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When it comes to AKB48 I can't make my mind up which one is the cutest, they are so Fantastic....Our Japanese women are the best in everything.

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How sick these people are, my relatives were at work and there 14 year old son was at baseball practice when the tsunami destroyed there home they thank God for not being at home. I think these people or "Ghouls" should pay to site see the destruction maybe even pick up a shovel and help out.

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I am glad that my GranFather did not have to sacrifice his life to a Kook of a Imperial dictator back in WWII, even though he was severly injured and wished at the time that he wanted to die with his comrades at this time in his life. What a waste of life trampled under foot by our countries army, so many wonderful people murdered for what..what was so good of a reason to destroy life, how much sarrow is needed before we have had enough. My beautiful GranFather was a Hero to me, I wept with him many times as he told us of the old days when ALL men had to go along with what ever order was given or they them selves would face death, if they killed or murdered or raped or destroyed they all were one team of destruction with no mercey. I respect the real Men who new that what they were doing was wrong and would rather die then partake in total annihilation of others. this war was before my time where men paid a horrific price, what a waste of beautiful Japanese men so young, and smart who had Mom's and Dad's and girl friends who loved and were loved, all gone now all gone. where did it take us.... we are subservant to all the nations that we destroyed and raped. How I love this country where my family through the ages has come and gone and fought for her. I want to fight to bring back the patriotism and the love that our country has but the fight will not be with hate or war but with compassion and love for my brother's of all nations. But it seems there is a stigma in so many people's eye's still today that we who live now have to still carry the burden of what happened so many years ago.

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Yeah, I love all the AKB48 Girls....they are so Fantastic and Beautiful....Haruna Kojima, Kashiwagi Yuki, Madea Atsuko, and so many I would be here until noon and later writing there names....and dreaming about them......

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No, Never, There should be no limitations on Murder, or anything this.

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When I was a kid around six on up to a teen I would travel everywhere on the trains and bus's with my friends and brothers and sister while growing up here in Japan , I can say I never had any problems, My parents felt that living here in Japan was the best place to be we were safe and secure. What I'm trying to say is that this is the safest place to live and yeah there are a few wacko's here and there but not like in the states, I have been to the states and find it a scarry place and in different places espically in the Capitol of Washington DC it has one of the highest crime rates. I have been told that 80 million people in the USA own guns some own hundreds.

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yes and its disgusting, either married or not I "ME" believe its wrong.

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That could feed my family for at least a week maybe

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Korean girl groups like Kara and SNSD aka Girls Generation are very popular here in Japan and they are quite attractive not like those Jpop groups I like to listen to...they also have quite a large following and have appeared in many live concerts here in Japan, the history of Kara is wrought with saddness back in 2009 one of the singers Jang Jayeon committed suicide because she mentioned in a letter that her managers and the Korean entertainment industry sexually abused her for many years. She was scarred to death to tell anyone so in a letter before her death she mentioned all the abuse she went through from the hands of these perverts.

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Darren Thanks for the info, I know that the entertainment thats in Japan is mostly controlled by oyajis and once your in your kinda like stuck in the industry. Just like some of the ex-members of AKB who fell to the way side and could not make it as singers or didn't make enough sales of DVD's or CD's. I grew up here as an American kid and now as an adult it has not changed and I doubt it ever will. I do like listening to AKB48 and other groups such as Cute, MM and I have seen AKB live a few times, yeah I'm addicted.

Darren WhiteJun. 15, 2011 - 11:16PM JST


some people just don't appreciate young girls making it big in a male dominated country.

That's a very strange way of putting it.

You do understand that AKB48 isn't a real group, right ? They are the "product" of a production company ( mostly oyajis ) and the girls are told what to sing, when to sing it, what to wear and what to say.

I mean, if you like them, good for you, but I don't think they're really doing that much for gender politics in Japan, unless they are posing in bikinis in an ironic, post-modern way.

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Posted in: AKB48 album sells over 600,000 copies in its first week See in context

Well lets see here, I guess I'm all those things that are quiet bad that are mentioned by everyone who has commented on how someone who likes AKB48 "Most likely IS", I do adore the songs and the girls of AKB and so do a few million other people in this world who are so bad, and in so many ways bad. As for my self the comments are like water on a ducks back, its the indivisual who likes this kind of music and who likes females, some people just don't appreciate young girls making it big in a male dominated country. I'm all for it, and I'm all for AKB making it big.

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SmorkianJun. 15, 2011 - 09:27AM JST

I get it, but where is the talent??? I'm still waiting to see some evidence of it.

Entertaining people is talent. They make people happy, and the world can always use more happiness!

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