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scoobydoo comments

Posted in: United Airlines bars girls with leggings, igniting Twitter storm See in context

Its good to see that 10 yo girls represent the company as uuuummmm? SO its really crucial that they exude the corporate image, then maybe they should have dress as dominatrices and bossed all the passengers around like they all do and made flying even worse than it has already become.

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Posted in: British police arrest seven in raids over deadly Westminster attack See in context


they've done a great job in responding and have lost one of their own in the process.

Except that they knew the perp, so thats a great job? Yes we can wait and nothing wrong with that but I am simply basing an assumption on past events. Also before you call out "conspiracy theorist" you should check out the number of conspiracy theories that turned out true. But don't worry, the truth telling main stream media has your back.

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Posted in: British police arrest seven in raids over deadly Westminster attack See in context

So yet again, they knew they perp, so did they give him the idea to do it also and help him do it like we have seen with the FBI in the US? Is it really terrorism or is everything called that these days? Is it really Islamic based or just another nut job they incited. BUT never worry, they will enforce some new anti terror laws so they can spy on all of you regardless and you'll be safe, until they need to make you fearful again so they can push more laws on you.

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Posted in: Billionaire philanthropist David Rockefeller dies at 101 See in context

Lot of people here have not studied anything about Rockefella.

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Posted in: Elephant kills trainer with trunk at Wakayama zoo See in context

Elephants can be aggressive, especial males in musk, why do people think they are so cute and cuddly and love people and wouldn't hurt them. If your pet gold fish were big enough it would kill you.

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Posted in: Trump praises arrest of 'troubled person' at White House See in context

So did they send Hillary home after that?

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Posted in: Making the punishment fit the (petty) crime See in context

I had done this on the train a few times, having seen others do it, until some detective flashed his badge and told me to stop. Good that he was in a hurry to get to work and let me go with a warning.

It is part of the service with a power point at every seat for that exact reason on many services so the cop that pinged you may have been bullying. It is likely that many were doing it because they are allowed to. Your not talking about a random power point on the platform for cleaners etc in this case.

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Posted in: CIA blasts WikiLeaks for publishing secret documents See in context

This is not even news for any one who has ever followed any alt media. The big companies say they fight for your privacy but happily hand over data and build back doors for the spooks to get in. Tis should be under the archaeology heading.

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Posted in: Arab League to resist embassies' move to Jerusalem See in context

The League “considers setting up any diplomatic mission in Jerusalem or moving it to the city an explicit attack on the rights of the Palestinian people and all Muslims and Christians”

Christians? Really? Christianity is persecuted in many of the middle east nations so why would they be concerned about it along side the Muslims.

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Posted in: Taxi hits 4 people outside Hilton Tokyo; driver arrested See in context

cut his pension Did you ever stop to think that the reason he still drives is because his pension would be at best 70000/month if he quit. But don't worry, you think its OK to cut pension when its not a government entitlement, pension is your money that the govt steals from you and then you have to beg them to get it back in dribs and drabs that you can't live on. I wish more people would understand this point. ITS YOUR MONEY THEY STOLE.

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Posted in: Business group: China tech plan threat to foreign firms See in context

So the west thought they could just use Chinas cheap labour to produce high tech stuff and keep China on the bottom of the pecking order even when they had accrued a monopoly of tech engineering plants. Bl.ew up in their face I'd say

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Posted in: Israeli planes hit Gaza after rocket attack See in context

Makes me wonder who is actually firing them

Congratulations on dumb thought of the year (so far) award. Hamas is dead set on eliminating Israel as are the rest of the surrounding countries. They have no need to make it look like they are being bombed because it happens regularly and covered up by the media and never reported by the UN.

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Posted in: Trump seeks 'historic' 9% increase in U.S. military budget See in context

Why not reduce by 9% the amount of waring they do instead. They do plenty they don't need to do.

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Posted in: Malaysia says nerve agent killed Kim within 20 minutes See in context

Would make you think twice about mouth to mouth to help out.

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Posted in: TEPCO says it will make plan this summer to clean up Fukushima plant See in context

Oh so its all going to be cleaned up this summer, GREAT. LOL

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Posted in: Trump says he won't attend correspondents dinner this spring See in context

Good on him, its a fund raiser, so why don't they all cut the pretentiousness and give the money directly where its needed instead of going and showing off to the world how good and rich they are by engorging themselves with wine and food. Pack of hypocrites.

