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Posted in: 71-year-old arrested over threat to attack 'noisy' kindergarteners See in context

@Alex Einz

Actually, the fault lies squarely at bad parenting and lacking manner education.

Actually, the fault lies with this sociopathic oyaji who threatened to kill preschoolers because he though they were interrupting his precious peace and quiet.

The amount of people on this news story who are sympathizing with this man is insane.

Do people not remember that just a few weeks ago some psycho stabbed a bunch of elementary kids waiting at their bus stop? Would you sympathize with that guy if those kids had been particularly noisy?

Even if these, lets remember, 3 to 5 year olds were screaming at the top of their lungs every second they were at the bus stop it doesn't in any way make a sane human being think it's okay to threaten CHILDREN with violence. Have you all lost your damn minds?

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Posted in: 71-year-old arrested over threat to attack 'noisy' kindergarteners See in context

@The Original Wing

I'm simply replying to the "children are angels and if you dare complain about them then you're a monster" crowd.

I'd take the (pretty much non-existent) crowd over the 'The world needs to cater to my every comfort and children should be seen and not heard' crowd.

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Posted in: 71-year-old arrested over threat to attack 'noisy' kindergarteners See in context


Of course not all children are perfect. A child being loud and a child doing dangerous/violent things aren't the same. The story is literally about a man threatening the lives of 3-5 year olds for being noisy for a few minutes twice a day at their bus stop in a public area. Apples and oranges.

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Posted in: 71-year-old arrested over threat to attack 'noisy' kindergarteners See in context


A child talking and laughing is not a child misbehaving, ffs. Children have every right to exist as you do. And guess what everyone? You don't have the right to live in a world without noise. You don't have a right to live without being annoyed. You don't have a right to dictate the absolutely normal and reasonable behavior of others. We live in a society and that society includes children. If you want to live without all of these things it's your responsibility to move to a gated neighborhood, go live in the country, etc. If the sound of children playing bothers you, it's your problem, not the children. You do not own public spaces. Your strange need for absolute quiet does not override the right children have to be children. You are not any more important than anyone else.

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I live across the street from an elementary school. From my door to the school is like, 15m? Honestly 99% of the time it's great. It keeps the area alive, I like to see the kids happy and hear them laughing and playing, even practicing their instruments. A lot of the kids remember my daughter and give her high fives at her bus stop when they walk by. It's genuinely great. In fact the only annoying thing is the gym/sport coaches yelling at the kids to run faster and blowing their whistles at them in the courtyard. I genuinely don't understand what drives a person to hate children so much.

In fact, what's really annoying around THIS neighborhood is some of the older people. The old guy that lives in the house behind ours is a chainsmoker and he always smokes out on his veranda and it flows into our bedroom. We can't open the windows if he's home, it's that bad. There's also a very old man that sits down on the sidewalk between our road and the road to the station and mumbles to anyone passing by really aggressively.

I'll take happy children over entitled old people Any. Day. Of. The. Week.

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Posted in: Illustrator shows different types of perverts encountered on Japanese trains See in context

I've definitely been in situations where I think someone was copping a feel but it could have been a weird accident so I just give them the benefit of the doubt. Most men are good and just want to mind their own business on the train like anyone else so unless I'm absolutely sure I wouldn't make a fuss. The guy trying to 'rub' me with his briefcase wasn't ambiguous at all. If I weren't heavily pregnant at the time I probably would have made a fuss. I felt too vulnerable at the time and to be honest... when it came down to it would the police really believe me over him? Probably not, I'm only a guest in this country. I just wanted to get away for the sake of myself in my baby. Not sure why that deserves downvotes but it is what it is I guess.

