is also black like his dad (I'm white, I think she means American). I try and correct her when I can but she always talks about her black mom to other kids and the teachers and at this point I just hope it dies out on its own before it gets really unacceptable lol

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