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Posted in: 'Scorpion' robot mission inside Fukushima reactor aborted See in context

Radiation decays if its there's no fission. Increasing radiation can only mean one thing unless I am missing something here.

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Posted in: Coca-Cola to release their healthiest cola ever in Japan See in context

HAHA, what do you say to this sillynes. Healthy coke?

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Posted in: An iPhone made in America? Not that simple See in context

Apple benefits in Asia from a network that goes beyond subcontractors assembling smartphones, tablets or laptops. The California-based firm relies on a dense ecosystem of companies that make components and spare parts for its devices as well.

Maybe should be reworded more simply. Apple benefits from slave labour.

You know I see "Trump" is incredibly stupid" all the time here, but he is richer than all of us put together by his business skills and was voted as President. So could some smart people, not like Trump, explain that to me? Its OK I'm pretty dumb with these things so don't I won't be offended.

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Posted in: Starbucks teams up with Japanese clothing brand to create new contactless payment system See in context

Beams sells rubbish fashion and SB sells awful coffee. Makes me wonder what people are thinking when they buy the coffee or wear the clothes.

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Posted in: Muslims, Latinos unify over Trump's immigration, border plan See in context

I don't understand the opposition to the wall and deporting illegals. They are illegal, people who put them up are harbouring criminals and now it looks like the same law that system that people use when they call the cops is going to be enforced and they don't like it. Illegals steal jobs from legal immigrants who did the paperwork and from citizens and it appears that some how illegals can get govt handouts. doesn't matter colour or race, illegals are illegal just like murderers are always murders untill the law has run its course on them. Have I missed something here? Just can't understand the double mindedness I can see here.

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Posted in: UK government loses Brexit case; must consult Parliament See in context

So maybe the voices of the people may be ignored after all. Not really a surprise. But thats OK the Gov will do whats best regardless of what the people wanted, I'm sure. LOL

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Posted in: Croc kills Australian man at dangerous river crossing See in context

You should see vids of that crossing. They were realy committing suicide.

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Posted in: De Beers CEO talks diamonds, millennials See in context

Just say no to things which are super expensive to buy but have next to zero real value. Was going to get some rings remodeled buy the jewelers said they just smash all the diamonds to get them out of the valuable metals. Diamonds are a jewlers best friend, they sell worthless objects for outragous prices

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Posted in: Love in Japan: Common post-honeymoon stage issues See in context

"Money the root of all evil" misquoted as usual, it's "the LOVE of money is the root of MUCH (not all) evil" and there is a world of difference.

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Posted in: Nearly 100 missing in migrant crossing in Mediterranean See in context

133 Comments on a pointless Trump Twitter account news headline and this is the first comment on more than 100 people who no longer have life. I feel for this worlds REAL loss of these peoples lives and for the loss of conscience to death as if it were less important than what was or was not tweeted.

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Posted in: Starbucks Japan starts selling decaffeinated espresso coffee for first time See in context

And I am curious what effect the decaffeination process has on the health benefits of coffee.

I'm sure there are none in SB anything. Personally I will go without rather than buy SB any way. Bought my own esspresso machine and enjoy real coffee made by me rather than an underpaid kid who doesn't know any thing about it

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Posted in: Trump unconcerned if cabinet picks disagree See in context

And to balance out Moonrakers interesting point, George Soros, who loves and funds Obama and Clinton and pays people to protest against Trump, sold out his fellow Jews to the Nazis and helped them be robbed and sent to concentration camps., So maybe both camps are no better than the other. I am finding Trump much more entertaining than Streep, he might end up at Goden Globe or what ever.

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Posted in: 9 things Obama will be remembered for See in context

With the nobel peace prize he ushered in more nuclear proliferation than any other administration and perpetual war. Good job, fooled all you supporters, and still is.

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Posted in: Michael Chamberlain, father of baby killed by dingo in Australia, dies See in context

The forensics were junk and the media rallied to make them look like fundamentalist cult goers. The forensics were later discovered to be wrong and bias and they had their lives ruined by prejudice leading to false conviction.

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