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Posted in: The number of children waiting to be accepted into nurseries in Japan came to a record low of 16,772 as of April 1 this year, down by 3,123 from a year before. See in context

My sister in law was trying to secure a placement for her kid when she was still pregnant. Her daughter is now 8 months old and she just got confirmation... she's one of the lucky Moms. It is not easy to have two working parents in Japan, that's for sure.

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Posted in: Top doctor sounds alarm over heatstroke at Tokyo 2020 Olympics See in context

Hey, I'm actually for the Tokyo Olympics and even I know that the reason they don't move it to the fall is because of NBC broadcasting conflicts. It's not just that but it's absolutely the main reason. It's not controversial at all. Now, I wouldn't blame America for this because all bidding host cities know that it has to be held in the summer months because of NBC, and Tokyo still bid. Tokyo told everyone it would be fine. If anything happens, it's on Japan's shoulders, sorry.

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Posted in: Anger mounts in Japan over 'outdated' rape laws See in context

Part of my old job consisted of translating medical domestic/sexual abuse victim testimony from Japanese into English for research purposes. One of the most difficult jobs I've ever had. Think of the worst child/sexual abuse possible in your mind and I doubt it even approaches some of the things I had to read every day. The parents are really all children have to protect them so when it's the parents are the ones to break that protection it disrupts every aspect of that child's psyche. It will stay with them forever, and almost inevitably leads to a cycle of violence generation after generation. We must encourage women to speak up and when they (for whatever reason) can't, to make sure they have access to a support system by which they can stop their torment without fear or judgement.

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Posted in: Typhoon pummels Kanto region; one reported dead, 40 injured See in context

I had to go to my doctor's office yesterday in Yokohama for monthly blood work. I would have rescheduled but his office will be closed for the next 10 days and yesterday was his last day open. It took me 4 hours to get from around Hachioji to Sakuragicho. At Sakuragicho there were no buses running. A security guard for the station came and told everyone it would be a three hour wait so I had to look for a cab. There were no cabs and the line for a taxi was wrapped around the little islet, across the road and back towards the station. I walked to Bashamichi station (in the blistering heat) and I stopped to help a handful of travelers with their suitcases trying to figure out what was going on. Public transportation had virtually stopped and I felt so bad I couldn't help them other than to tell them to wait for the train to Shin-Yokohama although there were barely any moving. The trains were at a standstill so I thought okay well I'll walk as close to the Yamate area as I could and hopefully I could grab a cab along the way (did I mention it was ridiculously hot?). I got up closer to the china town area and flagged down a cab but in about 10 minutes he'd barely passed a block so he told me it would be really expensive to go through the traffic so he basically said it would be faster to walk. So I got out and walked up that damn hill. It was absolutely plastered with tree branches, foliage and the occasional roof tile. Even around the foreign cemetery there were broken fences and an entire tree downed near the bay look-out. The trip home was not as bad but was absolutely packed.

I moved to Japan a few months after 3/11 so I can't speak to that but since I've been here I've never seen that much public confusion, transportation disruption. Everyone was just standing around wondering what to do. The roads weren't moving. The trains weren't moving. No buses. No taxi's. One of the hottest days of the year.

What to do? If I were a tourist or just visiting the area I would have almost been in a panic. It was really bizarre, usually Japan handles these types of things really well. Was anyone else around Sakuragicho or Yokohama yesterday? I feel like something must have gone extra wrong there yesterday that I'm just not getting.

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Posted in: Typhoon pummels Kanto region; one reported dead, 40 injured See in context

Apparently there's a bloody tree on the Yokohama line so it's not running. Seriously can we not just kick it off I got places to be.

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Posted in: 3 children, 1 man drown in rivers See in context

Though I wouldn't let my 5 year old play alone in a river, I'm very glad that her preschool has been her water safety and swimming for 3 years now. Two years ago my MIL tried to convince me to let my daughter and FIL go play in the local river while I was at a funeral back home and were quite upset when I refused. Someone nearly in their 70's watching over a 3 year old in a natural river is too risky for me. These poor children. Their poor families. People need to assess the risks of things like this better.

