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Posted in: Geiger counters sell out in Akihabara over radiation fears See in context

I'd do it to. I could understand the government trying not to tell the people if the radiation is worse than it seems, a panic would strike the people. Any time something drastic occurs people freak out which is understandable and they would want to prevent that. But I would buy one for that fact as well and because I would be paranoid and wouldn't want to risk it.

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Posted in: Divorce means liberation for some, virtual servitude for others See in context

cracaphat Well said, my thoughts exactly.

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Posted in: The Manga Cookbook See in context

Quite a useless piece of literature unless you live in Japan. You can't get half of the necessary ingredients to make a wholesome Japanese meal in the English-speaking world!

That depends on where you live. I have a lot of market here in CO that sell most of the items I need. The internet is a good place for those others and I get seeds to grow some other foods/herbs that I don't want to pay out my rear for and I don't have a backyard I just use pots in my kitchen. Some of the food can be substituted and others are easy to prepare with minimal ingredients.

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Posted in: Densho Origami See in context

I think origami is beautiful! I'm just learning but have admired it for years. I just learned to make a kimono, well a beginner one. I'm going to start animals soon. One time I was in a Japanese restaurant and the waitress saw me making some and she wanted me to make her one. I did and it really made my day especially because i'm new to it :) I might have to get this book. Oh and you can also use origami to decorate a xmas tree, heck I plan on adorning my tree (its fake lol) with seasonal origami all year round :)

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Posted in: Japanese Home Cooking with Master Chef Murata See in context

I'm not gonna knock the book though. I haven't read it but I would probably get it because i'm a cooking nut and love to make traditional and not so traditional Japanese foods. Oh and you could go to edenfoods.com (there are other places but I don't remember) to find those basic ingredients if you're not near a local Asian store.

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Posted in: Japanese Home Cooking with Master Chef Murata See in context

Dashi isn't all that hard to make. IT might take a few tries to get used to it but its basically water, fish flakes and seaweed. Fish flakes "bonito flakes" can be found in pretty much any Asian store, seaweed "kombu" can be found in normal American stores and well if you don't have water then...well you have a problem. I even use wakame when I run low on konbu. All are pretty inexpensive, although depending on how much you use dashi it can add up! But you can make two stocks with the dashi, a first stronger stock then a weaker one. And I know it says dashi is only good for a few days but that's just to keep the real strong flavor (although dashi isn't strong in flavor in my eyes) I keep mine up to a week and if you are making a recipe needing vegetable stock (or chicken for that matter) you can use dashi if you are running out of time to use it.

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Posted in: Steam-powered floor polisher See in context

So is it like the Shark in the US? If so then it should work pretty well.

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Posted in: Energy Shaker See in context

hmm... it failed to mention the after crash that you will experience 1 hr after u drank this...

That's when you go and buy another one! lol.

I think one every once in awhile is fine like lostrune2 said but eating healthier and sleeping is best. But I read/heard of the pressures of staying at work all night and day, studying all night and day and so on. Got to be tough to do that. I wouldn't be able to function without a good nights sleep.

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Posted in: Elderly woman robbed, punched in the face on Tokyo street See in context

Deserverd to get robbed? Are you kidding! that's like saying the girl in the short dress deserves to get raped! This is a cash society and people do carry large amounts on occasion, how can anyone blame her for carrying it?

I agree. People here are constantly having to buy gifts to people for a numerous of reasons and once a gift is given a gift must be given back at some point and time. On top of that things can get very high prices. Maybe she had a relative she was helping out or something Either way whatever she was doing with it, its her money and the man hurt her. I don't see how he could be called a man though, punching an old woman like that. Tch.

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Posted in: 9-month-old boy dies after being left in car by grandfather See in context

'fishy' I completely agree. People forget things, and i've read that happens the older you get. I'm sure he feels horrible for this. It's tragic this happened.

'peachy' Here here! I couldn't say it better myself. What happened to the days when grandparents were lookked fondly upon for knowledge and care of the grandchildren? It really does depend on the individual. Obviously the parents thought this person capable of doing it and for a while he did fine. It just happened that one time he screwed up and it was it turned out awry. I feel bad for everyone involved, it was an honest mistake. It's just unfortunate that the price was this high for it.

I think the people at the nursery should have asked why the child was not there. It happened once but a safe reasurrance would be nice. It's not their fault either. As 'skipbeat' said "it's a tragedy". We also don't know how many children this place gets everyday for them to remember themselves. They could have been very busy. Don't get me wrong I may say that I don't think its the nurserys fault but perhaps this tragedy will help install some sort of program where they are trained to be more thorough with the children brought it and asking that question might save other lives even it its just one life. I don't think we have a right to point fingers at anyone. I'm sure the grandfather feels horrible and will take this guilt to the grave, he is suffering knowing that the life of that child was in his hands and he messed up. Same with the pointing fingers at the nursery. Is it their their fault that the man forgot? Again it's a tragedy. A child paid the price for mistakes made. I don't believe anyone should blame anyone. It WILL only cause more greif and pain and no healing.

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Posted in: 15-year-old girl killed by train while running across tracks in Osaka See in context

Well said grafton

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