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Posted in: Japan confirms 1st domestic case of coronavirus infection See in context

@John Beara

*At what moment shall we start panicking?

The flu kill more people every years...*

Yes but the broader chances of dying once you've caught the flu are like 1 in 800 but the chances of dying once you've caught the Wuhan Coronavirus are around 1 in 25. It's a much more deadly disease once you have it. That's the point.

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Posted in: Is Coca-Cola Japan’s brand-new strawberry Coke any good? See in context

I always try these even though I'm not one for soda usually. They're usually bad. This one is also not great. It's just way too sweet.

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Posted in: If you live in Japan but were not born here, which food or drink item do you miss most from your home country? See in context


Good Deli food.

Bagels - I'm dying over here

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Posted in: Japan confirms 2nd new coronavirus infection See in context

Boy I wish they would say which hospital. Our entire family has been in for yearly physicals this past week and it would be nice to know :/

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Posted in: Japan Olympic, Paralympic team uniforms for Tokyo Games unveiled See in context

I don't hate it. It's not a bold choice but it's a choice.

Could be worse.

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Posted in: Orthodontist setting Japan straight on teeth See in context

This is such a strange article...

Contrary to a long-held belief in Japan that "personality is more important than how one looks...

What Japan is he talking about exactly? Very few countries are more obsessed with looks than Japan.

Japanese jaws are naturally smaller than Western jaws

First of all, what is a Western jaw?

Second, NE Asians typically have wider jaws than (what I presume he means by 'western') NW Europeans. The problem is more that, the size and shape of your teeth are pre-determined by your genes and they evolve very slowly compared to the jaw. The jaw also can be affected by eating habits and your environment. Sexual selection over the last 100 years or so leaning towards more and more 'petite' and 'child-like' women being the sexual 'ideal' in Japan has put the Japanese teeth alignment in a strange position. Most Japanese people have 'shovel-type' teeth which, while normally would fit well in a typical NE Asian Jaw but because the narrow V-shape jaw line is en-vogue, such teeth cannot fit correctly in that space.

I'm all for this. Having crooked teeth may be okay in Japan (although very misaligned teeth causes a lot of dental problems beyond simply how it looks) but if Japanese people want to occupy a more cosmopolitan role in the wider world, straight(er) teeth are going to be necessary.

I knocked out a few permanent teeth in a sports related injury when I was 13 and it forced me to have 6 years of orthodontic surgery, braces, a herbst appliance, etc. It was pretty agonizing but now I have very straight and nice teeth. Like it or not, straight teeth are a crucial advantage in the wider world. I'm glad I went through it all, in the end.

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Posted in: There are cases where provisional leave cannot be granted due to security concerns. But the length of detention and conditions at detention facilities in Japan have been criticized internationally, and there needs to be improvement in regard to human rights. See in context

In Japan, being accused of a crime is the same as being guilty of a crime. Otherwise you wouldn't be accused.

That's why most Japanese people don't care. Just go ask a regular Japanese person what they think about it, you'll be surprised.

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Posted in: Estranged Australian husband freed after trespassing to find his children See in context


Again, I personally know a mother who lost custody of her children to their father because his parents were rich and well-connected. She was denied any visitation, her children were taught to hate her, and she ended up committing suicide.

That's absolutely horrific.

I know my husband would never do this to me, but if I were that woman and I was ripped from my children, never to see them again... I too would feel as if I had nothing to live for. My daughter is my entire life - I think about her every minute of the day, I would die for her without question. I imagine most reasonable parents feel the same. To lose that would be far, far worse than death for me.

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Posted in: Estranged Australian husband freed after trespassing to find his children See in context

Good luck to this man. I can't imagine being separated from my child. I would do anything to get her back. I also can't imagine keeping my husband away from our daughter, even if we were divorced and even if we hated one another.

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Posted in: Japan asks Interpol to issue red notice for Ghosn's wife See in context


The anti-Japan crowd supporting a criminal who broke the laws, stole money, run away. What's new

Certainly not me. Saying the Japanese judicial system is anything less than perfect doesn't make you anti-Japan. In fact, if you think it's wrong to put forth legitimate criticism about a country you live/work/have a family in then, well you're a few centuries too late.

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Posted in: Japan asks Interpol to issue red notice for Ghosn's wife See in context

Oof. Whatever your opinion is on Ghosn, this is some really bad optics.

They essentially had a get out of jail free card after he escaped... it made Japanese security forces look a bit foolish but at least they had some grounds for claiming the moral upper-hand when he escaped. At that point they should have just grumbled a bit and then tried to bury it, everyone would have just assumed he was a crooked businessman looking out for himself. The more they bring it to the forefront the more Ghosn is going to look credible. And putting out a notice for his wife? That's so tacky. Consolidate your offense and know when you're ahead.

