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Posted in: Why cartoons depicting Mohammed anger many Muslims See in context

Fighting cartoons with Kalashnikov's is cowardly and wrong.

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Posted in: Wedding march See in context

My marriage at my local shrine sounds nothing like zichi's description. No gifts to guests nor any attendance fees requested - though we had some generous gifts. A small gathering of loved friends and family. We didn't have a photographer either.

It was the second marriage for both of us and we were mostly concerned with expressing our commitment to each other and sharing a happy event with those who are most important to us.

It was not very expensive and everyone concerned seemed to enjoy it.

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Posted in: Japanese deodorant sheets for ladies smell so nice some guys don’t need the actual girl See in context

The sheets are way cheaper than a real woman...

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Posted in: Restaurant operator held over stuffed panda trade in Tokyo See in context

Reports dubbed the animal as an 80% real giant panda because its head and ears appeared to belong to another animal—possibly another type of bear.

Pictures please - the mind boggles...

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Posted in: Jun Komori says she'd like to have a baby next year See in context

I love these stories. Without them JT would just not be the same...

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Posted in: Outrage as bleeding Chinese girl left on street See in context

This is truly horrible. I do not understand how an adult cannot respond to a child in danger without a compassionate and protective instinct. Only clinical psychopaths would be immune.

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