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I'm sorry, but this article is completely pointless. If this is meant to be a discussion of internet dating, then at the very least he needs to mention a bit about what kind of sites he's using and any challenges that may have posed.

At the moment, this is nothing more than a random essay about his experiences dating two women.

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Same outfit as in Metro last week.

that's cause it's a repost of the same article

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you can see the trailer on the english section of the main site, linked at the bottom.

"So, yes. At least at one movie theater." For now, Human trust is the only theater in tokyo it's playing at, so in effect, all showings of the film are w/subs

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I think they changed the title from "Karate Kid" to "Best Kid" because it wouldn't seem right to call it "karate", when it isn't even karate.

Actually, the original 1984 film was also called Best Kid in Japan, so it's got nothing to do with that.

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if he was born in America, then he's American, but raised in ("from") Canada. sounds right to me...

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This time I have to defend JT. They can't put names in the article, because they'd immediately be lumbered with libel suits.

actually, this article is in the "shukan post" section of the site--which means, it's an article that originally appeared in japanese in Shukan Post, and JT is simply translating it. so JT has no control over whatever content is or isn't included

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well, the transgender part refers to him playing the lead in "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" which was a very successful and critically-acclaimed Broadway musical. so i don't see how that makes him a "sell out like Adam Sandler" or doing it "just for the money"

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