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Posted in: China bristles at Japanese defense minister's remarks See in context

The first thing that needs to be made clear is the context for these disputes. Japan invaded Korea, Taiwan and China and killed 20 million of their people. None of these countries ever, even once, attacke Japan or harmed a single Japanese. Japan is the one that committed war crimes, conducted experiments on live human beings, and lied and stole territory.

China and Korea have done nothing to pay back Japan for its war crimes. It may be best for Japan to try and find peaceful solutions to these problems. If I was Japanese, I would not be poking these countries in the eye, with the history that exists. It's extremely dangerous.

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Posted in: China bristles at Japanese defense minister's remarks See in context

The Emperor himself has said that Japan needs to reflect on it's past. He was quite clear about this, and specifically mentioned the "Manchurian Incident" (Japan's false flag attack that precipitated war with China). In fact, Japan acted in bad faith in the 1930's and murdered tens of millions of its fellow Asians. This was a criminal act on a massive scale.

So these rightists who worship the Emperor better start paying attention to what the man himself clearly stated. Otherwise they are behaving like rebels and disloyal imperial subjects.

Here are his exact words: “It is most important for us to take this opportunity to study and learn from the history of this war, starting with the Manchurian Incident of 1931, as we consider the future direction of our country,”

Just sayin'..

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Posted in: Emperor stresses importance of learning from World War II See in context

Nope, he is being quite clear. He clearly used the date of 1931, when Japan launched a false flag attack on China, as a pretext to start a war. Good for him!

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Posted in: LDP set for big win despite low voter turnout See in context

I just hope that however it turns out Komei will end up with the leverage to stymie any efforts by the right wing loon squad to pass any of their neofascist oppressive policies.

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Posted in: Okinawa vote a blow to Japan-U.S. ties, say analysts See in context

I can't believe you people that say that Okinawa should even host a single US marine. Why should they? And China? Please. China is not going to do anything to Japan. And in any case, why should the US protect Japan? Let Japan look after itself.

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Posted in: New cancer therapy comes of age, but cost a 'toxic' side effect See in context

The article does not explain why the drugs cost so much. That's what I think most people would like to know.

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Posted in: Yamaguchi reelected New Komeito leader See in context

Shallow, it is "they're" not "their." Actually, the issue of the partnership with LDP is that Komei is the only thing standing between the LDP and full blown fascism in Japan. They can stay with the LDP and act as a brake on their efforts to turn back Japan to the 1930's. That is showing integrity. It would be the simplest thing in the world to break with the LDP.

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Incredible that you try and slander the Soka Gakkai as a "religious cult" whatever that is supposed to mean. Christianity is a cult, so are most religions. Nevertheless, the members of Soka Gakkai are the most sincere, and selfless group of people I have ever met. If by "cult" you are trying to imply that Gakkai members are mindless zombies, swallowed up by a mysterious secretive group, you could not be further from the truth.

The Soka Gakkai is a worldwide organization with members in almost as many countries as there are in the UN. It is truly a global phenomenon. Soka Gakkai is Japan's greatest asset. It is the key to Japan's future and Japan's greatest gift to the world. I am an American and I am proud to be a member of Soka Gakkai.

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Posted in: Chinese group appeals to emperor for return of 1,300-year-old artifact See in context

It's Chinese property, it was looted, Japan does have any cultural attachment to it. The right thing to do would be to give it back. It would gain Japan good points in trying to mend their fences with China.

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Posted in: The New York Times compares the ban on marijuana to the ban on alcohol during the Prohibition era. Do you think the comparison is apt? See in context

Well, it was legal throughout human history except for since the 1930's when Randolph Hearst stirred up fears of "reefer madness" to get it made illegal so that his forest holdings would not collapse in value when scientists discovered a very cheap way to make newsprint from hemp...

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Posted in: Man sues gov't over expansion of military role See in context

But the majority are happy with the way things are. Abe is completely out of step with the majority. One of his main goals is weapons exports. Admittedly there is a lot of money to be made in that area, but it goes against Japan's pacifist spirit, which is one of Japan's great strengths. To bad Abe is putting personal greed and ego ahead of what is good for Japan.

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Posted in: Japan says it had S Korean input on 'comfort women' apology See in context

Japan is completely clueless about the most basic elements of mature adult dialogue and discussion. These people at the top levels of Japanese government are worse than blind deaf and dumb people when it comes to communicating with non-Japanese. In Japan they can use all of their keigo and power and prestige to bullshit the Japanese public, but this crap does not work in the big wide world outside, which much to their astonishment and bafflement is not filled with compliant, passive Japanese obedient citizens, who do and say as they are told.

