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Posted in: 2 dead, including police officer, after man attacks Toyama police box See in context

It is strange that an experienced police could not defend himself against a young man with a knife. I thought all officers were trained in the martial arts. Also, why was the back door left unlocked?

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Posted in: Shinkansen rampage revives debate over safety and convenience See in context

Last time I rode the "Shinkansen" in China--and thousands use it every day--I had to go through a security check just like getting on an airplane. It was quick and not cumbersome at all. If China can do it Japan should be able to as well.

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Posted in: Knife rampage aboard bullet train kills 1, injures 2 See in context

In China, Bullet Train riders have to go through metal detectors and then receive body scans. I am okay with that.

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Posted in: 'Amazing China' documentary more fiction than fact See in context

The Ethiopean govt. has allowed this to happen probably because Chinese officials are paying off the country's leaders.

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Posted in: Outrage as WWII sex slave memorial removed in Manila See in context

Money (Foreign Aid). It is as simple as that. The Philippines, being dirt poor depends on the money Japan sends to the country. That is why we never hear much war criticism against Japan from the Philippines. Now that China and Korea are rich, they are not afraid to speak out. Money talks.

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Posted in: Top court finds charging subscription fee for NHK broadcasts constitutional See in context

Not surprising that those old conservative judges ruled in the governent's favor. They talked about independence in their ruling, but Abe's right-wing ilk influence NHK from behind the scenes.

Could you imagine in the USA an agent coming to the door saying that because you have a TV antenna you have to pay a fee? That agent might be met with a shotgun and a demand to "get off my property."

Alas, this is Japan, a land of complacent sheep. I am not so much against the fee as I am the system they use to collect it.

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Posted in: Mongolian Hakuho smashes sumo record with 1,048th win See in context

Congratulations to the foreign wrestler, although conservative sumo purists must be unhappy about the record. He is fortunate he is in sumo, not baseball where things similar to the Randy Bass incident happen regularly to foreigners about to break a Japanese record.

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Posted in: Japanese tourists in flu masks frighten British supermarket shoppers See in context

I agree with the "antisocial" posts. Many women seem to be trying to hide themselves with a big mask right up to their eyes and a big hat pulled down over their face. I think it is more psychological than it is health-related. I have female English students who wear big masks to class every week for 16 weeks! Weird.

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Posted in: Putin-Abe summit brings big Japan-Russia economic projects See in context

As expected, Putin did not budge an inch on the NT issue, so what kind of "cooperation" are we talking about. Putin's treatment of Abe is the classic definition of "jerking (somone) around." More failed Japanese diplomacy.

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Posted in: Coca-Cola No. 1 in Japan with drinks galore, but not Coke See in context

Coke and Pepsi are artificially flavored and colored sugar water. I drank them for years, which may be one reason I now have high blood sugar. Wish I had know better. Now, it's green tea for me, and lots of it.

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Posted in: 79-year-old truck driver, going wrong way, killed in expressway crash See in context

I am 75 and had the "old age" test last year. I thought it was a pretty thorough test, both practical and mental. I saw some old people at the testing center who appeared both mentally and physically frail.

The problem is, I suspect, the testers are reluctant to fail people, even when they do poorly on the tests.

This is similar to the mentality you find in the schools, i.e. pass all students onto the next grade every year, even those who deserve to fail. This is benevolence to an extreme, which, in the case of driving can result in the death of others..

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Posted in: Honda to build new factory in China See in context

So much for "Abenomics."

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Posted in: Japanese seek bargains as economy limps, Abenomics loses shine See in context

Abenomics has always been "smoke and mirrors." Whatever happened to the "third arrow?" All the govt. knows how to do is throw money it does not have around--like it it doing right now in Africa. Vested interests make structural reform too difficult. Japan's passive populace just shrug their shoulders; meanwhile, this country continues it downward spiral.

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Posted in: Would you like to see a referendum held on Okinawa so that Okinawans themselves can decide whether or not they wish to host U.S. military bases? See in context

I can't believe that so far about 40% have voted "no."

Okinawa was sacrificed by the J. Govt. during the war and it is still being sacrificed, with 70% of of U.S. bases there, on what is 6% of Japan's land area.

Japan is a rich country. Let it defend itself if it wants to. The U.S. has about 800 bases around the world, trying to be the world's policeman. Letting the Okinawan people decide is a wonderful idea, but it will never happen as right-wing Abe is just a puppet of the U.S.

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Posted in: Ichiro's milestone raises familiar questions about context See in context

The encouragement and support Ichiro got from U.S. fans as he was breaking records was impressive. It was an example of good sportsmanship. Would a foreign player get the same support here? I doubt it. In fact, in the past, Japanese baseball has tried to prevent foreign players from breaking records held by Japanese. The classic incident was when Randy Bass was approaching Oh's home run record at the end of the 1985 season. In the last few games he was walked every time by Oh's Giants. Other similar incidents followed over the years. How about that for sportsmanship?

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Posted in: China says Nanjing more worthy of remembrance than Hiroshima See in context

People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. That said, China does have a point. Even if a lower number, say 50,000 men, women and children were massacred in Nanjing, that is enough to call for a Japanese PM to visit there and bow his head. But, since Japanese are so busy paying the "victim" card, and the LDP and PM are basically right-wing, this will never happen.

