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Well I tried to get tested for 2 days and was unsuccessful.

Now my daughter has a slight cough.

I think the stress of all of this is going to kill me faster than the virus at this point.

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No she wasn't put on a ventilator. She recovered at home. She got off relatively easy considering, but it's unfortunate she still has breathing issues.

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Just wondering if we are getting the full story, in context, here...

She caught Covid from her job, was ill for several weeks, got better but still has not regained full lung function months later.

No she has no pre-existing conditions, no she is not a smoker, no she is not overweight.

I said what I said. Stop trying to find lies and conspiracies in everything.

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I mean people might shrug this off but I'm one of them. I never thought in my 30's I'd have acne again but all along my chin and jaw line and where the mask rubs on my nose is always breaking out. I won't stop wearing a mask and the adapalene I was prescribed is helping... but it does cause my skin to dry and flake off.

I won't really be comfortable going out in public without a mask until there is a vaccine or very reliable treatment. Too many of my friends back home have suffered terribly from Covid, I'm not taking any chances. One of my friends from high school, a nurse, caught it back in March and still has breathing problems from it.

I'll take the acne.

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It is NOT these marines any of us are worrying about. It is those locals in Okinawa they have come into contact with who may not be able to "shrug it off" as a result of these selfish marines.

You assume the marines are the ones to blame for catching Covid. Unless you can prove that they were all purposely not following safety guidelines, they're simply victims of the illness.

Demonizing people for acquiring a disease is gross.

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Bottom line is the bases should be locked down until this is sorted, as any business, office, school etc. should. The politics of the bases existing at all is irrelevant right now. Actually, bringing politics in to the entire Covid situation is exactly why the US is in the crap state it is right now in the first place.

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Those particular reasons are mutually beneficial, so my point still stands. Unless you think Japan doesn't require military deterrence from China and North Korea?

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You do realize that the soldiers stationed in Okinawa probably don't want to be there either? Most people would rather be in their home country, they don't generally have a choice where they go. You're insane to believe that American soldiers are like zombies just roaming around Japan murdering people left and right. Actually insane.

The benefit of having the US bases in Japan benefits Japan a lot more than the reverse. Japan could very well ask them to leave but they don't because (to name just a few reasons outside of the constitutional problem), Japan doesn't have a large population of young men to spare, they barely have enough young people to fill regular jobs. Next, because Japan has a very old population, they simply cannot spare an enormous chunk of their GDP to go to defense spending. Regular Americans don't particularly want their tax money to pay for the defense of other countries, they don't really want their family members to be shipped abroad willy nilly, nor do the soldiers necessarily want to live in a country they have no particular interest in. It's just their job.

It's not an ideal situation for either side but you act as if America is colonizing Japan and that's ridiculous. Okinawans should take their grievances to Tokyo because if you think the Japanese government wants the US military to completely leave you're living in fantasy land.

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I agree with you. I'm just commenting on the hypocrisy.

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I mean, if they're mostly wearing masks then they're doing the same amount of prevention as the Japanese populace. There's essentially zero social distancing here in Tokyo, basically life is how it's always been just with masks and hand sanitizer. If that's what the people on the base are also doing then how can you fault them? If not then they deserve to be condemned for reckless behavior.

Also, the jab about celebrating Independence Day is ridiculous. Thousands upon thousands of Japanese people went out at the height of the first wave to get drunk under sakura trees without masks and social distancing, but I doubt the governor would find that comparable.

But also, Gov. Tamaki uses absolutely any excuse to **** on any Americans in Okinawa whatsoever so his political agenda makes it hard to take him seriously.


I'm no big fan of the US military presence in Japan but...

There are actually no Japanese laws regulating social distancing and mask wearing, so the argument for Americans flouting these "laws" makes no sense.

Definitely should lock down the base until further notice, though. As anywhere should be, with an outbreak.

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I appreciate your concern and everyone else's here. Thank you.

As for the news, I really wouldn't want to draw any negative attention to my family as it might affect my husband's job or my daughter's school life. I will just find a way to self isolate until I'm healed. I've not left the house without a mask and hand sanitizer since February so I think it will be fine. Thanks again.

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Update: I called the center and they gave me the number to the only hospital even reasonably close to where I live that's conducting PCR tests. The lovely gentleman told me to call the hospital, give them my symptoms and they will tell me to come in or not, and whether it would be covered by insurance or not.