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Posted in: Fold-in-half face masks See in context

........................ can't you fold any mask in half?

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Posted in: Do you remember when you first sent or received email? What was your reaction? See in context

Oh yeah, I was 12 at the time and my 'boyfriend' got an email address so I begged my parents to let me have one. I signed up for hotmail and the first email I got was from him breaking up with me.

My poor prepubescent heart.

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Posted in: Swimmer Hagino to tie knot with singer-songwriter miwa See in context


I did read it, but obviously not close enough. Thanks for the correction.

My husband works with Hagino and he's been in a weird place lately, so I hope he finds some clarity and joy in the situation.

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Posted in: Swimmer Hagino to tie knot with singer-songwriter miwa See in context

Shotgun wedding. Calling it right now.

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Posted in: Depending on locale, single moms in Japan can depend on social support See in context


Parenting is a lot easier if there are two parents,a mother and a father to take care of the child.

Do you live in Japan by chance? I can only speak for my experience, but the majority of the mothers here that I know are pretty much the only parent to take care of the children. Dad is at work or nomikai 5-6 days a week, and come home long after children are in bed. On the weekends Dad is resting so unfortunately, a lot of times in this country the "father" is someone you never see, only have to clean up after and cook for. I'm actually guilty of sometimes being relieved when my husband is going to nomikai and doesn't need dinner. I wake up at 5:30am to prepare for my daughters school, I do research and translation from home as a part time job, do all the housework myself, take care of my child's school needs, help my elderly mother in law with whatever she needs, go grocery shopping, pick up my daughter, play with her (if there's not ANOTHER school function I need to attend), make her dinner, give her a bath and do her laundry and put her to bed. If my husband needs dinner for the night, I stay up sometimes until 11 or midnight waiting for him to come home so I can cook. I can't run on 5 hours of sleep and stay completely sane. So yeah, even though I love my husband and would die for him, sometimes it's easier when I just have to care for me and the kid.

I love my husband very much and he works incredibly hard, but I only see him one day a week and occasionally as he's walking out the door in the morning. I miss the days when we lived back in the States and we could share dinner together, go for walks, you know... be a family. But this is Japan. The family is the last thing the state and culture cares about. If you work in certain fields, you will almost never see your spouse and they will almost never see their children.

Occasionally my daughter will wake up extra early just to see her father off to work. She always says 'Come see us again Daddy!' as if he doesn't even live with us. It's heartbreaking every time.

So yeah, maybe some people here will decry single mothers but if you can't see any positivity in it then I guess you've never been in the right circumstances.

Sorry for the rant.

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Posted in: Uber Eats to test delivery of convenience store items in Japan See in context

I'm neither lazy nor disabled but uber eats was super helpful this past month when the heat index was over 40C and all close family were out of town. Not about to take my child out for a 30 minute walk to get groceries in smoldering heat everyday. Delivery services get a lot of use in our house during August. No shame.

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Posted in: Two 17-year-old girls arrested for dumping newborn baby’s body near river in June See in context


The mother should be charged with murder and her friend should be charged with accessory to murder. Still-born babies do not go full-term. They are ejected as soon as the baby's heart stops. This is another example of how Japan fiddles its murder to statistics to save face on the international stage.

No no, that's now how that works at all. Unfortunately full-term babies are still-born all the time, for any number of reasons. The birthing process itself can kill them as well. Not to mention that a baby can die while inside the mother and not ever be 'ejected'.

Whether or not any of these apply in this case I don't know. But what you wrote is incorrect.