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Posted in: Read my lips: Abenomics is losing its gloss See in context

Abenomics has always been "smoke and mirrors." Whatever happened to that 3rd arrow, structural changes? The vested interests shot it down, that's what. Japan badly needs an "outsider" leader, but not in the mold of Trump. The country's decline continues.

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Posted in: Do you think North Korea's rocket launch on Sunday is as big a deal as the international community is making it out to be? See in context

It is not a big deal. If that country were foolish enough to attack S.K. or the U.S., they could be wiped off the map in less than a week. Abe will make it a big deal as it furthers his right-wing agenda.

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Posted in: Two men arrested over fatal hit-and-run in Chiba See in context

This is a country that does not know the word, "sidewalks." I see kids in dark school uniforms riding bikes on narrow roads at night, in heavy traffic, all the time.

Even in the new danchis, the developers, in their quest to cram as many new lots into an area as possible, do not allow space for sidewalks. Why isn't there a law mandating sidewalks? Probably because, as in many cases, the politicians are beholden to construction company lobbying/money.

It's a wonder there aren't more accidents.

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Posted in: Emperor, empress arrive in Philippines to honor WWII dead See in context

It is curious how both Abe and the Emperor makes general statements like "many lives were lost". Truth be told, most of those lives were civilians killed by rampaging Japanese soldiers going out in a blaze of glory at the end of the fighting. The IJA raised Manila and killed anyone in sight.

I have seen Japanese textbooks written with those kinds of general statements, i.e. "many people lost their lives in Nanjing," with no mention of who did the killing!

The comfort women will be kept in the background; the Philippines is too dependent on Japan's foreign aid to cause any embarrassment.

I have a hunch the Emperor can't say what he would really like to say. He is kept on a short rein by his handlers who are influenced by Abe's right-wing governance.

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Posted in: Abe oblivious to people's hardships, says tabloid See in context

Abenomics is smoke and mirrors. Sadly, the meek Japanese public lap it up all the while lamenting "shoganai". Japan's decline will continue until hell freezes over.

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Posted in: 'Nothing to forgive,' says U.S. vet on crashed plane See in context

Too bad the movie about Zamperini and his trials as a POW in Japan (Unbroken) can not be shown in movie theaters here because of pressure from right-wing groups. Is this a free country or what?

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Posted in: Bangladesh asylum seeker deported after working for years in Japan See in context

Just think, if there were no national borders at all in the world, millions from poor countries would be pouring into the rich countries. Think of the chaos and social disruption that would cause. For better or for worse, it has to be a crime to cross a border illegally, and those laws need to be enforced. Life is not fair.

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Posted in: 9 ways Tokyo could become more foreigner-friendly in time for 2020 Olympics See in context

How about labels on food, drinks and medicines sold in stores. Pity the poor tourist who goes shopping in a supermarket. Almost all products have labels only in Japanese. Would be so difficult for manufactures to write JUST THE NAME of the item in ENGLISH? For example, "Green Tea," "Wheat tea," "Chinese Oolong tea," "Jasmine tea" etc. Seems to me that would not be so difficult.

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Posted in: Japan should accept more refugees, fix asylum system: UNHCR See in context

As a 40-plus year resident of Japan, I will add my two cents. I am no fan of Japan's xenophobic immigration bureau, but I agree with the readers who say Jpn should not accept Muslim refugees. Most immigrants are will willing to assimilate, but Muslims generally will not--they expect you to accommodate them. Witness what has happened in France with face coverings, etc. I found this out when I was teaching ESL to Muslim students in the U.S., a diverse and tolerant country. It was at a community center. The women Muslim students (mostly from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait) demanded to be taught separately from the men, and they further demanded a female teacher, i.e. not me! Had they been paying for the lessons, that would have been one thing, but these were FREE city-sponsored classes. Needless to say, it gave me a bad impression of conservative Islam.

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Posted in: Three 16-year-olds killed in car crash in Ehime See in context

One thing I have seen more than once. Mother is driving with seat belt on; young child is standing in the front seat. Total lack of common sense.

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Posted in: Japan, S Korea, China leaders agree to mend strained ties See in context

Right-wing Abe has missed so many chances to be a real statesman. All it would take is a few sentences to mend ties with China and Korea. Poor leadership to be sure. Same for Abenomics.

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Posted in: Traces of blood found in minivan of suspect in child killings See in context

Why doesn't any media ask and investigate the following: "Why were two young kids out all night walking around on their own?" What kind of families did they come from, anyway. Has anyone looked into this?

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Posted in: Ghosts of WW2 haunt East Asia as Abe prepares statement See in context

The right-wingers say enough is enough regarding unending apologies, but with over 20 million Chinese killed by the JIA, between 1931-45, one would think the govt. can't apologize enough. I predict Abe will miss the chance to rise to statesmanship with a vague, murky statement that the Japanese are known for. I hope I'm wrong.

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Posted in: Do you think the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were morally justifiable? See in context

70 years later it is easy to take the moral high road, but the reality then calls for a "yes" answer. I have met ex-pow's, who were dying at a rate of about 150 a day, and who say the bomb saved their lives. The bomb was an atrocity, but so were the 20 million killed by the Japanese in China, just to mention one example. As others have said, if Japan had the bomb and the capacity, they would have dropped it on U.S. cities in a second. It ended the war and saved lives.

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