I just called the hospital and they said they are no longer able to conduct PCR tests.

There you have it. Guess I'll just stay home as much as I can until I'm completely healthy again.

Thanks for the information guys.

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Here's my conundrum.

For the last week I had a fever (between 37.5 and 38) consistently. I thought it might be strep throat because I had a really bad sore throat for about two days. After the sore throat disappeared (and ever since) I have a really dry cough and pretty bad body aches. My fever is gone but the aches are still there and the cough is getting worse. I don't have a fever anymore so I couldn't get a test if I wanted to, but since I have cold symptoms my doctors won't see me.

It could just be a cold with a nagging cough. Or it could be the virus. I don't have anyone to help me get groceries, to take my daughter to and from school. If I knew it was corona, I could self isolate and my husband could take off of work to help out. He can only get out of work if he's sick or if one of his family members have been diagnosed with the virus. If it's just the tail end of a cold then I can take the usual precautions and go about my life. What do I do?

Honestly, what do I do? I can't just put my life on hold for a few weeks without proof. But what if I have the virus and every time I go to the store or drop my daughter off at school I'm potentially putting someone else's life at risk?

Really... what can I do?

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It's plausible he would win again.

A huge chunk of Americans are ignorant, selfish, cruel and care for nothing and no one but themselves. And they'll vote for Trump.

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These days all the earthquakes like to wake me up 10 minutes before my alarm goes off lol

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Posted in: U.S. says foreign students whose classes move online cannot stay See in context

Just when I think I couldn't be more embarrassed to be American...

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Posted in: 33% of parents in Japan delayed vaccinating kids due to coronavirus fears See in context

My daughter needs her measles booster but her school also sent home a letter saying it will push back the regulation for vaccinations until the virus is sorted.

On a side note, I'm pretty sure I have strep throat but both my local doctor and my regular doctor are not accepting patients with fevers/cold symptoms, and the other doctors in our area are not accepting new patients.

I wonder in what ways this is affecting others as well? The (legitimate) fear of catching/spreading Covid must be delaying treatment for more serious illnesses. Neither of my doctors have the capabilities for Skype appointments and neither would send me antibiotics without being examined first (I tried)... yet neither can see me until I'm well again. I do not like feeling this vulnerable.

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Mixed messages, in reality.

I was nearly 27 when my daughter was born and I was constantly berated by my doctor and midwives for being too young.

I want another but I doubt it will happen. The biggest deterrent for me is how horribly I was treated during the course of my pregnancy. I was in therapy for more than 3 years because of it. The bullying in this country is astounding.

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My husband's biggest annoyance/surprise is that because they're working from home during the week, everyone just assumes they're also available to work on the weekend. Before the lockdown he'd get a couple calls during the weekend but now they're calling, emailing, and having random meetings all day during the weekend as well.

Also, one of the operators requested that when they have their 3x a day zoom meetings that they have a plain white background with the camera level to their face capable of seeing from their waist up with nothing invading the background space. The only place in our house where this is possible is in our daughters bedroom and we had to move her school desk in front of the door to the balcony to do it. She is not a happy lass.

You give someone power in Japan and they abuse it like you wouldn't freakin' believe.

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Posted in: Japanese women feeling pressured by image of perfect 'mama': study See in context

All of these men speaking for women. Charming.

There must be some really bad collective dating preferences if all of you think all Japanese women stay home, do nothing and live a "luxurious life". Not to mention, not all Japanese men hate their jobs, probably not more than anywhere else in the world.

I've done both here. For the first few years I was married I worked just as long as my husband for around the same salary... and then I had a child and stayed at home for the first few years taking care of my child, the house, and my in laws. Sorry to burst anyone's bubbles but, in my situation, the full time job was much easier overall. I was responsible only for myself. I made my own money.

As a homemaker you get zero respect from society. Just look at the replies on this post. You might as well be a parasite in their eyes. You're responsible for keeping everyone else's lives in order, keeping everyone else healthy and happy but if you complain at all (again, just look at this post) people will say you are whining or talk about how men have it so much worse.

