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Posted in: 12-year-old boy jumps to death in Nagoya subway; leaves suicide note See in context

The problem is that society does not recognize the rights of the individual. The US is not much better. We have a wretched society, which tramples freedom and creativity. What is needed is courageous individuals willing to stand up for themselves and others. As long as the world is filled with cowards, people will see their rights destroyed by others.

The US does this as well, but it is on a larger scale. In Japan it is bullying, in the US it is cops killing people in the street. Which is worse? It all comes down to people not speaking out when they see this kind of thing.

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Posted in: Iran nuclear deal survives: Democrats block disapproval vote See in context

I can't see all of this fear mongering. I mean Iran has not invaded or threatened anyone (that wipe Israel off the map stuff means nothing) in hundreds of years. Israel and the US are constantly invading countries and killing people in the thousands and millions. How can Iran be a threat to anyone? It's laughable.

It's like the school bully who rapes and kills other students screaming about some small kid who said he would get back at them with a slingshot one day, and then agreed to sell them the slingshot for a dime... No one takes anything the bully says seriously. They are laughing at people like that.

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Posted in: Dress rehearsal See in context

I think they look great!

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Posted in: North Korea stun second-string Japan in East Asian Cup See in context

Oh for Christ's sake, can't you lose gracefully? People like you give Japan a bad name.

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Posted in: The power of the U.S. as a global leader is declining. The world order is falling apart with this lack of U.S. leadership. The security bills are needed because Japan must now assist the U.S. See in context

America is still way out ahead of the rest of the world. China, India, Japan. Without the US, they all go down.

Still, the US needs to wind down its empire. but the solution is not a rearmed Japan. The solution is the leaders of Japan, Korea and China sitting down like adults and committing themselves to using dialogue to resolve their differences.

Abe lives in a dreamland. He's wasting his time. His militarist agenda will go nowhere. There's no money in Japan for the things he wants. He can stop now while he is ahead, or end up failing later down the road.

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Posted in: Boeing warns airlines against flying battery shipments See in context

What does "bulk" mean? Would that mean I could not ship an iphone in a small package through post office?

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Posted in: Prime Minister Shinzo Abe cannot pretend he was not involved as some of his aides attended the study meeting. See in context

Hopefully there will be a growing backlash at Abe's highhanded methods. This is not the Japan of the 1930's anymore, people are much more wise to the ways of the world. Abe's money and family connections can only float him so far.

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Posted in: Abe calls on Putin to work toward Ukraine peace See in context

Ha ha, Japan's nationalists keep telling the Chinese and Koreans to "get over it." Maybe they need to get over it and all..

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Posted in: Abe calls on Putin to work toward Ukraine peace See in context

First of all stop talking as if this is some plan of Putin to annex Ukraine. It's not! It is the US interfering in an area that is basically part of Russia's history and culture. The US spent 5 billion dollars on regime change in Ukraine and reneging on its promises to Russia after the end of the Cold War is installing military installations all along Russia's border. The US is the one annexing Ukraine!

The US is completely out of control creating failed states everywhere it goes. So don't go blaming Putin, who has been a model of patience with the US.

As for Abe, he is an idiot and simpleton, pure and simple. He should scold the US for causing trouble, not Putin. But he is merely a US puppet, so what do you expect?

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Posted in: Denying WWII sex slavery stains Japan's honor: Kono See in context

This has got to be about business in the end right? I mean Japan is a corporate state that runs on exports. Relations with China are important for business, I would have thought. And the leaders of these corporations can weigh in on politicians like Abe, who seem intent on poking China in the eye with a stick.

On the other hand, Abe has decided to throw his lot in with American foreign policy which is based on destablizing other countries. You can't have it both ways. Either Japan is based on business and making money, in which case the Japanese work to have good relations with their Asian neighbors, who they do owe an apology to for killing some 20 million of them in the war, which was unprovoked. This is like murdering and raping 20 million people. You don't just say, well, I have apologised enough to the children of these victims.

