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Posted in: Poll in U.S. finds support for World War II atom bombings See in context

First of all, this happened well before most of us commenting on this page was born, so shut up. If it didn't happen to you, no reason to be upset, right? Second of all, if the Japanese want to stay mad, look at Pearl Harbor. Your such proud people right? Answer this, take a shot to the face. Are you going to just sit there and take it? Are you going to fight back yourself? Or are you going to the cops? My thought is you will just take it, or run off to the cops because the majority are to afraid to fight back. That is why the USA is still in your country protecting it! Ask Koreans about Japanese. They are pissed off for what happened back in the day. Why don't you all apologize for what your grandfathers and great grandfathers did. You all need to grow up. I would like to see what all the Japanese and Koreans would say once the military pulls out of the pacific and Kim Jong Il decides he wants to play some games. Everyone would be crying for us to come back and help. Makes me sick.

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