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These women look stylish and professional and the CEO said it is their choice to wear or not. If they are harassed, punish the harasser. A small disgusting segment of males grope women on the train, then all men are punished by over crowding in the cars because the female only cars which sometimes are not full.

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I am getting tired of these punkie young kids who come to Japan for a few months or years and start complaining about how it needs to change. I like Japan the way it is! Leave it alone and let the Japanese be Japanese and let Japan be Japan!

If you really live in Japan, get involved with the life, the people and the culture you will see that IT WORKS! just fine the way it is. I do not want to live in Japan with a bunch of you outsiders who are trying to have a "foreigner experience" in Japan.

Everyone is welcome but leave your biases and complaints at the airplane door and enjoy Japan and all its quirks and nuances. That's what makes life in Japan so special.

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