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Scooter Ivy comments

Posted in: Morale booster See in context

While the male job-seekers are looking up cheerleaders' skirts the female job-seekers are out applying for jobs. I see it all now -- it's a plot. ;-)

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Posted in: Why Japanese TV shows have become boring See in context

I guess it's fortunate that my exposure to Japanese television serials came through internet sites like MySoju (before it shut down.) When I think of Japanese tv I think of Trick, Galileo, Remote, Himitsu no Hanazono, Gokusen, and Haotaru no Hikari. I really enjoyed all of these even though Gokusen became too formulaic over the seasons. All of these are 5 to 7 years old so maybe "become" is the right word. I haven't seen anything current.

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Posted in: A new growth industry: professional housekeeping See in context

It surprises me that this is newsworthy. I know two people, a friend and a cousin, with their own cleaning business. The clean houses, offices, and churches.

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Posted in: Japan votes on the musical act they most want to see in Olympic opening ceremony See in context

I have nothing invested in who performs but I'd love to see Kaori Kobayashi anywhere.

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Posted in: Timeless Muse See in context

She looks nice but she would have made a better photo if she'd actually smiled rather than whatever it is she's doing.

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Posted in: 9-year-old girl dies two days after being found unconscious in Chiba home See in context

Maybe a spider bite?

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Posted in: Miike's action film gets booed at Cannes See in context

Miike is hit-or-miss for me, too. I really liked "The Great Yokai War", "Sukiyaki Western Django", "One Missed Call", and "Audition". Others I couldn't watch.

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Posted in: What are your five favorite science-fiction movies? See in context

Duh. That should have been "Last Starfighter"

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Posted in: What are your five favorite science-fiction movies? See in context

Blade Runner Natural City Starfighter Ultraviolet Spaceballs

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Posted in: Is it ever OK to compliment a co-worker's appearance on the job? See in context

I said, "You're looking good today" to a co-worker just this morning.

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Posted in: Psychiatric patient dies after being assaulted by male nurse See in context

Nurse or Nursing Assistant?

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Posted in: Branomics See in context

The "plates" are pouches of some kind. You can see a zipper tab at the top left.

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Posted in: Manga critic calls for Japanese comics to read from left to right See in context

It's not that hard to get used to reading manga from right to left. One series I follow has a page inside the back cover saying, "Stop. You're going the wrong way." Simple. Helpful.

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Posted in: MLB won't interrupt season for Olympics See in context

Fine with me. I don't think professional athletes should compete in the Olympics anyway.

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Posted in: Man arrested after 7-hour standoff on rooftop See in context

What crime d id she abet, the car theft? If she was being threatened with a knife and with being pushed off the roof I wouldn't think she was a willing participant.

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Posted in: Actress Yumiko Shaku breaks ankle while filming ski program for NHK See in context

Hope she heals soon.

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Posted in: Clue to anonymous hacker found in memory card attached to cat's collar See in context

Tom DeMicke - It would do no good. Cats never admit to anything.

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Posted in: Quentin Tarantino: If you think 'Django Unchained' is violent, try slavery See in context

I usually like his "Quentin Tarantino Presents" movies better than his own. Whether he makes good movies or not, he has good taste.

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Posted in: Horror movies recommended to scare away summer heat See in context

I agree with Kairo and for Thai horror, "Shutter" (the original, the American version took all the scarey parts out.) and "The Ghost of Mae Nak".

TokyoHipHop - I've not seen "The Scare" or "White Curse." Thanks. I look them up.

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Posted in: Woman lay judge faints after seeing graphic crime scene photo See in context

"through", not "threw". Nothing was thrown in the proceedings. sheesh

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Posted in: Woman lay judge faints after seeing graphic crime scene photo See in context

Unlike jury trials in countries such as the United States and Britain, where judges only determine the sentence, in Japan the sentencing is also done as a group.

This is not entirely true. In the U.S., or at least in Texas, the defendant chooses whether he wants the judge or jury to set the punishment if convicted. I went threw the jury selection process on Monday but was not selected for the trials.

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