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Scott Donald comments

Posted in: Life after death? Yes, says one doctor See in context

@sleepy dog. You should write for Japan Today. It would be nice to read some articles on Japan from a rational POV. Perhaps you could be the Hitchen's of Japan. It would certainly give me cause to read more JT.

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Posted in: Life after death? Yes, says one doctor See in context

Sadly, it is hardly evidence for life after death. While the doctor may be head of an emergency ward and it may seem that he has credentials that would make him an expert in the area, he is hardly a neurologist or neuro-scientist. Nor has he prepared a hypothesis and conducted double-blind studies or even submitted his philosophical opinion for peer review. Unfortunately, casually observed case studies are not the same a rigorous quantifiable research.

It would be great if Shukan Gendai builds his hypothesis and then tests it properly. He would have been taught how to do this in undergraduate school. Hey, if he can get repeatable results, that would be awesome. In the mean time this is just poorly substantiated opinion.

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Posted in: More senior partners uncoupling See in context

I hope my wife doesn't feel the same. We have been together for 12 wonderful years. She is my best friend and I wouldn't no what to do without here. But everyone has their right to change and make their own decisions. I think a major problem is that Japanese couples have be programmed to have the hard working husband and the economically demanding wife with all the 1960's gender roles wrapped in, but this is out dated and doesn't work with modern society. Couples that last are those who are equals and are incredibly lucky enough to grow and change in a way that compliments their partners growth and change. Fear of a god's wrath seems both a juvenile and an ill considered reason to stay with someone.

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Posted in: Japan says 2 Russian fighters breached its airspace See in context

All these "dangerous" threats on Japan, just at the time Abe wants to change the laws on defense.

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Posted in: Minister calls judo beatings Japan's worst sports crisis See in context

Minister arrested for excessive abuse of hyperbole

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Posted in: Japan sets Guinness record for synchronized mascot dancing See in context

Way to go. Something for the nation to be truly proud of.

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Posted in: 16-year-old arrested for injuring 6 students in school classroom in Fukushima See in context

So much for the attacker being in his 30's as mentioned in a previous article. This is why eyewitness accounts are notoriously poor.

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Posted in: Japan considers 6-day school week; teachers not enthusiastic See in context

Oh the horse is not responding to the whip any more? Well, whip it harder.

Students have changes as society had changed but the teaching remains the same.

New developments in pedagogy abound the halls of colleges but rarely trickle down to the school. This is what happens when politicians make decisions rather than the academic leaders who have a mastery of the science of education.

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Posted in: Pros dominate YouTube greatest hits in 2012 See in context

It's great to see more professional world in YT. I think there will always be an amateur market, but YT commercial backed videos is the way of the future.

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Posted in: Calbee recalls 5 million bags of potato crisps in Japan See in context

So that's why my weekly consommé big bag was missing at the shops.

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Posted in: Osaka politician has man arrested for peeing on his campaign poster See in context

@asai. I agree on both accounts. Yes, this is the Japanese constitution and, yes, laws are subject to interpretation. My comment did not suggest that U.S. constitutional law influences the Japanese constitution and it did not suggest that the US constitution was free of circumvention by other laws. I merely wished to help explain that there is a difference in how rigidly the freedom of expression in the constitution is upheld in Japan compared to the U.S.. It appeared, that from the comments, there was some confusion.

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Posted in: Osaka politician has man arrested for peeing on his campaign poster See in context

@ slumdog. Yes is seems that while there is a constitutional right for Freedom of Expression in Japan, it all to often circumvented by other laws. This is counter-intuitive to the U.S. application of constitutional rights. @all. This a good primer for freedom of speech in Japan. http://ir.library.osaka-u.ac.jp/dspace/bitstream/11094/8543/1/oulr038-013.pdf

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Posted in: TEPCO rate hike for households goes into effect See in context

@tmarie, agreed. It's seems they are taking the U.S. Banking crisis option.

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Posted in: My very brief fight with a yakuza See in context

It's funny, many Japanese like to wax lyrical about the 'nail that sticks out gets hammered down'. The reality is that the nail that sticks out is the lord of the people in this country. You can see it time and again in the classroom, the workplace, in politics and on the street.

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