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When I was pregnant a completely normal looking business man got on the train, stood next to me, and repeatedly 'bumped' his suitcase against my...area while I was standing in the corner between the door and the seats. It was busy enough that I couldn't change places but it was obviously deliberate as he was standing in with his back to me and had to move his arm back time and again to do it. I'm usually fine to stick up for myself but I was like 7 months pregnant and who knows what's going to happen. It was the like 10 minute nonstop train on the tobu tojo line from narimasu to ikebukuro. Been like 5 years and I still get p*ssed thinking about it.

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Posted in: Mother, boyfriend sent to prosecutors over death of 2-year-old girl See in context

She weighed less than 10 kilograms, about half the average weight of a girl of her age, according to the police.

I hope these people rot in prison but that can't be right... my daughter was 11kg at 2 and was definitely not underweight at all. Is it a typo?

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*She failed to get into three Tokyo universities: Tokyo Medical, Showa and Juntendo.

After the admissions scandal erupted last year, prompting a government investigation, the three schools notified her that they had indeed unfairly altered her admission test scores based on her gender and age.*

Feels sooo good to know this is so wide spread. So good to know that my value, my daughter's value is literally, actually and measurably less than a man's in this country.

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Posted in: Labor minister opposes banning female dress codes with high heels See in context

Why? Why is it necessary? Tell me why. You can't say something is necessary without explaining why. Heels are incredibly painful and have no function whatsoever. Why can't women just work without having to be some sort of eye-candy for someone else?

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@Arturo Jamilla

Gross. If your company doesn't provide you with leave and you have to support your family then it is what it is. I bet it doesn't help the grieving process to then immediately have to start looking for a new job.

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Posted in: I would like him (U.S. President Trump) to come to Hiroshima and see the reality of the damage done by the atomic bomb. See in context

literally no.

It doesn't matter what your stance is on the a-bombs or WWII in general, nothing good would come of putting that idiot near a microphone at peace memorial park.

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I think stationary doesn't make sense unless you have a girl in school here. My daughter is 5 and every day she writes and receives handwritten notes from her friends and her teachers. She collects them all and remembers which note is from who by the type of stationary. She has a pretty large collection of her own that she keeps in a box she decorated by herself with stickers... and it really helps her with her reading and writing, also helps her make friends.

Junk food also makes sense because a lot of the mothers here that I know don't let their kids near junk food at all. In general this is good but some of them go way overboard. Theres a list of the kids in her class who's parents opt out of the 'snack' they get when the kids go only on half days and are waiting for the bus and it's like 2/3 of the class. Apparently the parents don't want them to have junk food but actually they only give them senbei with like a sweetened soy sauce coating, hardly a snickers bar ya know? To each their own I guess.

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Posted in: Do you think laughing loudly during a movie at a theater is rude, bearing in mind that in Japan, for example, the subtitles may not be able to convey the meaning of a joke from English into Japanese? See in context

Why would you go to a comedy movie if you're offended by laughter? It's like going to the beach when you're offended by sand.

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They cancelled the family picnic at my daughters school last month because the principal was sick (so couldn't give the opening and closing speeches) but when it was 40 degrees last summer the same school didn't have a problem hosting the sports day in the blistering heat advising people to wear hats and drink water while jersey clad 3 year olds ran around a running course for 3 hours. FFS.

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Posted in: Trump tees up for golf with Abe See in context

that picture is giving me life

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Posted in: Watermelon bread a fruity summer treat See in context

Hard pass, sorry.

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Posted in: Transparent soy sauce creates different culinary experience See in context

I appreciate this. Now I can put some shoyu on my daughters onigiri without my MIL claiming I'm feeding her junk.

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Posted in: Kono to ask foreign media to switch order of Japanese names See in context


Yes because Japanese people never, ever pronounce foreign names or words incorrectly. Are you trolling?

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Posted in: Petition launched to stop forcible hair dyeing from natural color to black in schools See in context

My daughter has very dark brown hair and looks very Japanese in general, aside from her large eyes. My MIL said they probably won't bring it up but if they do then we should dye it black because it will be embarrassing to my daughter to be different than everyone else.

