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scooternak comments

Posted in: M7.0 quake hits off Kyushu; small tsunamis reported See in context

Be safe everyone. Our prayers are with you. I'm guessing Fukuoka is pretty far North to be affected.

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Posted in: Women's run See in context

Not many spectators. Is it so as to not embarass the ladies? In the States, usually the race route is lined with spectators and those encouraging the runners.

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Posted in: 'Kizuna' takes many forms in post-disaster Japan, including marriage and infidelity See in context

Enjoyed reading this article. Let's hope that the rebuilding continues and that family ties continue to be that which holds the country together.

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Posted in: Meguro by night See in context


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Posted in: Winner's luck See in context

Beautiful photo.

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Posted in: White Sacas See in context

Lovely photo. Tokyo must be especially lovely this time of the year.

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Posted in: Tough times See in context

It's wonderful to hear of the compassion of the Japanese people in helping out these unfortunate people. Ganbatte Japan!!!!

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Posted in: Misty morning See in context


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Posted in: Going to court See in context

Very nice way to clean the court, keeping with tradition.

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Posted in: Market cycle See in context

Aren't bluetooth earpiece devices use in Japan?

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Posted in: Body of Japanese woman found below Niagara Falls See in context

Very sad.

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Posted in: Temperatures rising See in context

Japanese have their traditions including uchi-mizu, that may be as important as conserving water.

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Posted in: Tide barrier See in context

For the doubters, it's comforting to know that you "engineers" are in the know. Thanks for sharing your professional observations. Hopefully the barrier will be effective, should it be necessary, which we hope is not the case. Ganbatte Japan

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Posted in: Teachers pin down knife-wielding man with two-pronged 'man catcher' See in context

Nice job Their training paid off

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Posted in: KARA to appear on Music Station See in context

I enjoy the beat and the lyrics of their songs. Perhaps they will inject some change to jpop. Not necessarily the skimpy outfits but the upbeat and catchy tunes.

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Posted in: Protest See in context

Do your thing without hating on others. Public protest is a right and is a peaceful method for change. You both have your points. Agree that you disagree. Ganbatte Japan!!

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