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Posted in: Add interest to your homemade dishes with the help of this ‘vegetable pencil sharpener’ See in context

What if the dimension of the veg is too big for this?

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I love/hate Kanji to be honest with you all - its just the remembering of their strokes.If I see a Kanji, I can say that means such and such but writing it is a different story.

To me Kanji is basically an alphabet and you don't see those who are native English/German/Thai etc struggling with their own. The chinese language has basically every word as an individual Kanji and these kids aren't struggling.

If I'm stuck at which Kanji to use, I can hop on the computer change the language to Hiragana then type away, press the spacebar and a list of Kanji pops up with their meanings beside - which to me is a God send of the digital era

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Posted in: S Korea's plastic surgery fad goes extreme See in context

A lot of people in South Korea go under the knife,to them its probably like going to the dentist which I find pretty sad that people feel the need to change the way they look. I notice how many people "break their nose" which allows them to get a nose job whereas in the western world we would just get a plaster and let the bone heal. The entertainment industry is partly to blame, those groups targeted to the teens with their perfect smiles, v-chins,high nose bridges etc aren't helping but then again this is what makes the entertainment industry thrive. In Miss Korea 2013, the women honestly all look the same! How do they pick?The compliment, is your mother your sister must not be effective the ROK

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