At what point do we stop punishing different? Why is it bad that she's different? She IS different and it's perfectly normal to be different. Hopefully I can overrun my MIL's conservative influence and teach my daughter that the things that make her unique are the things she should treasure about herself.

International school here we come.

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It is definitely one of the weirdest things you'll ever see. It's definitely a tourist trap but the most enjoyable one I've ever been to.

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One of my friends was visiting from Cali and wanted to go here. It's absolutely kitschy and touristy (actually only tourists were in there), loud, smokey and weird.

But it was fun. I recommend if you have a taste for the weird. Don't order the food though.

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Irezumi is actually very beautiful. You don't have to like tattoos, that's fine. It's association with the yakuza is regrettable but if you actually can appreciate the artwork of a tattoo then most of these are incredible. Look at the guy on the right, the red flowers are so vivid and it's almost like you can see the movement in the tattoo. Amazing artist, whoever did that.

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Posted in: Rather than a place people purposefully visit, Ikebukuro has always been more of a transit point. If Ikebukuro can offer a place to develop the next generation of manga writers and artists, its efforts will take root as the area’s characteristics and charms. See in context

I used to live right near Ikebukuro and its actually got quite a few lovely restaurants and some good shopping. And quite a large foreign population although I forget why... perhaps a university but the reason escapes me. But because of that you can usually find several English speaking doctors which can be helpful if your Japanese isn't that advanced yet.

It has an absolutely horrid JR station, though. I don't know who designed it but its got 8 trillion lines that empty into the same large open space without good signs indicating where to go... so you end up with maybe 1/3 of the people not familiar with the station just standing around trying to figure out which direction to go. Also if you want to go to say, Sunshine City you have to walk a very long underground pathway that never seems to end. Also far too many department stores for a single station. I could go on.

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Posted in: 13 teen boys caught peeping into girls’ hot spring bath during class trip See in context


*Or perhaps, no one has the right to see your naked body unless you've taken your clothes off in a public place.

The definition of "public place" will probably vary depending on the proximity of 15-year old boys and the age of the undressed.*

Obviously not a public place if you have to climb over a wall to see it. Is a bathroom in a shopping center a public place to you? Do these boys have the right to climb over the stall to watch a girl take her pants off?

I'm sure the girls will eventually get over it as they will, inevitably, have to get over the hundreds of other incidents of sexual harassment that they're bound to experience for the rest of their lives.

Natural urges are natural urges but a 16 year old should have more sense than this. I would expect this from 12 year olds.

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Posted in: 13 teen boys caught peeping into girls’ hot spring bath during class trip See in context

Let's say it together now everyone-

No one has the right to see your naked body unless you've given consent.

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Posted in: 13 teen boys caught peeping into girls’ hot spring bath during class trip See in context

If this happened to my daughter I would press charges against the school. No one has the right to see you naked without your permission and from what the article states the school doesn't seem to be doing much about it. Teens are idiots and the ones that did this are particularly gross but it's the school's responsibility to monitor the behavior of their students. They failed to protect the privacy of their female students and that is unacceptable.

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Posted in: U.S. abortion rights activists vow to challenge landmark Alabama ban See in context

Forced-birth extremists. Sometimes I'm glad I no longer live in the US.

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Posted in: Health insurance to cover new cancer therapy worth ¥33 mil See in context

This is great and hopefully with more developments the cost of the therapy will drop. I am curious as to why the age cap is 25 though? I would have thought something like 45 and under considering all of the parents with young children to provide for who have one of this awful diseases could probably benefit from this as well. Perhaps the benefit is less the older you become, not enough information from the article. Either way its a good start and any advancements in cancer treatment is a blessing.

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Posted in: My mother is almost 90. She still looks after me. When she dies, life will be difficult. I've always thought I'll die right after her. See in context

These people need help while they're alive so that it doesn't get to the point where they're being looked after by their 90 year old parents.

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