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Posted in: Olympic test events offer chance to assess impact of extreme heat See in context

kEeP cOoL

Thanks for the advice

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Posted in: Japan looks to encourage paternity leave by raising subsidies See in context

Uhg just let my husband come home before midnight most days and I'll give you another citizen

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Posted in: How should a guy say 'I' in Japanese? Japanese women give their opinions See in context

I just need an article on how to get my 5 year old daughter to stop referring to herself as 'ore'.

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Posted in: Trump calls himself 'the chosen one' See in context

can we not

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Posted in: For our readers who live in Japan, what are some items you always make a point to bring back to Japan after you return from a trip abroad? See in context

I love The Meat Guy! I once was very drunk and bought several kilos of frozen brussel sprouts from him just because I had a craving for them.

Someone want to tell me where to get (crappy) buttercream icing/frosting in Japan? I know how to make it but when I was pregnant all I wanted was like cheap, plastic can, for sale at walmart, funfetti cake frosting. I've found all sorts of random things here over the years but I've never run into that even though you see boxed cake everywhere. It's garbage, I'm ashamed, but I want it.

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Posted in: For our readers who live in Japan, what are some items you always make a point to bring back to Japan after you return from a trip abroad? See in context

Spices that are too expensive here... dill, dry mustard, etc.


Antacids (rolaids, tums, etc)

OTC pain medication... throat spray (oh my god), ibuprofen, etc.

Single use toothbrushes with toothpaste in the head. I think Americans know what that is.

Socks, underwear, shoes, clothes... Most Japanese clothes fit so weird and the markup on my favorite brands when they're imported is insane.

Ever since I had a child every time we go back I get her a life vest, water safety gear. I love you Japan but America's standards are higher here. We also bought her a toddler car seat in the US for the same reason.

English children's books, games, etc.

Ranch dressing (lol)

And red vines (twizzlers will do!)

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Posted in: Yokohama to join bidding race for hosting casino resorts See in context

Please please please don't ruin Yokohama with this. It's the chillest city in all of Japan (and the prettiest urban center but thats just my opinion) even though there's a high percentage of tourists.

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Posted in: Strange blanket promises good night’s sleep with help of tentacle-like noodles See in context

This make's me feel ill, somehow.

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Posted in: 8-year-old girl drowns in Toshimaen pool See in context


I think they mean the entire waterpark had 3800 people. While that's a lot, the water park is huge. I haven't been there in years but I think it could accommodate that many people reasonably. When I said overcrowded, I meant was the specific pool the girl was swimming in above capacity? 7 Lifeguards on one single pool is pretty decent unless it was absolutely packed (which we don't know). It's entirely possible this is a freak accident. I was a lifeguard back in the states for a few years and while no one luckily ever drowned (small town), accidents do happen and sometimes it's just a matter of circumstance.

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Posted in: 8-year-old girl drowns in Toshimaen pool See in context

This is really tragic. She followed the rules but I guess freak accidents happen. I hope the pool wasn't overcrowded, but there's not enough information to speculate. The poor little girl. RIP.

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Posted in: Global measles cases triple year-on-year: WHO See in context

Thanks, antivaxxers.

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Posted in: Former Empress Michiko has early stage breast cancer See in context

Poor woman. I wish they would have let them abdicate sooner. She seems to have a lot of things coming at her at once. Hoping for a speedy recovery.

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Posted in: Finally vegans can join Harajuku bubble milk tea trend See in context

Yay! Bubble tea and pretty much nothing else.

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Posted in: 57 dead, 18,000 taken to hospitals in Japan due to heatwave since July 29 See in context

My daughter's little veranda pool got a little hole melted into it by the sun today :/ Won't be leaving the next one out that long again.

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Posted in: LDP lawmaker Koizumi, TV personality Takigawa to tie knot See in context

Takigawa, 41, told reporters at the prime minister's office she is pregnant.

I'd say 80-90% of the marriages I've been to in this country follow in that order. More power to them I guess, hope they're happy.

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Posted in: Scorcher See in context

Ueno zoo is so depressing. I know zoos do a lot of conservation but can we not get them off the concrete ffs?

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