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scotchontherocks comments

Posted in: Japan to revise official romanization rules for 1st time in 70 years See in context

As an english based foreigner in japan, most of the comments here is extremely self-serving. It makes little to no sense changing it, turning “fuji” into “huji” and the list goes on..

if english is really the main concern here, get rid of the bloody katakana..

i’m looking forward to the day our neighbours to north having a field day the moment japan started calling their national treasure “kimti”

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Posted in: BOJ members saw need to tweak yield cap amid inflation risks: report See in context

And we’re living here in Allentown

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Posted in: U.N. group says people abused by late Japanese boy band producer deserve apologies and compensation See in context

ok great, since plenty people here are unsatisfied with the UN human rights council beating the dead horse, let’s have them chat with the 48 & 46 group next

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Posted in: BOJ eases grip on ultra-loose monetary policy See in context

An overly convoluted way of saying the BOJ did nothing

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Posted in: Man arrested after crashing car into Foreign Ministry building See in context

They did what?

"..... pinned him down with a two-pronged weapon..."

Again something learned. They call it a weapon.

to the uninitiated, perhaps..

I’ve seen it in action a couple of times, being used on drunks throwing tantrums. The only weapons here are the ones using it

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Posted in: Japan's 'Monster' Inoue retains titles against Dipaen See in context

He should move up in weightclasses and actually fight real boxers... Do what Pacquiao did and not pick low hanging fruits

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Posted in: Japan's 'Monster' Inoue retains titles against Dipaen See in context

I agree.. Inoue is a very talented boxer, pretty evident from his power, accuracy and agility.

But I feel like most fights set here is so predictable, low hanging fruits type of set ups... Not to mention the over the top nicknames... He should move up weightclasses, do what Pacquiao did

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