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"resolution 2007-1"

Resolutions are nonbinding and generally meaningless. We could also discuss the St Kitts Resolution which demands a resumption of commercial whaling. Or more than 5 resolutions that demand Australia and New Zealand stop supporting Eco Terrorists.

As for the reasons IWC originally passed the moratorium, you seem to like changing history. The moratorium was passed based on an argument that we didn't know exactly how many whales there are out there. Since nobody else was going to, Japan has undertaken to determine that information.

Why the need to lie about such things, Animux?

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Some points...

Judging by videos and comments I've seen of her, and her exceptionally rude use of the Japanese language, Yoshiko Wada is probably not a Japanese citizen. Or at least did not grow up in Japan.

This 2010/11 season was actually the first time live capture sales exceeded meat sales. Attributing the entire $3mil captive industry to Taiji is extremely misleading when aquariums often do their own business, including "rescues" that can be sold to -- say -- the Vancouver Aquarium which Sea Shepherd regularly hold fundraisers.

So Ric is going to try a "grassroots" movement AFTER demonizing the entire country, not just the city of Taiji, and pulling that stunt in the November meeting to get more media attention for himself ??? Hmmm, yea, I don't think that'll get much traction.

"elaborate tarp structures" ... reads like the author is desperate to make it sound much more than just tarps.

So far the biggest showing of Japanese anti-whalers was 5 girls that showed up in January. It's funny seeing how the press attempts to make 5 ants, not even enough for an ant hill, into a mountain.

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