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I wish her good health but sorry, the people working lower down the structure work infinitely harder and deserve "rest" as well. But no, they must sacrifice their health and wellbeing to try and put on the games within the ridiculous parameters the government has set for them. The Japanese government is the worst of the Black Companies in this country.

And yes, my husband has considered quitting. However, he took an enormous reduction in salary for this job on the guarantee that once the Olympics were held and over he (and the other grossly underpaid workers) would receive a severance pay. A severance pay that many people would love to deny them (call it a bonus if you want, but even combined with his monthly salary it doesn't even approach what he was making before). If the games are cancelled, these workers won't get their severance pay. They will be jobless, in a pandemic, having spent years being paid less than your average high school teacher.

My family will be okay. My husband speaks English and is very well educated, he has options. But think of the thousands of workers that were pressured by their former employers (in the sports business) to take the prestigious job of working for the historic 2020 Olympics... for less money, more work and as it is universal contempt from the public possibly having their well-earned severance pay taken away from them?

No doubt the higher ups will get their bonuses. Koike won't go hungry. She won't have any trouble paying her bills. But Taro and Nanami who were promised their financial and social sacrifice would be well rewarded might not be able to. So you may hate the Olympics and think it's a farce (and you're probably right) but put your blame where it belongs, with the Japanese government.

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Posted in: Young people eager to have sex, but will post-pandemic hookups bring happiness or despair? See in context

Plenty of women enjoy casual sex just as plenty of men enjoy having an emotional bond with their lovers.

Silly comment.

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Oh? My husband works for the olympics and only gets a few hours of sleep a day due to the grueling demands put on their workers. He's lost so much weight and regularly falls asleep on his (only) day off during dinner, playing with our daughter. They constantly move their offices which just so happens to be further and further away from where we live. Now giving him a 2 hour (one way!) commute to work every day. He is home around 3am daily and has to leave by 7:30am. He eats both lunch and dinner at his desk every day, half of the time skipping a meal entirely just to keep up with the constant demand from his superiors and the thousands of emails he receives every day. They denied him a secretary, claiming a tight "budget" but they are perfectly happy to spend exuberant amounts of public funds on government nomikai and "gifts" for the higher ups.

He told me yesterday that this is the only time in his entire life he has ever been depressed. A man that has never complained to me about his job in the 15 years we've been together has told me he has lost hope in life because of this job.

He took this job for his love of sport and international business only to come to the realization that, not only is the Japanese government woefully unprepared and unwilling to change policy even in the most extreme circumstances, but that (despite the JOC having almost zero say in these choices - the Japanese government is in charge) he and his impossibly hard working, disturbingly unpaired coworkers are now hated by the general public.

Not only that, if he were to quit, he would be blackballed out of the profession for the rest of his life due to the Japanese system of loyalty.

I cannot wait until his contract is up and we can leave this country. I just hope my husbands mental and physical health can hold on for just a few more months. God willing.

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Posted in: What are some suggestions for avoiding bitter arguments with your conspiracy-loving friends or colleagues? See in context

The fun thing about being an adult is that you don't have to interact with people you don't want to. You are not required to entertain anyone else's delusions. We all have enough stress in our lives without having to pretend to be interested in the fantasy world that some others choose to live in.

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Great idea if you're actually offering the vaccine to everyone.

Wonder how long I'll have to wait...

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My daughter hates sports day. She's not very athletic (I guess because she's the shortest and very thin so she doesn't have much physical power) so she always gets really embarrassed that she's always last in the relay or not strong enough to the carrying tasks and stuff. Sometimes her classmates get frustrated that she can't keep up and she cries every year about it... I feel really bad for her but what can I do other than comfort her?

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Posted in: Mori Building to vaccinate 100,000 employees, tenants at Toranomon Hills, Roppongi Hills and ARK Hills See in context

Guess that means my husband will be getting vaccinated. Nice. Better than none of us.

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Posted in: Spain to let travelers from UK, Japan in without a PCR test from May 24 See in context

Why does Japan always get a pass?

No one here is vaccinated. They're not even testing people unless it's dire.

Why on earth would you let people living in Japan to travel without a PCR test?? Ridiculous.

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News: Dentists, now pharmacists, and... who next, 7-eleven staff (?) to administer COVID-19

I'd take an IM vaccine from 7-11 staff. I'm sure I could teach my 7 year old daughter to do it if I wanted to.

Just give me the bloody vials and I'll jab my whole family.

People grow sick and die while millions of vaccines sit in a freezer somewhere. Why aren't people more upset about this? Japan has secured more than enough vaccines to inoculate the entire population of this island and the government sits on its bloody hands quaking in fear of doing anything spontaneous or out of regulation. Meanwhile back in America of all places, my family and friends go back to their lives basically mask-less while I watch my daughter play the piano through a plastic sheet.

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You can teach a person to administer an intramuscular injection in 20 minutes max... this is ridiculous

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It would be nice to not have to need heavy sleep medication every night that absolutely destroys my body

It would be nice wouldn't it

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Posted in: 82-year-old woman arrested for hitting crying 3-year-old girl at shopping center See in context

Sure it's subjective but plenty of old people in Japan have put their hands on my daughter, especially when she was a baby.

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Posted in: What are the blood clots associated with the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine? See in context

16 people out of 8 million.

So, 1 in 500,000 people get a blood clot from J&J vaccine, national panic.

1 in 3000 women get a blood clot from hormonal birth control, radio silence.

And for some perspective, 1 in 5 hospitalized Covid patients suffer from blood clots.

Maybe some people should calm the f*** down.

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Posted in: Japan to introduce 'vaccine passports' for international travel See in context

How can you implement such a thing if you're unwilling to vaccinate your population?

