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Posted in: Divorce among elderly couples surging See in context

"How many housewives do you actually think you subsidize with the taxes you pay? Unless you're making hundreds of man a month, the amount that actually goes to shakai fukushi etc after your tax money has been parcelled out is a minute amount. You're hardly subsidizing legions of SAHMs"

You know what she means. Her point is that ALL adults who benefit from the healthcare, defence, infrastructure, education etc. that is provided through taxation should contribute through taxes. It should not be acceptable for people capable of working and paying taxes to not do so.

My personal feeling is that after children start school, families should have to pay the equivalent in taxation of an average annual salary for those not working. This will encourage mothers back to work, encourage fathers to share more parenting / household responsibilities, and increase tax receipts from those families who just want to keep an old-fashioned family structure.

And I can't emphasise strongly enough that it's no good just shouting at the women to go back to work, the men have to make commitments to family responsibilities to allow this to happen.

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Posted in: Chinese media piles scorn on expelled French reporter See in context

The poll question was “Do you support expelling the French journalist who supports terrorism?”. Now I'm no statistician, but that question seems a tad leading.

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Posted in: Gov't to step up measures to prevent terrorism in Japan See in context

I was stopped and ID checked by two cops at the station this morning. First time in 14 years here. Hopefully 'my cracker ass' will be memorable enough for me to not need to do this every morning. Bet they won't be scouring the cafes of Nishi-Azabu though.

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Posted in: Some trains to ease cell phone restrictions near priority seats — but not during rush hour See in context

I can't count the amount of times I've nudged some orange haired punk pretending to be asleep in a priority seat and told him to move his butt while other more deserving passengers are standing nearby.

It's not just orange haired punks, it's all ages and walks of society. Young, middle-aged, men, women. The attitude to others in need here is appalling. It's another thing that makes me bristle when people (particularly Japanese people) say the Japanese are so polite. Maybe in a 'smile and bow to tourists and customers' type way, but not in any meaningful, consideration for other humans way. After all, they need signs to remind them to show basic consideration on trains. Where I come from it's common sense.

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Posted in: I wonder if the new standard will mislead consumers into thinking that wines using materials from overseas are inferior to Japanese wines wholly produced in Japan. See in context

It's unlikely that anything could make Japanese wine taste any worse. I've tasted a few, mainly from Yamanashi, and they've all been awful.

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Posted in: Melbourne rated world's most liveable city; Tokyo ranked 15th See in context

Monocle magazine was bought by Nikkei holdings a while back which might explain why they would come to the eyebrow-raising conclusion that Tokyo was the best place in the world to live.


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Posted in: Japanese, British 'Death Railway' veterans meet in reconciliation See in context

Another example of Japanese seeking the understanding of Westerners while dismissing the suffering of other Asians.

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Posted in: Tokyo police, train operators launch campaign against deviant behavior See in context

@living memory

Yeah. Because groping and seeing women as objects of fetishization only began with the creation of the TV.

I didn't limit it to TV. What makes you say that?

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Posted in: Tokyo police, train operators launch campaign against deviant behavior See in context

Really wanna stop it? Stop all this entertainment that has women as objects of fetishisation.

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Posted in: Japan's defense export hopes dimmed by latecomer status See in context

Japan's defence industry is likely to do no better than their electronics or other industries, unless they internationalise it like the automakers, which means a great deal of foreign employees and executives will need to be involved in the process. I don't see this happening.

You mean become the world-leader and de facto industry standard for several decades?

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Posted in: Fukui accident victim wins claim against fellow victims See in context

Isn't it also true that unimpaired people put in emergency situations will often panic and freeze? Isn't the 'rabbit in the headlights' syndrome of panic blocking self-preservation, or fight or flight instincts, a well-documented phenomenon? Just sayin'...

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Posted in: Japan's view of WWII history rankles some U.S. veterans See in context

Sure, anybody who tries to whitewash history should be widely condemned, and these fine chaps are right to speak up and everybody should listen. And no titaniumdioxide, thanks to things like these guys' efforts people haven't forgotten.

On the other hand dismissing quite legitimate anger and calls for reflection for acts including DROPPING NUCLEAR BOMBS on 100s of 1000s of men, women and children because, well it's off topic or, well, you guys started it and anyway, some of your politicians and right-wingers are trying to deny your own history etc. etc. does perhaps open you up to charges of being a hypocrite.

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Posted in: Diplomatic pressure on foreign reporters raises media hackles See in context

It seems to have originally been published in a Japanese mag (Nikkan Gendai) which is slightly encouraging. Sometimes those gossipy mags do more worthwhile stories than the broadsheets.

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Posted in: Japan rebuffs outcry over new history textbooks See in context

Why do not China direct their anger to Britain which used opium to deprive China?