That is just plain evil. People in Japan need to call a spade a spade and call Abe out on his evil behaviour.

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Posted in: Canon's EF50mm F1.8 STM lens See in context

The 40mm STM is really nice, low profile, but god the focusing is slow. If this one focuses slowly as well I can't see any advantage over the cheap 50 1.8 available till now, which focuses very quickly.

Canon's USM lenses focus lightning fast. I can't see the advantage of STM.

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Posted in: Conservative Japanese want to rewrite the U.S-drafted constitution because they say it does not reflect the realities of the modern world. Would you support a revision of Japan’s constitution? See in context

Glad to see total unanimity here. In any case, Japan is marching in lockstep with the other wealthy countries of the world which are run by similar anti-human rights, militaristic rich twats who are totally out of step with the public.

These LDP people still live in the 1930's.

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Posted in: 25 U.S. lawmakers urge Abe to reaffirm war apologies See in context

In any case, for all of the poor befuddled people that don't understand, let me spell it out. Japan raped, tortured, murdered and stole from tens of millions of its fellow Asians. What is so hard for your people to understand? The Japanese love to complain about the slightest little thing, like some foreign textbook accurately reporting what Japan did in the war, but then they act as if the tens of millions murdered by the IJA never even happened. This is completely perverse.

Japan will never be taken seriously, or even recognized as a member of the international community in good standing until it comes clean about the mountain of crimes it committed against humanity in the 1930's and 1940's. People that try and deny this will have as much success as someone bashing their head against a concrete wall will in getting rid of their headache.

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Posted in: The Republican road to the White House runs through Israel See in context

It's just a joy to watch Israel's creepy game of ripping off American taxpayers and sending US soldiers off to die fighting its enemies exposed to the entire planet. I have to give Obama credit for this. There are a long two years left for Israel and its nutjob president to completely destroy relations between Israel and the US. Let's hope he keeps ruining them. Israel is one friend no one (except for greedy politicians seeking campaign funds) needs. This mutually enabling relationship is toxic to all parties.

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Posted in: Agriculture vice minister in trouble for kissing married colleague See in context


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Posted in: No nukes See in context

Abe has no kids? In this country with 100 million people they can't find a single leader better than this guy? Maybe the political world is just a closed group like the mafia. We may as well be ruled by the mafia.

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Posted in: LDP, Komeito discuss cases where SDF could operate abroad See in context

crouching$amuraiHiddenNinja, the biggest joke is that anyone trusts America anymore...Why would Japan, or Europe or anyone want to be the ally of a backstabbing country like the USA? I say that as an American as well. As an American, perhaps I am not so in awe and afraid of the USA as people in Japan and Europe are. The Japanese and Europeans are so passive and allow themselves to play the role of subservient mistress to their American Danna-san. It's such a joke. Also it is extremely humiliating to Japan and Europe. Japan though, will need to show maturity by making peace with its Asian neighbors before the American forces can be asked to leave.

Japan today still considers itself superior to other Asian countries. This is a huge block in establishing good relations with them. How can they want to be friends with a country that regards them with condescension?

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Posted in: LDP, Komeito discuss cases where SDF could operate abroad See in context

Put simply, Japan has to earn the right to operate a military. It has not. It's just that simple. Japan killed over 20 million people in World War II. 20 million. Listen one more time, 20 million. These were people who never so much as raised a finger in anger toward Japan. And Japan went out of its way to send armed Japanese men to their countries to murder them. These are 20 million people, innocent people, murdered by an outlaw, fascist regime. The same regime that Abe and his friends are trying to paint as "liberators" of Asia. It's laughable.

The Japanese crown prince said as much. He was quite plain. He said that the miserable path Japan trod in the 1930s and 1940s must never be set out on again.

