COVID-19 INFORMATION What you need to know about the coronavirus if you are living in Japan or planning a visit.

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Posted in: Twitter faces critical earnings test See in context

@AKBfan... You should tweet that.. ;-)

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Posted in: Nigerian Islamists kill at least 159 in two attacks See in context

A violent cult masquerading as a religion...

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Posted in: Adobe changing its products to cloud services with monthly fees See in context

Continue using your current version of photoshop,CS 5 or CS 6 will last for many years.. And use capture one pro (from Phase One) or DXO optics elite as your raw converter to output your 16bit tiff files...

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Posted in: Samsung says 10 million Galaxy S II handsets sold See in context

Nice phone with good features,but iPhone 4 build quality is better.

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Posted in: France herds Muslim faithful off streets after prayer ban See in context

@Shefts... well said,I live in europe and the situation is exactly as you described...

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Posted in: 5 most needless movies remakes See in context

Remaking Masaki Kobayashi's Hari Kiri must be the worst offence...... how can you improve it??

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Posted in: Afghans angry at Koran burning in Florida kill 7 at U.N. compound See in context

Korans are always being burned.. just look on you tube,,,

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Posted in: Seattle cartoonist goes into hiding on FBI advice See in context

Islam the religion of Peace... disagree and you'll be blown to pieces!!

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Posted in: Some Muslims question mosque near ground zero See in context

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Posted in: Goal! See in context

excellent performance from Japan,they showed the true samurai spirit in the way they fought so hard!! Bravo

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