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Posted in: Murakami library unveiled at author's alma mater in Tokyo See in context

Great, I enjoy Murakami's novels and short stories

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Posted in: Researcher sees lesson for today in tragedy of immigrants in Manchuria See in context

But I have to say that for Kurimizawa to send villagers there as late as 1944 is either absolute stupidity or cruelty seeing that Japan was obviously at defeat's door.

The media was heavily censored at the time so it may have not been clear in rural Nagano, a tradegy all round. Japan was a poor agricultural nation at the time, a way out of poverty is attractive for any second son

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Posted in: Researcher sees lesson for today in tragedy of immigrants in Manchuria See in context

This may not be a totally accurate statement

but I don't think the British government ever used germ warfare or biological weapons

There has been some belief that the British used smallpox as a biological weapon to remove the aborigines in Australia after European settlement but this is not proven beyond the balance of probabilities, other theories are that smallpox came from the north, either way smallpox decimated Australian aboriginal populations during the European invasion of Australia.

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Posted in: Author Murakami criticizes Suga over pandemic measures See in context

Well said Murakami san. Are you journalists without a backbone not embarrassed

I agree!

Japan's response to Covid 19 has been surprisingly relaxed, it is great that Murakami has been critical of Japan's leadership, his observations are very accurate.

"If he really saw an exit, his eyes must be extremely good for his age. I'm of the same age as Mr. Suga, but I don't see any exit at all," said Murakami, 72

This is exactly how I feel about Covid, Japan and the rest of the world at the moment, I cant even glimpse the light at the end of the tunnel

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Posted in: Ohtani dominates on mound; hits 40th homer in Angels' 3-1 win over Tigers See in context

He is earning the accolades, good for him, he will be an inspiration for Japanese baseball players for generations to come

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Posted in: Ex-Nissan exec Kelly wants boardroom, not criminal, trial See in context

It’s just sad reading this article about how he was tricked into coming to Japan and kidnapped by the thugs! Shame on Nissan and shame on the prosecutors who all will face the judgment of God for this!

Totally agree doesn't do much for Japan's reputation as an international business destination. This is just another example of a Japanese company resisting internationalisation and modernisation.

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Posted in: Japan to evacuate embassy in Kabul See in context

The Western liberal democracies have abandoned the Afghan people to the Taliban. I wonder if this decision will be challenged by future events, but the US and its allies have to let the will of the Afghan people decide their own future. A very stormy sea to navigate....

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Posted in: Man recently released from prison admits robbing at least 30 residences See in context

Japan's justice system is was one that focuses on punishment, it doesn't enable people released from prison to restore their place in society. One you go through it, you are marked and your life is irrevocable changed. This is meant to deter people from crime, but if you cannot get employment then many are left with few options if they want to feed themselves, forcing them to engage in illegal activity to eat and provide themselves with shelter. When he bumpred into the old lady he didnt hurt her, and he admitted to other crimes so there is something in this human deserving of redemption. Japan needs to improve their after prison release programs so that there is less recividism. Their but for the grace of God, go I.

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Posted in: Shop hopes its deerskin goods focus minds on Japan's huge deer culls See in context

Do deer have a natural predator in Japan? There has been excellent benefits for the environment of returning apex predators to national parks to help with keeping the number of animals in a healthy balance.

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Posted in: Shop hopes its deerskin goods focus minds on Japan's huge deer culls See in context

What a great innovation. Deer skin is a natural and durable product used for thousands of years. I wonder if there is an export market for this too?

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Posted in: Ancient temples of the Deep North: Some of Tohoku’s most historical temples See in context

Yamaera is well worth a visit especially in the spring or autumn

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Posted in: Osaka still top-earning female athlete ever: Forbes See in context

Got so much respect for her as a tennis player and human being. Naomi Stands her ground for her beliefs and is hyper successful. What great role model for other Japanese bi racial children!!! I hope she gets the support she needs and finds her path to happiness. Tennis isn't everything if you don't have your health.

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Posted in: Ascott Residence Trust acquires 3 rental housing properties in Sapporo See in context

This is a strong indicator this company see ongoing value in the Japanese property market, maybe a beginning of a new growth phase for Japan.

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Posted in: Advocacy groups ask gov't to rethink harsher anti-cannabis law See in context

"Damn stoners on JT. Don't you know this stuff causes psychotic episodes?". This is exactly why drugs should be sold legally so that the tax revenue from sales can go toward paying for the health costs from using cannabis. Why should the black market operators make all the profit? then the tax payers are left with the bill for people hospitalised due to mental illness from drug use! Not to mention that many people using illicit substances have undiagnosed mental health issues. The term is self medication. Japan has a long way to go in addressing the avalanche of mental illness in its own country derived from a high stakes, high pressure life.

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Posted in: Crackdown on illegal maid cafes making maids rarer sight on streets of Akihabara See in context

"Good! Anything to stop the exploitation of young girls in Japan is a good thing." I agree! Is there an minimum age to work at a maid cafe? I would've thought you would need to be over 20? On the other hand they seem harmless, unless they are selling sexual services onsite? Would be best to legalise sex work so that exploitation is limited. There are many places that have legalised sex work, but outlawed living off the earnings of a brothel.