For as much as Japan cares about saving face they seem to be shooting themselves in it a little too much these days.

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Posted in: Okonomiyaki sauce producer in damage control amid Iran-U.S. tensions See in context

Our company would like to put smiles on faces of all people beyond all borders through delicious food. We sincerely hope that peace will come soon.

Weird flex, but okay.

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Posted in: Netflix to defend gay Jesus film in Brazil supreme court See in context


Russia is actually popular to flee to. There have been other famous people going there to escape taxes and leak arrests.

I understand someone of a higher profile jumping off to Russia but random Brazilian Catholic Terrorist doesn't seem to fit the bill. It's possible I'm just missing something though, tbh.

As for them being mad about Jesus being portrayed as homosexual... in this case it probably doesn't have much to do with the homosexuality bit in and of itself. The Catholic Church did very much away with the Gnostics and anyone else who portrayed Jesus as a man with human behavioral characteristics rather than a divine entity essentially entrapped in a human body. Debating the entire trinity thing still can evoke open warfare within the Church, not to mention outside influences.

One of the reasons people don't take 'Christian' terrorism seriously is because they put a Western, Protestant, American Bible-Belt spin on it but there's some really Orthodox inner-faith disagreements between the various sects that, given the right environment and political backing, can be quite dangerous (think the Irish Troubles). I doubt just removing the film from Netflix would quell the anger of the guys who threw the bomb. They would probably have a similar reaction to a film portraying a drug using Jesus, a sexually-driven Jesus, etc. because really hard line Catholics consider the humanity of Jesus to be blasphemy in and of itself.

Protestant sects, generally, don't have this type of problem, as they are an 'interpretation' as much as anything else. When Protestants go all murder-ey, it's usually about a single issue. Homosexuality, abortion, the Jews, etc. Saying the opposition to the film is based solely on Jesus being gay is putting on Protestant-colored glasses and looking at a Catholic problem.

As for the comment above... are you actually trying to justify a terrorist act against civilians because they made fun of your guy? Followed almost immediately by saying they should have a 'gay Muhammed' show for good measure. At least you show your bias, I guess. Everybody knows exactly why there's not a 'gay Muhammed' show - not everybody is, for lack of a better trope, prepared to die on that cross. Obviously you think there's something to the idea of killing people for insulting your guy or else you would not have mentioned it and therefore you are no more morally righteous than the guys who shot up Charlie Hebdo.

Just don't watch the film if you don't like it, it's what Jesus would do.

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Posted in: An Olympic first: Cardboard beds for Tokyo Athletes Village See in context

Quick note... I'm actually in favor the Olympics so...

Just knowing how much Mori and his cronies waste on nomikai meetings every couple days for Olympic 'business' and the luxury outings set up to woo the international press... and this is what they've got set up for the actual athletes and trainers? If you've ever worked in business administration in Japan - you know exactly the degree of money that was wasted just coming up with these. The designer(s), the meetings, the lunches, the QE testing, the nomikai, the nomikai, the nomikai... they could have saved so much money just buying beds with eco-friendly bamboo frames. The ONLY reason to do something like this is to look like you're doing something economically beneficial without having to. This doesn't save any money, this doesn't save any resources, this looks ridiculous, and the second any athlete does a hard sit-down it will all be kaput.

This is so infuriating. Japan has so many top level creative minds when it comes to design and apparently they consulted exactly 0 of them. My 6 year old daughter could have designed this better.

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Posted in: Netflix to defend gay Jesus film in Brazil supreme court See in context

Your 'honor' concerns no one but you.

Odd, though, that one of the suspects fled to Russia. Seems like a strange first choice to escape to. I suppose it's en vogue now.

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Posted in: Oscars to go without host for second year See in context

Look I'm sure this will get downvoted and you know, I'm as far left on the political spectrum as anyone I know but... this is what happens when you demand lifelong perfection from people in the public eye. Kevin Hart had to step down because of things he tweeted over a decade ago that he had already apologized for multiple times. I'm sure nobody wants to step directly into that minefield atm.

Go and find a comedian, seriously, that hasn't said something provocative in their career for a cheap joke. I'll wait.

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Posted in: Do you think Carlos Ghosn did the right thing by fleeing from Japan while out on bail? See in context

In principle, no. But the more I think about it, he must have known that if he were innocent or guilty the outcome of this all was going to land him in Japanese prison for a long time. If I were innocent and I were looking at the same future, well... I wouldn't want to go to jail for something I didn't do. Japan has an almost 100% conviction rate he was definitely going to jail no matter what. Would I do something different? I don't know.

