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Posted in: Angry over Brexit delay, 'Leave' supporters march through London See in context

GoodlucktoyouToday  10:19 am JST

52% vs 48%. How can you such an important decision on such a small percentage? It will trash the economy and shatter many lives. There has to be a second referendum and govt change. 70% should be the nesassary amount needed.

You wouldn't be saying that if the result had gone the way you wished. The vote proceeded under the agreed terms and now the result must acted upon.

If Parliament cannot agree a deal then no deal is the only way the referendum result can be honoured.

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Posted in: Apple vs Netflix: Why turf wars are flaring in big tech See in context

Apple hardware lasts so much longer, so cheaper in the end. My mac's are 2010, and 2012, so 9 years and 7 years and still going with the original components except for the HDD's which I changed to SSD's. I also use a trackpad from 2007, 12 years and still using an iPad 3 from 2012, 6 years but probably will update that this year. Also a shiny new Xr iPhone from last year.

I have a Sony VAIO laptop that is over 7 years old and still in use. I maxed out the RAM and changed to an SSD. It cost a lot less than a Mac would have done.

There is nothing magical about Apple hardware. The thing which most differentiates Apple hardware from the competition is that people love the brand so much they are happy to be overcharged.

That and the really terrible keyboards.

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Posted in: Japan's beef imports from TPP members soar more than 50% in January See in context

I prefer Japanese domestic beef generally. The marbled fat is fine because it adds flavour while not making the meat tough to eat.

When I do buy imported beef I go for Australian. I bought some cubed curry beef for a great price from Sandi supermarket at the weekend and was delicious. Super lean and melted in the mouth.

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Posted in: Pocket pouch bag See in context

Or you could simply have "DORK" tattooed on your forehead.

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Posted in: NTT Docomo to lower mobile phone fees amid call for charge cuts See in context

I use Docomo reseller Mineo with SIM free phones. Great value.

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Posted in: Sharp to release around-the-neck wireless speaker See in context

I can understand the appeal of not using uncomfortable earbuds. Can't see it being acceptable on commuter trains, though.

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Posted in: Irish singer Sinead O'Connor converts to Islam See in context

She has a new album coming out next year. I though Islam was opposed to pop singers.

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Posted in: Beatles album 'Sgt. Pepper' named most popular in UK See in context

I prefer Revolver too. I find it hard to believe Sgt Pepper sold more copies than TDSOTM.

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Posted in: Back off, tablets: PC companies plan a $70 mil ad campaign See in context

I have not bought a new PC for some years. This not because I have been spending money on tablets. I have never owned one. My exisiting PC is in good condition and does everything I need. I can remember the time when I felt compelled to upgrade for better performance but that was a long time ago...

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Posted in: Windows 10 spreads to more than 75 million devices See in context

gogogoAug. 27, 2015 - 01:23PM JST

Pity no anti virus software seems to work with W10 at the moment

Eset NOD32 works fine.

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Posted in: Toyota exec in Japan resigns over drug arrest See in context

If she were going to break the law, she surely would have imported more than a few tablets

She did break the law.

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Posted in: Are futons awesome or simply awful? See in context

I have been sleeping on a futon for a couple of years now. Now that I am used to it I find it comfortable for my back.

If I stay at an expensive Western-style hotel with a really nice bed I find it a luxurious change. I do really enjoy staying at ryokan too, though...

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Posted in: Do you think lowering the voting age to 18 in Japan is a good idea? See in context

If you can work and pay taxes you get the vote.

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Posted in: How to make a Japanese beef bowl in just five minutes See in context

I base my recipe on this - but substitute mirin for sugar:

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Posted in: And now for White Day See in context

My wife is always happy to receive a nice gift from me. For this reason I have no problems with getting her something nice for White Day.

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Posted in: Sony revamp wins over investors, but tough decisions loom See in context

It would be sad to see Xperia sold off. I have both a VAIO laptop and an Xperia mobile and have been very happy with both of them. I was planning on upgrading to an Xperia Z3 soon but if Sony are about to sell off the mobile division...

Music Unlimited was crap.

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Posted in: Bath pillow with smartphone holder See in context

Finally Alexander Graham Bell can rest in his grave.

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Posted in: Why cartoons depicting Mohammed anger many Muslims See in context

Fighting cartoons with Kalashnikov's is cowardly and wrong.

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Posted in: Wedding march See in context

My marriage at my local shrine sounds nothing like zichi's description. No gifts to guests nor any attendance fees requested - though we had some generous gifts. A small gathering of loved friends and family. We didn't have a photographer either.

It was the second marriage for both of us and we were mostly concerned with expressing our commitment to each other and sharing a happy event with those who are most important to us.

It was not very expensive and everyone concerned seemed to enjoy it.

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Posted in: Japanese deodorant sheets for ladies smell so nice some guys don’t need the actual girl See in context

The sheets are way cheaper than a real woman...

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Posted in: Restaurant operator held over stuffed panda trade in Tokyo See in context

Reports dubbed the animal as an 80% real giant panda because its head and ears appeared to belong to another animal—possibly another type of bear.

Pictures please - the mind boggles...

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Posted in: Jun Komori says she'd like to have a baby next year See in context

I love these stories. Without them JT would just not be the same...

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Posted in: Outrage as bleeding Chinese girl left on street See in context

This is truly horrible. I do not understand how an adult cannot respond to a child in danger without a compassionate and protective instinct. Only clinical psychopaths would be immune.

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