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Posted in: How a samurai’s quest for revenge created one of Tokyo’s best cafes, and it’s still open See in context

What a great story!

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Posted in: Do you think self-driving cars will take away the fun of being at the wheel of your vehicle? See in context

As someone who clocks many Ks on the road, a self driving car would save a lot of time I could use to do the things I want to do...

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Posted in: Japanese karate official quits over bullying claim See in context

My master use to punch, kick and throw and broke my nose and couple of times, I hated him" but it paid off in a "Death Match" on some island in the pacific back in the 70's...I came back alive...Bolo didn't make it

Shouldn't your username be Bruce, and by the way congratulations on the resurrection.

The karate teacher's training methods are not acceptable, he should also face disciplinary action for bullying after resigning.

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Posted in: Videos of parliament sex acts rock Australia's government See in context

At least in Japan (usually) the politician and perhaps the party leader would resign after such acts becoming public, but not in Australia under this coalition conservative government.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics hit by yet another scandal over demeaning comments See in context

The idea for the 'joke' was tasteless, unacceptable and perhaps a representation of Japanese societies cultural maturity, but has anyone noticed the price tag

Cost: $15 billion but suspected $30 billion

Revenue: $3.5 billion

This is not good business and since no overseas spectators will be visiting Japan there will be no immediate boost to the economy.

That is a lot of Yen that could have been spent on helping the Japanese economy and its people.

The 2021 Tokyo Olympics is the real pig and it is ready to slaughter after consuming so much Japanese tax payer money.

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Posted in: Already a star, on court and off, Osaka eyes more See in context

Naomi Osaka is a brilliant tennis player and an exceptional role model for young people all over the world.

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Posted in: Editor of occult fanzine Mu makes a pitch for 'conspiracy literacy' See in context

Looks educational and entertaining, I wonder if there is an online version of Mu?

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Posted in: Suspect in murder of homeless woman turns himself in See in context

This is a sad story on so many levels.

An elderly women died homeless on the street who should have had more access to social welfare.

A man who needed support for his mental health didn't receive it and and as a consequence committed a terrible crime.

There is never one solution such as a UBI which would fix this problem but access to basic human needs such as shelter and mental health support should be a given in a rich developed society like Japan.

I will say a prayer for both of them.

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Posted in: Lawmakers should serve as role models in efforts to stop passive smoking. See in context

Wow, disrespectful of the laws of their own country which diet members make.


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Posted in: Abe visits Yasukuni Shrine for 2nd straight month See in context

It would be best if Japan could find a way to rehabilitate their war dead. It is sad that they cant be remembered for their service except for the atrocities they committed. They are husbands, fathers, son, brothers, uncles etc. Dont forget many paid the ultimate price for the crimes they committed during the war. But I guess the first step to forgiveness is to aplogise.

September 6, 1997: Prime Minister Ryutaro Hashimoto said: "In 1995, on the 50th anniversary of the end of World War II, the Government of Japan expressed its resolution through the statement by the Prime Minister, which states that during a certain period in the past, Japan's conduct caused tremendous damage and suffering to the people of many countries, including China, and the Prime Minister expressed his feeling of deep remorse and stated his heartfelt apology, while giving his word to make efforts for peace. I myself was one of the ministers who was involved in drafting this statement. I would like to repeat that this is the official position of the Government of Japan. During the summit meeting that I had during my visit to China, I have made this point very clear in a frank manner to the Chinese side. Premier Li Peng said that he concurs completely with my remarks" (Ministry of Foreign Affairs Press Conference on: Visit of Prime Minister Ryutaro Hashimoto to the People's Republic of China),conduct%20caused%20tremendous%20damage%20and

Perhaps it is time to start using these souls who have already suffered twice (once when they committed these unspeakable acts and once when they were punished) for political football and to move on...

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Posted in: Tsunami-hit Onagawa nuclear reactor gets OK to restart See in context

Nuclear energy is a relatively inexpensive and usually safe form of energy. It is better for the environment than using carbon source such as coal and gas.

The Onagawa nuclear power plant passed the most important test of safety: experience. It survived the worlds largest earthquake and and a gigantic tsunami.

Praise must go to Yanosuke Hirai for advocating for the highest level of possible safety standard for Onagawa and Nigata Nuclear Power plants.

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Posted in: Tsunami-hit Onagawa nuclear reactor gets OK to restart See in context

Japan has relatively inexpensive electricity compared to other parts of the world. Nuclear energy is a better energy source to minimise the impact on global warming than carbon based energy sources such as coal and gas. While extremely high safety standards are essential, this reactor has survived the biggest earthquake in record history and a gigantic tsunami then it has passed the most important test of all, real life experience.

I would also want to acknowledge the hard work and foresight of this man Yanosuke Hirai whose advocay for higher than normal safety standards enabled this nuclear power plant to withstand the 3/11 earthquake, subsequent Tsunami and provide refuge for the people of Onagawa.

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