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Posted in: What are your highest hopes for your life this year? See in context

I hope my husband and daughter find fulfilment and happy moments in their work/school this year. If they're happy, I'm happy.

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Posted in: NHK's annual 'Kohaku' music show sees rating fall to record low See in context

Everyone I know watched 笑ってはいけない... Isn't Kohaku for old people? We just flipped back and forth between Gaki and Sasuke.

Although my daughter was up for the first time (she wasn't feeling good) and all the next day she was running around saying ママ、ダダ、ジージ、バーバ、アウト! and arm chopping us in the legs so it would probably have been a better idea to watch kohaku lol

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Posted in: Shibuya Station renovation See in context

I've lived here a decade... has Shibuya ever not been under construction? Also not a hater here, I way prefer Shibuya to Shinjuku, better vibe. People always complain about Shibuya station as well but I've never really had a problem, sure the 地下鉄 bit is weird but like... still better than Ikebukuro or Shinjuku station. Shibuya is great... just stay south of Meijijingu and you'll be solid. The construction isn't that bad.

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Posted in: Do you think New Year's Eve is the most overhyped night of the year? See in context

I loved it in the States. Friends, drinking, cheer, bar hopping... all around good time.

In Japan it's fine ya know... who doesn't like soba? But they're not really comparable lol

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Posted in: Mass killings in U.S. hit new high in 2019; most were shootings See in context

Americans will never do anything about this. We need to just accept it. It's now just part of the culture. If you have to live there, just put your kid in private school or hire a home tutor and try not to attend large events. What else can you do? Living in America means that this is just always going to be happening. Trying to change it is a waste of time. The gun owners would probably kill all of the non gun owners quicker than they would ever give up their weapons. This is just how it is now. I don't even see a point in reporting it anymore, honestly. Nothing will ever be done, nothing is ever changed to make anyone safer, so all it serves for is to make everyone miserable. Another day, another mass shooting. This is America, folks, love it or leave it.

But maybe do try to leave it, if you can.

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Posted in: Knee injuries in early adulthood may hasten arthritis See in context

Oy. When I was 18 I blew out both of my ACLs and basically destroyed my meniscuses doing a front layout full twist. Absolutely brutal injury Ended my gymnastics career in a single day lol. Actually, almost ended my freshmen year of university is well. I did physical therapy in some form for about 3 years and although both of my knees are basically fine, the left one especially has its moments. I can't sit seiza either so at my kids school I get the joy to sit :父さん座り lol

Knee injuries mess up your life man, even with the best physical therapy. I've never met anyone personally who had had their knee reconstructed who said it has gone back to normal. I fully expect to be having arthritis as I get older even though I'm a pretty active and athletic person.

Take care of your knees, y'all.

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Posted in: Gov't urges male civil servants to take at least 1-month paternity leave See in context

@Kazuaki Shimazaki

I've been disappointed too many times to be optimistic about these types of things. It's going to take a few generations to truly change the working culture of Japan and, while that might benefit my daughter's children (if she so chooses to have any), it doesn't help my family much. We would desperately like another child, even two... but the longer we stay in Japan, the less likely that seems like it will ever happen.

Maybe I'm wrong, but experience has taught me that it's better to expect nothing and be surprised than to be let down again and again.

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Posted in: What are your fondest childhood memories of Christmas? See in context

I'm 3rd in line of 4 children, each of us 2 years apart. We had a large front room with picture window and beautiful vaulted ceilings by which we had an enormous Christmas tree that you could see perfectly from the top of the stairs. All of our bedrooms were upstairs. I'm from the Northern Midwest in the US so, basically every Christmas was a white Christmas so looking out over the tree, through the window into the snow was truly beautiful.

My favorite Christmas memories, heck, my favorite memories of my childhood were peaking over the bannister into the front room about 5am, a few hours before my parents woke up to see what Santa had brought... all of us siblings quietly sneaking out of our rooms in our footie Christmas pajamas, shooshing my tiny little brother who could hardly contain his excitement. We would all sit on the top two stairs for at least an hour or so whispering about what we thought Santa had brought us based on the size and shape of the gifts. As soon as we heard our parents rustling we all rushed back into our bedrooms and pretended to be asleep.

As an adult now, I'm sure our parents knew lol. We grew apart as adults but those exciting moments with my siblings, thinking we were being sneaky and just enjoying the magic and innocence of childhood will always be my favorite Christmas memories.

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Posted in: Gov't urges male civil servants to take at least 1-month paternity leave See in context


Just how many men will be bullied and demoted for even attempting to take paternity leave?

