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Posted in: Trump denounces Streep as 'overrated Clinton flunky' See in context

Don't think Trump is better or worse than any other but he's entertaining, more so than streep. BTW mean while back in the real world ...................

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Posted in: Israeli TV: Netanyahu probe expected within days See in context

Yeah, them Iranian countries, you should stay away from them, I mean all of them. Hmmm, is that reliable news?

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Posted in: Korean Air to get tougher on unruly passengers and ease stun gun rules See in context

I found them to be cold to some people so I can imagine them having no trouble with a new blastem policy. Like Akula, never seen any problems on flight.

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Posted in: Man arrested for stealing and reselling over 30 expensive bicycles See in context

Its not compulsory to register your bike but a good idea. Some guys who buy high end bikes don't because they don't want to put a sticker on their $$$ bike, but I would also assume these guys are pretty careful about not leaving it at stations.

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Posted in: Trump's pick for ambassador to Israel sparks hot debate See in context

There will never be peace with Israel but when you think its just been made, then you should start to seriously worry, because its already been laid out.

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Posted in: Trump's pick for ambassador to Israel sparks hot debate See in context

A lot of "decades of American policy" supporters here but I don't see decades of improvement to justify it efficacy. I don't see decades of US integrity in policies, or decades of good reputation. I see decades of US increasing national debt, decades of increasing wars, only surpassed by the Obama administrations continual state of war and increased nuclear proliferation, I see decades of USians at the mercy of protected big companies, and decades of terrorists funded through back door US govt treachery, and decades of increasing taxes wasted. Could a change in policy be worse than continuing down the same path? I'm not even American but surely its obvious its not working and that your constitutional rights are being taken away at the same time?

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Posted in: Obama vs Trump: Dispute erupts over who would have won See in context

@bass LOL! Could've, should've, would've, it's all irrelevant at this point.

Exactly except this

back to Hawaii and live a peaceful life writing books and giving speeches

Should be , "back to Hawaii and plagiarize"

The unpopularity of your comment gives it more validity.

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Posted in: Mass graves, booby traps found as Russians, Syrians sweep Aleppo See in context

Exactly Bill Murphy, we are getting a narrative from the people we already know to be liars, extremists, terrorists, and murders, the same people who are supposed to be on the no fly lists etc and then accept that as the truth. We really need to be careful about what we accept as the truth or close to it or just plain misinformation.

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Posted in: Hottest Arctic on record triggers massive ice melt See in context

The environment has steadily declined since scientists started doing the annual report card, now in its 11th year, co-author Donald Perovich said.

Maybe they should stop then.

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Posted in: Facebook developing artificial intelligence to flag offensive live videos See in context

Wow, can't wait for another level of keeping people in the dark and protected from what some one decides is bad for us.

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Posted in: Chinese media blame Trump 'inexperience' over Taiwan call See in context

Good on him, he should congratulate a new PM no matter what every one thinks. The "educated" politicians haven't done much good for the world. The US is the largest provider of arms and canon fodder in the world, doesn't say much for foreign policy when you count the dead bodies.

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Posted in: Australia passes bill to detain terrorists indefinitely See in context

Sounds OK except what will be the definition of a terrorist? Some one who disagrees with the Govt? Slippery slope I think.

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Posted in: UK to pardon thousands convicted under past anti-gay laws See in context

We've got religion to thank for this debacle.

We have religion for the debacle of throwing murderers and child molesters in prison too, the basis of the Westminster law system.

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Posted in: Face saver: Surgical masks worn at speed dating sessions See in context

Stupid, we are supposed to be attracted to each other physically, it's not shame full to prefere one persons looks over another, especially when you get married and then find out your partner has no teeth from smoking

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Posted in: Japan's defense contractors get to grips with foreign military buyers See in context

The weapons will be used in an advisory role just like all the other US lead envoys to war zones are.

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Posted in: Google adds fact-checking to news articles See in context

Google gets to tell you what you really wanted to search for and even better they will tell you if the facts are truely google facts. They are going to be honest about it, just ask them.

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Posted in: Clinton wants Democratic Senate; Trump says she has to go to jail See in context

IF trump promised to jail clinton if he got in he win wouldn't he? At least one of the two would be out of the way LOL.

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Posted in: China raps U.S. interventions in Asia at regional forum See in context

Robert Hawk (Oz PM)? LOL only ever heard of him as Bob Hawk

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Posted in: Pachinko parlor robbed of Y4.5 mil See in context

One day being the victim instead of the perpetrator won't hurt them. Its kind of good news in an obtuse kind of way.

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Posted in: Kim Kardashian robbed at gunpoint of $10 mil worth of jewelry in Paris See in context

Naming their kid North West, do they have SW, WW, EW or NNW. What goes through these peoples minds? Is this the secret to being rich? Dumb and dumber.

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Posted in: Man arrested for slashing jogger, assaulting 3 women in Aichi See in context

Gaijindesu, she did the right thing, no point both getting killed in a knife attack and I recommend no girls to expect you to protect them.

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Posted in: Congress rebukes Obama, overrides veto of 9/11 legislation See in context

I think they are suing the wrong people. Its all a smoke screen and Obama doesn't care anyway, he's out and probably on a golden parachute soon. Then you can watch the sequals with new stars reading the same script.

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Posted in: Wanted: A fighter for global health to lead the WHO See in context

Perhaps people are just catching on to the fact that WHO helps big pharma get lots of money for vaccines created for rather benign diseases like zika, swine flue and sars tha could have gone to help real needs in the world.

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Posted in: Clinton campaign raced through $50 million last month See in context

So even if nether of them wins, every body still lost along the way. And if either of them wins, then the losing continues. Its strange that any one actually believes that either will make a change for the better rather than the worse.

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Posted in: Talking medicine: Mayumi Sawada opens doors to Japanese healthcare See in context

I found facilities are good but the Drs know nothing other than their immediate specialty. You could be getting a successful hand transplant but be dead and Dr wouldn't know because its nothing to do with his great hand surgery.

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Posted in: More than 300 million at risk of life-threatening diseases from dirty water: U.N. See in context

The UN aught to know, they caused it probably REF:

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Posted in: Pizza Hut teams up with Japanese fitness chain to bring you 'diet pizzas' See in context

Diet Pizza = oymoron

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Posted in: Singapore reports 41 locally transmitted Zika cases See in context

But in pregnant women, it can cause microcephaly, a deformation in which babies are born with abnormally small brains and heads.

Big maybe should be noted here. Don't think I'll panic about the Zika virus or the next one the US gov throws money at to get a vaccine. This sort of thing only feeds the antivaccers mindset.

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Posted in: Beyonce slays at MTV Video Music Awards; Drake honors Rihanna See in context

If you watched any MTV show you would think that the world only had a dozen talented people. Its just big business and not much different to karaoke because most the time you wouldn't even see or know a band existed outside of their studio.

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Posted in: Newspaper says it uncovered KFC's secret recipe See in context

Bet the recipe today is a far cry from the original. Probably more like a science experiment now. Mix carefully to avoid chemical burns and explosions.

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