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Sailwind: "The Democrat majority that controls the Senate?"

Why do Republicans keep bring this up? If it took just 51 votes to pass a budget it would have been done two years ago. However people tend to forget the Republicans and the tea party conducted the most filabusters in the history of Congress just to stay on track with their mission statement, "To ensure Obama becomes a one term President at any cost". Question: Where were the Fiscal conservatives, GOP and Tea party when President Bush ran up a $10 trillion deficit from a surplus? Oh and about Obamacare..... How is it a plan that the government cant afford since it requires everyone to have insurance? Infact you would think it would be widely excepted by the republicans since insurance companies and other off shoot businesses will make huge profits and benefits...... So please..... Stop the nonsense!

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It is not that I hate Palin, its that the repulicans keep saying she is a "breath of fresh air" and that she closely identifies or connects with most ordinary people.... Fact of the matter is I don't know too many Gun toten, Moose hunting, middle class Hockey moms with five children and a Husband that races Snowmobiles. A friend of mine up north know all to well about the Hockey moms. He said Hockey is a very expensive sport and very few average middle to lower income families can afford it. I do know alot of single moms struggling to raise their children and trying to provide them with good health care and education. I also know peope who ride the Train to and from work everyday. Also know when I looked at the candidates from each Party during the primaries. The democratic party had, A latino, african american, and a woman running for president. The republican party had..... well you know...Mor of the same. :)

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Looks like some of you were right after all.... She is a suspect in the boys murder.

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