British politicians and textbooks don't deny that it happened.

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Posted in: Wealth Creation brings best motivational speakers to Japan See in context

Or you can save your time and money by simply choosing a more rewarding life goal than wealth creation.

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Posted in: Australian retail giant pulls Grand Theft Auto V after protests See in context

Don't know if it's any connection to the Abbott administration but increasingly these days I'm of the opinion that Australia just doesn't.....get it?

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Posted in: Bringing Britain to life for Japanese visitors See in context

Certainly lots to enjoy in the UK, but as a Brit living here I'm a bit uncomfortable with the 'Britain is Great' slogan. I thought reserve and modesty were supposed to be part of our self image?

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Posted in: Tokyo court rules that hotels must pay NHK fees according to the number of rooms with TVs See in context

Just a reminder to y'all that even if the NHK guys catch you, you are under no legal obligation to answer their questions or even talk to them.

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Posted in: Japan vows action over claims of fabricated drug data See in context

Very interesting Wanderlust. Have you read Bad Pharma by Ben Goldacre? I read his Bad Science and am thinking of getting it.

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Posted in: NHK may charge viewer fees for Internet, smartphone usage See in context

If my understanding is correct you are under no obligation to speak to the NHK people if they come a knocking. You are certainly under no obligation to answer their questions.

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Posted in: U.S. balks at Japan sanctions over child abductions See in context

I'm lucky enough to be in a situation where me and my ex cooperate in the raising of our child but at the back of my mind there's always the worry that I would have no legal protection should she decide to suddenly turn off access if we disagreed strongly about something.

The wider social situation does seem to be improving though and SNSs are a good way to get the truth out. Even if a court in Japan does decide to deny access to one parent it's very difficult to stop people communicating if they want to so when the child's a little older they can contact or be contacted via social networks. Parents who lie about abuse to deny their child access to the other parent (and I feel it's important to look at it from that side - people always talk about access of a parent to the child but the child also has a right to have a relationship with a parent who loves them) will eventually have to answer their child's questions about why they lied which will in turn affect their own relationship with their child. In the end everyone's a loser.

SNSs like Facebook get a lot of bad press but it is good at making people accountable for behaviour which is immoral if not illegal.

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Posted in: Japan increasingly nervous about North Korean missiles See in context

The big question is, will the missile defence systems actually work?

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Posted in: Pro-Korean, anti-Korean forces face off in Shin-Okubo See in context

Well that's because the Japanese police + Japanese right wing government + Japanese right wing organizations are in bed together

Unlike South Korea where, oh no, wait, that's exactly like it is in South Korea. You guys are more alike than either one of you would ever admit.

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Posted in: Pro-Korean, anti-Korean forces face off in Shin-Okubo See in context

I mean the anti-right wingers of course...

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Posted in: Pro-Korean, anti-Korean forces face off in Shin-Okubo See in context

Good to see some fightback against the right-wingers. Does anyone know if they have a FB page or a website?

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Posted in: China, Japan trade barbs over radar-lock near disputed isles See in context

scotcheggFeb. 08, 2013 - 04:38PM JST

Is it possible for the Japanese to prove it without giving away secrets? (Answers from people who know only please...)

I believe so. Otherwise, Japan does not insist this over and over. They should have a good proof as well as US has a good proof.

See, that's why I was very clear in asking only people who have some expertise to answer. You clearly don't so why do you feel the need to offer your uninformed 'reckon'? It's not worth your time or mine!!!

Anybody who knows what kinds of logs are kept on US or Japanese ships regarding electronic signal detections?

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Posted in: China, Japan trade barbs over radar-lock near disputed isles See in context

Is it possible for the Japanese to prove it without giving away secrets? (Answers from people who know only please...)

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Posted in: Abe: China radar-lock on Japan ship 'dangerous' See in context

Tony, even if you think Japanese ships were shadowing Chinese ones in international waters, which do you think is more aggressive, signaling intent to follow, or signaling intent to fire, because that's what radar lock means.

Also "is Japan prepared to be audited for its plutonium stocks?". A valid question, but very ironic coming from someone whose country is closed about all details of defense spending, and whose military isn't even under the control ofthe government.

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Posted in: Abe: China radar-lock on Japan ship 'dangerous' See in context

smithinjapanFeb. 06, 2013 - 06:08PM JST

Unlike you, I understand this quite well, and the reasons WHY they are doing what they are doing -- in response to Japan's provocations despite their own calls for restraint.

So, in your infinite wisdom, what provocations? There haven't been any in the news recently.

I like smithinjapan's comments too. He seems to be an expert on just about every thing that's happening in the world, because every time I check the comments on any story at all on this site, there he is, telling Japan what it needs to do to shape up.

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