Japan has a long, long way to go until it can join international society as an accepted member. It will just remain an outcast as long as such clueless old men are in charge.

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Posted in: Clock ticking as Abe pushes to loosen constraints on military See in context

Yes, an American alliance with China is entirely possible. America was allied with China against Japan before. It can happen again. Things change quickly. Japan is way out of its depth here. It has been a pacifist country for 70 years now. Also, the Japanese rightwingnuts seem to forget that it would only take three nuclear weapons fired by China to wipe Japan off the map. Military competition with China is a waste of time, Japan loses no matter how many times you play out the scenario.

The situation in the 1930s was unique. This is not the 1930s anymore, and Japan is simply in no position to become an independent military power. All it can do is become America's little yes-boy sidekick. All these Japanese so-called "patriots" that want Japan to be the USA's little barking poodle joke of a guard dog are not really patriots at all. All they are is stooges for American control of Japan. If they really were "patriots" and this includes that sad-sack prime minister Abe, they would do what is good for Japan, not what is good for America. America simply uses Japan.

Japan needs to develop an independent foreign policy and in order to do this, it needs good relations with its neighbors. You don't get good relations with your neighbors by threatening them, you sit down like equals and talk to each other.

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Posted in: Clock ticking as Abe pushes to loosen constraints on military See in context

Abe is just another unimaginative, mediocre politician, with no vision for the future. What is his vision? Just more tension and conflict with China? It's a black hole. Why would you even want to go there. Leave it to the big powers like India and the US to engage in power struggles with China. It is in Japan's best interests to become neutral. Japan should not take sides in international conflicts. This is just a recipe for trouble.

If things ever get nasty with China, America is thousands of miles away and can walk away without a second thought, or even ally itself with China. Japan needs to become its own master, not just a little yapping poodle for the US.

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Posted in: Man dying of stab wounds asks taxi driver to take him to hospital See in context

I got knifed in the states. Cops got there first, then the ambulance. They code whatevered me top speed to the hospital for poor people, cutting my down coat off with scissors in the ambulance, feathers flying everywhere.

It doesn't really hurt, kind of like getting punched. Luckily it was viscous bleeding and not arterial bleeding. I wonder why this guy died? If it was like me, viscous bleeding from being stabbed in the back (literally), it would have taken a long time to bleed to death.

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Posted in: Kamei looking to form new political party to counter DPJ See in context

I think that the real issue here, much as it is in the States is a need for more and more ordinary people to take an active interest in politics and vote. The Japanese ordinary people must have their voices heard.

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Posted in: Last year, Japan exported 1.5 million vehicles to the United States, while U.S. automakers exported just 8,000. Why aren't U.S. makers selling more in Japan? See in context

Japan is protectionist, pure and simple. They don't play fair, at all, with trade. Japanese cars are BORING! They may be reliable as all hell, and in a practical sense this is great, but they have about as much personality as the salarymen that design them.

There is no car as exciting as say a Ford Mustang or Chevrolet Camaro. If you stuck a Mustang, a Camaro and pick any Japanese car in the same price range, I bet at least 70% of a random sample in this country would pick the pony car or the Chevy.

Hell, I know which one I would rather drive. It was the same in the states. If I wanted a predictable, reliable, economic car, I would buy Japanese. But if I wanted a car I enjoyed driving it would have been American, or maybe German, but the parts would be a killer with the German car.

Well, I guess the same would apply with the US cars here. Why can't Ford or Chevrolet set up a factory over here to build them? It would be a supercar. It would have the freedom and excitement of an American car and the tight engineering of a Japanese car. It would be unbeatable.

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Posted in: Frenchman to swim from Tokyo to San Francisco See in context

Netninja. He crossed the Atlantic in 1998. It can be done.

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Posted in: Asahi Beer reproduces its first labels See in context

What's with the Nippon Uber Alles sun rays?

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Posted in: Iran's top leader warns U.S., Israel against strike See in context

Mike, Iran and Iraq..two completely different animals. Iraq (91) required round the clock bombing sorties for about a month by the air forces of many different countries, before ground forces were sent in. And then, you were talking about a small country ruled by a dictator, with little loyalty to him.

Iran, a massive, mountainous country, the size of Alaska, with an indigenous arms industry, a huge, young and very patriotic population, as well as the capacity to permanently block the shipment of a third of the world's ocean transported petroleum, at the drop of the hat.

The US is tied down with two wars, and depleted reserves of money, arms you name it, and no ally except Israel willing to join a fight against Iran.

Do the math.