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Posted in: The government of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe wants to enact new national security legislation to expand the range of activities that the SDF can engage in overseas. Would you support such a change? See in context

China is the most powerful country in Asia now and Japan is a kind of also ran, hasbeen country with no future. All Abe and his buddies can do is make Japan more a little sidekick for the US. Japan has no power. If it was neutral and did not become a sidekick for the US or China it could become a real power, but Japan's leaders lack vision. They are just good at being yes-men for the US. And if the US loses power they will be yes-boys for China, I guess.

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Posted in: What can be done to stamp out bullying at schools? See in context

I agree that it is a problem with society here. So Japan needs to encourage individualism. Not suppress it. Japan will never be able to function properly until it starts respecting people as individuals, with their own rights and unique qualities. Which is ironic, because Abe wants to even further restrict individual freedom.

Also there needs to be a zero tolerance policy for bullying. If someone is bullied it is the bully's fault, not the victim. I used to think it was the victim's fault, but it is the bully's fault and bullys need to learn they are the nail that sticks up which needs to be hammered down, not the victims (typical Japan).

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Posted in: The government of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe wants to enact new national security legislation to expand the range of activities that the SDF can engage in overseas. Would you support such a change? See in context

There is a very simple calculus, and one has to question whether Abe and Aso have actually attempted to make this calculation. Basically, Japan must, it is absolutely essential, make peace with China and Korea. What Japan has now is not peaceful relations with China or Korea. It is a step away from a war with both. This is the reality. It only takes one false move, before JSDF and Korean or Chinese navies are firing surface to surface missiles at each other. It would not take much. One overexcited commander on board one of these ships decides he is in danger and bingo, the genie is out of the bottle. You can't put it back in once that happens.

If we had a PM with some vision, or who actually cared more about Japan than his flaccid ego, he would be reaching out to Korea and China in friendship. This is what a smart leader would do. And it has to be the Japanese that do this. We can't expect the Chinese or the Koreans, after the humiliations they received from Japan in the first half of the 20th century, actions which Japan still refuses to atone for, out of sheer, bloody-minded arrogance, and possibly narcissism, to come with their hats in their hands asking for Japan to be friends with them.

The ball is in Japan's court. But Japan's leaders care more about their egos, than what is good for Japan. Japan would not look week by opening up good relations with China and Korea, it would look mature and like a real global leader. The problem is that Japan has no examples, from the political world, of real global statesmen. All Japanese leaders have been small island people, incapable of looking beyond their own shores.

When Japan makes peace with China and Korea, and actually tries to discuss the islands and other issues, the tension vanishes. No need for the US military presence, no need for a defence against China or Korea, neithe of which are in any way a military threat to Japan. Kills three birds with ones stone.

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Posted in: The government of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe wants to enact new national security legislation to expand the range of activities that the SDF can engage in overseas. Would you support such a change? See in context

No. Why should Japan spend more money it does not have. Hello Abe? Bubble popped decades ago, or did no one tell you and your rich buddies? Japan does not have any money for your egoistic nonsense.

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Posted in: 'Northern Territories Day' ad accused of promoting excessive nationalism See in context

Good point Joeintokyo. Also the point about Fukushima is very well taken.

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Posted in: Japan's global PR message could misfire with focus on wartime past See in context

Well, in any case, maybe Abe is a friend of the people who would like to resolve the issue. I mean, as the article says, he keeps drawing attention to what happened, like a small boy who draws attention to the fact that he broke something by looking very guilty and insisting he did not break the precious porcelain vase in the living room, when no one even knew it was missing. Aso is the same way, making outlandish comments like saying they ought to do it (shred Japan's peace constitution) the way the Nazis did, in a quiet way.

And of course, in the end, Abe and Aso are not really the problem. This is a democracy, and the final word lies with the Japanese people, just as it does in the US, Russia, and elsewhere. There are no leaders, anywhere who rule without the permission of the people. They don't exist. Hitler, Stalin, Churchill, they all ruled with the support of their people. Abe is the same. The same was the case in the war. The Japanese people gave the militarists their tacit and often active support. They believed Japan could truly be an empire, with colonies in China. They shared responsibilities for the war and Japan's defeat.

