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Posted in: What are some of the weirdest examples of English used in ads or on T-shirts, bags, etc, that you have seen in Japan? See in context

MILK is a quite popular fashion brand. they got stores all over the country. I go there with my GF all the time.

johninnaha at Mar. 22, 2012 - 09:19AM JST There is (was?) a fashion house in Harajuku called "MILK."

It made me smile to see a rather well-endowed young lady with MILK in huge letters across the front of her T-shirt.

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Posted in: Shibuya 109 English Guidebook See in context

IMHO - if you decide on going to Japan - the least you can do is prepare A LITTLE and try to get along on your own. There are too many people running around complaining about the lack of english signs and people who speak english, who need touristguides holding their hands.

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Posted in: Veggie-inspired KitKats See in context

f.e. the indian cuisine has sweet carrot, and don't forget carrotcake, so that's not that much of a surprise

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