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Posted in: Docomo unveils first tablets for LTE service See in context

What a plasticky ugly looking piece of junk. In any case, if anyone wants to get an Ipad 2 on the cheap they are basically free-18,000 yen from Bic Camera if you sign up for a home internet plan. You have to ask for the discount and keep asking until you find the right salesperson. I got mine so cheap I let my daughter use it watch anpanman.

Softbank's data plan is as much as you want to use and is much better priced than this thing.

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Posted in: Defense chief questions why China needs aircraft carrier See in context

I'll tell you what is a far more serious threat to Japanese national security than China. It's your mediocre leaders. They are strangling any potential Japan has, while it is still in the cradle. You might want to direct your frustration at your miserable useless leaders, who are Jama big time to this country, which is capable of so much, but hindered by foolish leaders.

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Posted in: Defense chief questions why China needs aircraft carrier See in context

Dara and Kentaro, a few questions:

Where will this money come from to build Japanese aircraft carriers? Japan's debt is twice its GNP. It is trying to rebuild following the largest natural disaster to strike any nation, in history, and it also needs to retool itself as a country switching over from nuclear power. I would be very curious how you plan to pay for Japan to head off on the road to World War III, which is what would happen if Japan ever dared to try a repeat performance of its 1930s invasions of China and Asia.

You seem to forget how vulnerable Japan is to nuclear weapons and/or radioactive contamination. You need a lesson in geography my nationalistic friends. What is the land area of China? What is the land area of Japan?

Think about it. Then consider, if Japan launches one nuclear weapon, because nukes are what it is about when you talk about real firepower today. TNT may be fine for bombing poor defenseless brown people living in villages in the middle east, but it counts for nought when it comes to total war, such as we saw in the 1940s between fully industrialised countries, and which we would see today, if Japan was foolish enough to start a real fight with China.

You think if America got into a war with a real country and not some third world backwater like Vietnam or Afghanistan it would be using conventional weapons? Nope. Nukes.

Now, let's suppose your Japan of the future with its submarines brimming with Japanese nuclear ICBMs was to launch an attack on China. Even if it sent say 20 nukes into China, China would simply absorb the attack, like a whale being hit with so many small harpoons. Now, if China makes even three or four of its nukes connect with Japan, sayonara Nippon! These small islands, if hit with todays nuclear weapons with yields in the megatons, that is a million tons of TNT, would die as a country. Look at Fukushima. It does not take much to turn Japan upside down.

You might want to rethink your silly dreams of war.

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Posted in: A resigned Horiemon prepares for life in prison See in context

Techall, that is exactly what my impression was. Can you elaborate?

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Posted in: Heavy help See in context

Is this larger than a C5?

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Posted in: Hatoyama blames bureaucrats for his failure on Futenma issue See in context

Maybe it's time for the Japanese to stand up for themselves, like the people of Egypt and take matters into their own hands. This country desperately needs to regain its independence. This is just pathetic.

The problem is that the last time you had an independent determined Japan they ended up bombing Pearl Harbor and slaughtering 20 million people throughout Asia. So I can understand their reluctance to want to be assertive. They can't trust themselves with real power so it's easier to just let big mommy America look after things.

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Posted in: Coens part ways with Wayne in their 'True Grit' See in context

Sounds like fun. I don't know why but I am really in the mood for some westerns. I even want to write my own. It's something to do with how soft and safe and fearful we have become. I yearn for that frontier spirit, where you just take your chances and live or die by your wits. I am very curious to see how Blood Meridian turns out.

As for the Japanese distributors, what a bunch of total tossers they are. Silly twats waiting for some Oscar wind to push this release. Keep playing it safe Japan, and remember to never ever take any risks. Twats.

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They have a name. They are called EVIL, for Electronic Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens Camera

They are EVIL cameras and I have one. They are excellent for video. I can't make up my mind about the still shots. Mine don't look nearly as good as they do from my SLR which has the same size sensor a 4/3 sensor which is exactly half the size of a 35mm film frame.

However, I can totally recommend the GF1 and GF2 cameras.

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Posted in: WikiLeaks operating from fortified bunker in Sweden after being booted from Amazon See in context

First off, there should be no secrets from the people, period. Government should be open and transparent.

After all, it should be pretty clear to everyone by now that the people running most governments are incompetent asinine morons. Which would you rather have, incompetent asinine morons doing all kinds of things in secret, with your multi trillion dollar budgets, or out in the open?

Come on.

The more these guys get the magnifying glass shined on em the better, I say.

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Posted in: Eminent Domain laws in Japan notoriously weak See in context

I could not agree more with all the commenters. The writer must think that the whole world should be populated by disempowered untermensch waiting to be kicked out of their homes to make way for people more worthy of occupying them.

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