Japan suffered two nuclear attacks as a result of the Japanese people's deeply misguided trust in the Shinto Nationalists (the forebears of Abe, Aso and co.). The nation's collective memory is aware of this history, even if only unconsciously. The Japanese would have be deeply self-destructive to head down that dark path again, and I doubt they are so inclined. This is why history is so important. Abe himself maybe ought to start studying history. The Emperor told him as much in his New Year message. I think he and his posse may have got the message, but to stop losing face, they continue to bleat, but a little more quietly, the same old sad song.

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Posted in: Japan's global PR message could misfire with focus on wartime past See in context

This tone deaf idiot is really thick as a brick. He lacks basic insight into the Japanese emotional temperament. One of the weakest aspects of Japanese national character is the tendency to flip between two extremes in terms of how the Japanese relate to non Japanese. Either abject subservience or arrogant false pride and feelings of superiority. Both are two sides of the same coin, and the result of a lack of emotional maturity. But he is just too stupid to see this.

Actually modesty would be a good thing, but he is so thick, he thinks that the only way Japan can relate to the rest of the world is through self flagellating grovelling or arrogant feelings of national pride. Please, can Japan just have prime minister who is wise, and just even remotely capable of doing some good for the country?

His wife would make a far superior leader. Any day of the week. Japan's women need to unite, rise up and start electing women to leadership positions. The men produced by Japan's system do not seem to be up to the job.

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Posted in: Working with global community only way to fight terrorism: Abe See in context

How predictable.

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Posted in: IS hostage exchange demand a bid to sow dissent See in context

Nothing at all is actually clear in this "War on Terror." It's never been conclusively proven who attacked New York and the Pentagon in 2001. By all accounts it could have been a false flag attack by rogue elements in the US government. Bin Laden? He congratulated the attackers of 911, but said it was not him who did it. And when he was supposedly killed by US Special Forces? No photos, he was not taken alive to stand trial in New York. He was buried at sea, without a body to bring back as proof. Who can possibly accept the word of the US that he was actually killed?

And these ISIS people? No body of Goto? All these slickly staged murder videos with Hollywood production values, and Arab terrorists speaking perfect English, in masks? What's up with the masks? Same as in Paris. Hey, if you are an Islamic fanatic, you'd think you'd want some recognition for killing for Allah?

I reckon ISIS is just another smoke and mirrors operation mounted by the US and possibly Israel to manipulate public opinion and create chaos in the Middle East. Makes it easier for them to control the region. Is Japan being manipulated as well here? What's really going on?

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Posted in: Japan asks U.S. publisher to change 'sex slave' reference in textbook See in context

Thank Christ for modern communications. The truth always comes out. Abe is as much of an idiot for pushing this as Cameron is for insisting that everyone needs to allow their emails to be read by MI-5. Both leaders are out of touch, and behind the times, and look like fools. Upper class twits.

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Posted in: Japan asks U.S. publisher to change 'sex slave' reference in textbook See in context

I could not agree more. NHK is an embarrassment. No one will ever take Japanese leaders seriously if they keep acting like seven year old kids (and that is an insult to seven year old kids).

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Posted in: Japan asks U.S. publisher to change 'sex slave' reference in textbook See in context

From the New York Times: "These were not commercial brothels. Force, explicit and implicit, was used in recruiting these women. What went on in them was serial rape, not prostitution. The Japanese Army's involvement is documented in the government's own defense files. A senior Tokyo official more or less apologized for this horrific crime in 1993 ... Yesterday, he grudgingly acknowledged the 1993 quasi apology, but only as part of a pre-emptive declaration that his government would reject the call, now pending in the United States Congress, for an official apology. America isn't the only country interested in seeing Japan belatedly accept full responsibility. Korea, China, and the Philippines are also infuriated by years of Japanese equivocations over the issue."


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