As bad as they treat women who get pregnant (or in some cases even just trying to) and take maternity leave, do you think they would treat men any better?

My poor husband can't even get shogatsu off. He'll be begrudgingly on all of your TV's if you masochistically turn on NHK that morning since he's the only one who speaks English... In a work force-pool of over 300 people. Riiiigggght.

Men are supposed to be slaves to their jobs and women are supposed to be slaves to the men and their own uteruses. S-P-A-R-E M-E with your pseudo-progressive b*st.

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Posted in: In addition to a chronic shortage of nursery schools and high education costs, there is a risk that children might end up becoming social recluses who are unable to become self-reliant. Since assistance from the government is limited, many people are shying away from starting a family. See in context

I'll add something to this...

We bought my daughter a new bike for Christmas, she's 6. We went to the only local park yesterday that has a flat enough surface for her to practice riding it. 5 minutes in, the same creepy, drunk, psycho middle aged guy that's always harassing us at her bus stop, staring at her when we go to the drug store or walk to the station. I've mentioned it countless times on this site. He's not homeless, he's just drunk and has mental problems. On a number of occasions he's gotten in my face and yelled nonsense at me. My husband contacted the police because he's borderline stalking my daughter and I and they said they couldn't do anything about it unless he physically did something to one of us. So I guess now I can't even take her to ride her bicycle. I guess that even though her school is basically across the street, I'm going to have to take her from door to door until when... the man gets arrested or dies? I wouldn't put it past this man to try something or attack a bunch of children. He's aggressive, drunk and without exaggerating - he's crazy. He's been reported. He knows where we live. And because he just loves to stand at my daughters bus stop when she's going to and from school, he knows the name of her school and where it is. We had to notify the school about the situation to be on the lookout, probably making extra work for them. This has been going on for nearly 3 years.

What happens if I have another kid? How can I keep my eye on my oldest daughter as closely if I have another baby? There's too much at risk. Do I seriously have to buy another house just to escape from this psycho? I can't even carry pepper spray, imagine I've got the baby in the carrier and holding my daughters hand... how am I supposed to defend my children or myself from him?

The police already said nothing can be done. I guess if we get murdered, you'll all know who did it.

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Posted in: What is your mood usually like during the time between Christmas and the New Year? For example, do you feel flat or is it a quiet time of reflecting on the past year? Or something else? See in context

I used to love it. It was my favorite time of year ever since I was a kid. I'm not very close to my family back home even though I have a lot of siblings (they're successful busy people, its not a relationship issue) but I was always very close to my father. Living in Japan, he knew I would be homesick and made sure to check on me every day. He sent my Japanese family and my daughter Christmas presents and would have a second Holiday for us when we visited. It's very good to have at least one person keep you grounded in your native culture.

Unfortunately, he passed away before the holidays in 2017. This was the third holiday season without him and the third year I've fallen into a deep depression. We put up a tree, with give my daughter gifts... but at the end of the day my husband still has to work that day, there's no family gathering, there's no one around that ties me to that Christmas spirit that I used to love.

It's strange... I've lived in Japan for so long now that it's my home and I love it... but I don't think I'll ever shake the feeling of being a sort-of non-threatening intruder of sorts. But when I go back 'home' to the States, I feel just as much a stranger there as anywhere else. The Holiday season in Japan seems to serve to remind me that, despite having roots in so many different places, I don't feel rooted in any of them.

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Posted in: On screen, Asian-Americans rarely get into Christmas spirit See in context


Egotistical? In what way exactly?

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Posted in: On screen, Asian-Americans rarely get into Christmas spirit See in context

@NCIS Reruns

I'd be interested in knowing the reasons for this. Reading between the lines, it suggests more Asian-Americans prefer to stay at home at night or on weekends rather than go out. So they may actually be consuming less overall.

That's easily explained through economic disparity, Asian-Americans are generally wealthier than other Americans of different racial backgrounds.

Asian Americans love to go out as much as any other Americans.

I'd venture to say... although I usually disagree with Burning Bush about most things and his delivery above is crude ... I wouldn't say their exclusion is necessarily for nefarious reasons. A lot of people would (rightly or wrongly) associate people of East Asian descent as buddhist, shinto, etc. (yes I know Korea has a large Christian population). Your stereotypical hallmark-style Christmas movie is largely built around protestant, anglophone Christmas traditions (though they were adopted from pagan celtic traditions but regardless). Fortunately over the last few decades Christmas is celebrated also by the secular as a broader seasonal holiday so these ideas are slowly changing.

That being said I'm glad to see these issues being brought up and hopefully we'll see a more accurate representation of what America looks and feels like. Cheers.

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