The problem with Japan in this case, is not only do you have to shoulder all of the burdens of being in charge of a household, raising children, and in most cases being the lapdog of your in laws (and actually in most cases you also have at least a part time job as well), you also have to look like the perfect Mom. God forbid your figure changes after the ordeal of pregnancy and childbirth or you start getting a wrinkle or two. Grey hairs before 60? Have you let yourself go? Smile and be quiet, never let anyone know how miserable you are. Your every fulfillment must come from serving the needs of others and maintaining a perfect outer image. If that's not enough for you, then you've failed.

Some of you must not have lived in Japan long enough to understand that what people say is almost never how they actually feel.

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ah just take us out at this point, I'm over it

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Posted in: Margot Robbie to star in female-centric 'Pirates of the Caribbean' See in context


What kind of person wouldn't want to see an action movie based on the fact that it's unrealistic that a woman would beat up a man? As if action movies are based at all in reality lol

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All of these give me the creeps... like a woman's ownership is passed from Father to husband. If my husband would have asked my Father for permission to marry me, I'm pretty sure my dad would have been equally creeped out. Yick.

@Do the hustle

I felt that. Ouch.

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My best friend and college roommate came to the US in the late 90's as a refugee from the former Yugoslavia during the Balkan wars. Her father came first as he was the only one with the paperwork to make it out, with the rest of his family and her parents going first to Germany (then being expelled) and then being granted asylum in the US. Her family is like a second family to mine and they were the kindest people you'd ever meet. I was only 10 when we met so I don't remember it specifically, but her family was incredibly unwelcome in our small town and even up until when we were in high school people would joke about her being a spy and one of our teachers would constantly make jokes about her being a Russian mail order bride.

Ironically, if you didn't know their names you'd never know they weren't American. Even though they weren't given much help or a kind entrance, they melted into society. This is probably the only thing America does better than anywhere else, ironically. If the refugees coming to your shores are largely not adapting into your society, perhaps the problem is with your society?

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Posted in: What are some questions you have been asked at a job interview either in Japan or abroad, that you felt were inappropriate? See in context

Every interview I've had in Japan has asked me if I'm married, going to get married, or going to have a baby within the next 5 years. Annoying but whatever.

One of my friends back in the US, though, works as a translator at a Japanese company. He's a gay man (married) and during the interview he mentioned that he recently moved with his husband and then the Japanese interviewer asked if he wanted to be known as a man or a woman. He laughed it off and assumed it was a sort of misconstrued attempt to be progressive lol

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I've done this a handful of times. I have an autoimmune disorder and the cold really brings down the pain from inflammation.

Back when I was a gymnast we would do ice baths, it has a similar effect.

Not sure I would recommend this to just anyone off the street though, it's pretty costly to try it out as a 'fad'. If you're an athlete or have chronic joint/muscle pain as long as your doctor says it's fine then go for it!

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lol this kimono maker did not 'invent' the face veil... literally a garment in almost unbroken use the middle east and most western countries for thousands of years

I sewed myself a robe once, did I create the kimono?

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Posted in: Blood type, genes tied to risk of severe COVID-19: European study See in context

What about AB? B?

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Posted in: Balloon-like object in sky sets Twitter afire with talk of UFOs See in context

yeah that's just a weather balloon, presumably blown off course

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Poor woman... what a tragedy.

You might think it's not a big deal in these temperatures, but for whatever reason my own house (3 floors), on the second floor it's like a sauna even in the upper 20's. Probably an issue of airflow but it's so warm that even when it's -2 in the winter, we don't need to use the heater on the second floor.

About 10 days ago our aircon in our 2nd floor bedroom completely busted out after a storm. Went immediately went to get another at Bic Camera, spent a good 15man for a replacement... that they cannot install until the latter half of July. Apparently they're simply all booked up for the next month or so. We've been sleeping with ice pack pillows and 2 fans but it's still quite hot at night. I imagine we'll be sleeping in our genkan room until we get the new one replaced.

People like to blame the elderly for dying of heat stroke but not all of them have 10man to throw around, or ample air flow in their houses to not require one until mid summer. Not to mention the much cheaper aircon will rack your electricity bill up insanely. We have a double house we share with my in-laws but we pay all of the bills... they had been using their 20 year old air conditioners for the first 3 years we lived here and our electricity bills for like June-September were easily 6man a month. After we changed them all out to more economical updated versions its not hit 3man a month since. Imagine an elderly person with an older airconditioner... do you think they can afford 6man a month just in electricity cost to keep the house cool?

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