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Posted in: Gingrich's campaign in tatters as top aides resign See in context

Gingrich has ZERO chance of being elected, ZERO chance of securing the Republican nomination, and ZERO chance of winning any state in the primaries. (IMHO) It's all about securing as much money as he can and siphon off as much as he can, and keep his name out in public so ignorant saps and the media will continue to fawn over his ignorant drivel!

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Posted in: TV comedian Tanoshingo promotes '3D bra' See in context

obviously it's a method of creating a generation of similar weaklings even more easily controlled than the current one!

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Posted in: Young people sign up as SDF's image soars in disaster aftermath See in context

in the face of overwhelming disaster, such as 3-11, to try and overcome feelings of helplessness and contribute to a solution in any way is an admirable trait, those seeking to serve their country deserve respect. It is the duty of the citizens who are not directly serving to ensure that their efforts are not in vain, that their sacrifices will be for worthy causes, and not just for the enrichment of manipulative corporations.

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Posted in: A resigned Horiemon prepares for life in prison See in context

"I suppose the days are over that I can think about marriage, or having a lover.” Well, I don't know about Japan, but if he was sent to prison anywhere else in the world, not only would he be thinking about it, he be very worried about having a "lover!"

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Posted in: Employees reveal absurd company regulations See in context

and it's only a matter of time until companies in other countries, long used to emulating the successful Japanese business model, start looking for new ways to further demean, debase, and humiliate so-called lower tier employees to help boost their own insecure sense of self importance. Has some bureaucratic committee decided that degrading treatment of employees actually boosts company moral and increases productivity?

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Posted in: High-tech washer/dryer See in context

so what happens to the silver ion particles after the clothes are washed? If they get rinsed down the drain, will they affect the necessary bacteriological function of the wastewater treatment plants? This was a major problem for printing companies using silver compounds in photo development processes, what assurance do the people have that this process is harmless and really beneficial? Or do the Japanese just blindly accept anything corporations foist upon them without question?

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Posted in: New magazine SAMURAI.JP launches in search of Japan’s lost values See in context

they would be better off trying to re-vitalize the old social order, where farmers were rated below nobility, but ABOVE the business class. loss of farmland to shopping malls and freeways in the Kanto district is short-sighted greed perpetuated in the name of shameless profit to a greedy few, if the spirit of Samurai and bushido is reintroduced, maybe there is hope more self-serving profiteers and incompetent corrupt politicians will be compelled to commit seppuku!

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Posted in: 71-yr-old man arrested for beating 32-yr-old son to death See in context

well, I can sympathize with the 71-yr-old man. Being 71 y-o and having a 32 y-o son at home is no picnic. Times are tough, but what kind of loser lives with his parent(s) at age 32? When he says that his son wasn't listening, it most likely means that the son NEVER listened and ignored all the father's advice, etc. If you don't know the frustration of having a deadbeat, worthless leech sponging off of you, and then continuously ignoring and disregarding you, well, the rage that builds over time can overwhelm anyone. Maybe the father should be cited for littering, that's all

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Posted in: Two men arrested for possessing 108 cannabis plants in Fukuoka See in context

180 million yen for those? that's what...about $1.8 million? or over $20,000 per plant? NO WAY, those are over inflated estimates by the cops to make it look like they are doing a lot more than they really are!

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Posted in: Raw anger in McCain's crowds as Obama strengthens See in context

as for me, i am definitely apprehensive of a candidate who has spent years in the custody of a communist state. a Manchurian candidate?

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