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The 1 milion casualties quoted here, is an erroneous number. The U.S. government report suggested 250,000 American casualties. The Japanese casualty assessment was based on losses from Iwo Jima and Owkanowa, which were three to for times higher than the U.S. You should actually study history. The Emperor of Japan was not in control of the country, he was a figure head. The Military had taken control by 1930. Japan had long been warring in china before U.S. involvement. An oil embargo by the U.S. on Japan was the reason for the bombing of pearl Harbor. The Japanese military officers thought that Americans were lazy and would not fight. This attack was designed to knock out our ability to stop them from taking Indochina. the needed the raw materials from there to support not only their war efforts but also day to day living needs. Now to get to the two atomic weapons dropped. The Imperial army at the time new they could not win the war against the U.S. They were hoping that the severe losses that they were imposing on the U.S. would force them to sue for peace. In other words they new even then that the American population didn't have the stomach for a long bloody war. Truman, who had just become president, learned of the weapons power and warned the world of it's destructive capabilities at the Ponstan (not spelled right) comfrance. At this point in the war Germany had already been defeated and the U.S.S.R. had agreed to join the war against Japan. The military had been fire bombing Japanese city for months. Two thirds of Tokyo had been leveled, paper and wood buildings burn nicely. 250,000 people killed on that one raid alone. Hiroshima was chosen as a target because of its military importance, and location, as well as the fat that it had not been bombed previously. Other cities were on the short list as well, but were scrubbed from the target list for reasons like, cultural heritage or religious signification. The little boy bomb dropped on Hiroshima, was a uranium bomb. Scientist new for certain it would work, but there was only enough uranium for that bomb. it took Oak ridge running at full capacity for two years to produce the material. They knew how much power it would produce, and at what height to detonate it above ground to get the strongest shock wave. The U.S. waited for Japans response from the bombing. The answer they received from Japans war counsel was. What difference weather it takes one plane or a thousand to destroy a city. With that answer it was decided to drop "fat man". Fat man was a plutonium fueled device like the one tested at White Sands New Mexico. Hartford in Washington state was producing enough Plutonium to keep building this style of bombs. Nagasaki was also a military sight chosen for its industry. It was the secondary target, the first being obscured by clouds. The bomb, which was more powerful than the one dropped on Hiroshima did far less damage for several reasons. First it missed the target by three miles. Second Nagasaki sits in a bowl shaped valley that didn't allow for the propagation of shock waves. Still Japan refused to surrender. Sorry Americans but you have been lied to. The Japanese only surrendered after their army in Manchuria was completely destroyed by the Red army. You see most of Japan's factories had been moved to Korea and main land china. Once the U.S.S.R. threatened these factories, and the decimation of there armies they had no choice but to surrender. Truman at this time was smart enough to take the conditional surrender offered. Up until this time only unconditional surrender was acceptable. A lot of the facts that people have posted here, are not true. If you rely on movies or director of movies for your history, well I fell bad for your ignorance. Let me finish with this thought. America had taken several island back from Japan, Very few prisoners were taken. This is because of the Japanese Bushido code. It was considered cowardly and disgraceful to surrender. It was better to take your own life than to disgrace the Emperor. Thus the Japanese fought ferociously and the American didn't bother to take prisoners. The few Japanese that did surrender often carried explosives on them selves and detonated them in order to kill the enemy. Many people have started rewriting the history of world war II. It is up to every one to read source material from the time so that the true history is not lost. The U.S. was not perfect during the war. Did they do things to provoke Japan , yes. Was Japan already killing thousands before we were involved, yes. Does Japan acknowledge that they were using biological and chemical weapons on Chinese civilians, no. Was the dropping of two atomic bombs on Japan right. In hindsight probably not, but at the time would any of you not used them if you were told they would save, not only American lives, but also Japanese lives also. That I will let you think about and decide for yourself. Just do it from the view point of a world full of war, not from the arm chair.

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