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Sayoko Miki comments

Posted in: What are your views on relationships in which one partner is at least 20 years older than the other? See in context

Hard question. On one hand, age usually gives power, is too big, and coupled with the fact that usually the older party (if the relationship is heterossexual) is male, the assimmetry might be too big, so I try to avoid relationships in which there is a difference of even 5 years or more.

On the other hand, people love other people, and a relationship is not doomed to be unhealthy because of unfavorable factors such as these.

So... I don't know, really.

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Posted in: Historic S Korea-Japan deal stumbles over statue See in context

The Korean people want this to be over. The Japanese people want this to be over. But this will NOT be over if the governments don't do this SERIOUSLY. Leave the statue where it is at, for God's sake, and just shut up, Abe and co. Stop trying to buy the Korean government, because even if they agree, the Korean people clearly won't, and then nothing will be solved.

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Posted in: Filipino women raped by Japanese WWII troops demand compensation See in context

No disrespect to them, but so it begins...

Thank the gods. It should have begun fifty years ago. Let us hope it will run its course.

And yeah, many other countries should apologize as well. Fighting for that doesn't mean NOT fighting for Japan to face the truth as well. Maybe, if the Japanese people go on giving the example (as I think they are willing to do, uyoku notwithstanding), the people of other countries will force their governments to act as well. This is how revolutions begin.

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Posted in: Should the statue of a girl dedicated to the memory of Korean women forced to work in Japanese military wartime brothels be removed from outside the Japanese embassy in Seoul? See in context

Absolutely not. The Holocaust shouldn't be forgotten because Germany has apologized, and the statues reminding of it should never be removed. Anyone who commits a crime and sincerely apologizes may be forgiven, but may never forget what they did. And demanding that S. Korea remove the statue is trying to erase the past, not get over it.

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