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Wow O.o people have very bland and negative views of affection. Either it's a fantasy, temporary, or a redirection...a lot of people are very insecure about their relationships and of others. If they are happy than that's fine. There will always be fights and trials in marriage, it's a part of the deal. You need to form and mold to each other. My great grandparents would fight like no other, but they stayed with each other for more than seventy years until my great grandmother died. He still goes to her grave and talks to her memory (it's a comfort thing, I bet anyone would do it if you truly love your partner). I don't have many friends, only family and they fight, but still do all the sappy stuff that my aunts love. Every girl wants to have their partners attentions and that isn't insecurity, but need. EVERYONE needs someone to notice them and if you say you don't than you're a horrible troll. Humans in nature are social and you are no exception, be it a cat, dog, girl,, social sites and anything in-between. These are basic things that people want, but don't say they do. Just like a good hug by someone they trust. After reading this pull your honey into a big hug and kiss her/him (the way she/he likes) and whisper in her/his ear "I love you". See what becomes of it, I dare you!

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