Go ahead, require a vaccine passport. Please do.

But make sure everyone as access to the vaccine.

I'd wait in line for hours... hell I'd camp out for a vaccine. I want one desperately but I don't have that choice because I happen to live in Japan.

Give me a vaccine and then require whatever you want.

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Posted in: Olympic athletes may be allowed to bring medical stimulants into Japan See in context

Lots of ignorance here, fun.

ADHD's most affective treatment are stimulants such as Adderall, Vyvanse, etc. God forbid a handful of people ask that they be allowed to take their prescribed medication, legal in most countries, to an international event.

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Posted in: Japan has entered 4th wave of COVID-19 infections, says gov't panel chief See in context



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Posted in: Suga to designate Tokyo for stronger anti-virus steps as infections spike See in context

how about some vaccines


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Posted in: Japan getting more Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines to immunize elderly faster See in context

And what about the rest of us? I have two autoimmune disorders as well as asthma. I would like to go out without being on the edge of a panic attack every day.

Most of my friends back in the States have already gotten the vaccine.

I would really like to go back to my home country and see my elderly grandfather. He doesn't have much time left (cancer). Are we even going to get the vaccine for regular (non-elderly) citizens this year? What about us permanent residence? I wonder if foreigners will ever even be in consideration to get the vaccine.

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Posted in: Demi Lovato reveals teen rape as tell-all documentary opens SXSW See in context

@Frankie Meatballs

Gotta love the "I was Raped" but I'm not going to name the person logic.

And? Most people who are sexually assaulted don't come forward. Not only does it happen a lot when people are very young and can be incredibly shameful to be labelled a victim for your entire life (thus falling outside of the statute of limitations)... look how you've just reacted to her even mentioning it? Do you think she's lying?

It's no wonder more people don't come forward.

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Lets face it, if a women is attracted to a guy (especially if he's an alpha or has money) they normally aren't concerned the least with consent. They'll let the guy do whatever he wants. Its when a guy they don't like does something that they find creepy or uncomfortable that they call inappropriate or an assault.

So what you're saying is... women aren't allowed to choose who they do and do not want to engage in sexual activity with? I don't understand the problem?

No, most women don't let a guy do whatever he wants even if they're attracted to him. You're projecting, possibly your own failures, onto women.

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Posted in: Does a guy lose all chance with a Japanese woman if he doesn’t pay for the first date? See in context

Lucky man in that case. Filter out the gold diggers first round.

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Posted in: Swimmer Seto to sit out rest of year as punishment for affair See in context

Nonsense. Who care's about their private life?

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Posted in: 17 killed in Thailand bus-train collision See in context

Horrific. RIP.

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Posted in: Japanese swimmer Seto apologizes for extramarital affair See in context

This is very sad. I know both Daiya and his wife, they're incredibly sweet people. Wouldn't have seen this coming, but they're both very young and young people make mistakes.

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Posted in: McConnell vows quick vote on next justice; Biden says wait See in context

Oh really? Right before the election?

I heard somewhere that that's not kosher... hmm...

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Posted in: 48.1% feel healthier due to coronavirus outbreak See in context

Good for them. Silver lining I guess.

I now have to spend 1500$ a month to see a therapist twice a week and take insanely strong medication that makes me a zombie just to keep from offing myself due to the social isolation.

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Posted in: Japan considers offering COVID-19 vaccines for free to all residents See in context

@Peter Neil

*No, everybody does not win. Your neighbors will have to pick your tab for hospitalization if you need it. Hospitalization for Covid-19 is expensive.

Let's think beyond our owns noses.*

They don't care about others whatsoever. I wouldn't even bother.

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Posted in: Make your face sparkle like shimmering stars with Disney’s space-themed cosmetics lineup See in context

Not to be a bummer, but Witch's Pouch is essentially crap. Quality of children's makeup but tied up with Disney will have the price tag of luxury brands. Don't waste your money.

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Posted in: Remains dug up from Osaka mass grave suggest epidemic in 1800s See in context

I'm embarrassingly uneducated in Japanese pre-WWII history so forgive me if I sound ignorant here...

In most contexts I can't imagine why there wouldn't be records from the late 19th century of an epidemic. If the outbreak was large enough to require mass graves that certainly should have been recorded.

From an article I read:

*At the same time, scientific researchers in Europe touted the sanitary benefits of cremation, including its use in helping control the spread of disease. And so, opponents of Japan’s ban framed Europe’s growing interest in cremation as approval from the West, rejecting the claim that it created more pollution than burial and, effectively, in the minds of the government, separating cremation from Buddhism. Rather than a spiritual practice, people came to view it as a sanitary one.

In May 1875, less than two years after it passed, the ban was reversed. Two decades later, in 1897, the Japanese government ruled that anyone who died of a communicable disease had to be cremated. In an ironic twist, government officials began actively promoting the cleansing power of fire and its ability to destroy diseases.*

So the gravesite/epidemic certainly came and a strange time for Japanese burial practices, socially speaking. Will be interesting to keep following up on this burial site, it could offer a lot of contextual insight into Japanese society during the Meiji period/urbanization.

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I just think in general it's better to reduce our meat consumption wherever we can. Especially cow meat, as the environmental impact is pretty bad.

Also meat substitutes, if done well, can introduce people to the idea that sometimes it's not necessary to eat meat, like a stepping stone towards a healthier diet. A lot of people completely shun plant-based meals because they think of like boiled vegetables or chashew-milk 80 ingredient sauces, etc. so anything that will bridge the gap or just get someone interested in reducing their meat consumption is a net positive I think.

Obviously things like the Impossible Burger... they're still junk food but I think they can get people to open their minds a little bit instead of shunning the idea entirely.

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