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Posted in: Abe, Malta's PM affirm importance of rule of law at sea See in context

OssanAmerica: Nobody disputes Japan's claim to Okinotorishima. What is disputed is Japan's claim of a 200 nm EEZ around the rock. Under the law, rocks which cannot support economic activity, and artificial islands, cannot have an EEZ. This is the law Japan is ignoring.

Mulan: Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam and others all dispute the unelected Chinese dictatorship's claim to sovereignty over various parts of the South China Sea. Maybe this news is censored in China and you aren't aware of it, but covering your eyes and ears won't make it go away.

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Posted in: U.S. considers banning laptops on all flights into and out of the country See in context

If a laptop contains a bomb, how is it any safer to have that laptop in the hold rather than in the cabin? Surely they should ban all laptops from all parts of the aeroplane? As it's only the battery in the laptop that stores energy perhaps they will require the battery to be removed. That means all the Apple laptops will be banned as the batteries are glued into those.

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Posted in: LDP leads Koike's party ahead of Tokyo assembly election: poll See in context

To paraphrase George Galloway, the LDP and Tomin First are two cheeks of the same bottom.

If the people of Tokyo really want change they should vote for neither of those.

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Posted in: N Korea fires ballistic missile that falls into Japan's EEZ See in context

Whilst they had Abe there did any of the "journalists" ask him about the latest school scandal? I thought not. Instead, all we get is the usual whining of Abe and Suga about North Korea.

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Posted in: N Korean leader oversees 'new' weapon system test: KCNA See in context

The first man to stop clapping gets shot. Now smile for the camera.

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Posted in: Japan consumer prices rise in April for 4th straight month See in context

Unfortunately, cash wages fell by 0.1% in March despite the "labour shortage" we keep reading about. The "higher prices, higher salaries" story just isn't working. Abenomics has failed.

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Posted in: Abe, Malta's PM affirm importance of rule of law at sea See in context

I wonder which law Abe is thinking of. Could it be the law that states that artificial islands, such as the ones created by China, do not have a right to an exclusive economic zone? But that would also include Okinotorishima, for which Japan claims a huge EEZ, but legally that claim is invalid.

Perhaps Abe can demonstrate his respect for the law by withdrawing Japan's claim to an EEZ for Okinotorishima? Or is it only other countries that are expected to follow the law?

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Posted in: Gastric bands for obesity often involve multiple operations See in context

It would be more effective to wire their jaws together such that pizza, chips and burgers could not be eaten. The weight would soon come off then.

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Posted in: Most Japanese firms favor cautious approach to any Toshiba delisting See in context

The most important thing is that the TSE applies the rules fairly and transparently, without favouritism or bias, but it's clear that won't happen.

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Posted in: Panel urges government to impose delayed sales tax hike to balance budget See in context

Abe won't raise the tax: he always shirks difficult decisions.

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Posted in: Abe becomes Japan's 3rd longest-serving postwar prime minister See in context

With two recent school corruption scandals involving Abe and the failure of Abenomics it's time he was kicked out.

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Posted in: Man indicted for murder of Vietnamese girl See in context

He won't get the death penalty; he will probably get a derisory sentence of a few years. I imagine Mr Le will be waiting for him when he is released.

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Posted in: Opposition steps up offensive against Abe over school scandal See in context

Yoshihide Suga reiterated at a press conference that the documents in question lacked credibility and education minister Hirokazu Matsuno ruled out a fresh investigation on such papers in his ministry.

It's the government and the education ministry that lack credibility. I imagine the shredders have been running non-stop as the government desperately try to dispose of the evidence of Abe's crooked activities. But even if they are successful it won't change the facts: Abe is lying.

It's time the media sought out Abe and asked him some questions directly, instead of letting him hide.

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Posted in: LDP calls for free education among other areas of Constitution change See in context

The LDP has no interest in expanding free education. They have never included it as a policy during elections, nor have they budgeted for it. If they really want to do it why don't they include it in next year's budget? Nothing is stopping them, apart from the fact they don't believe in it.

This is a classic LDP "bait and switch" operation. They promise this to gain the support of the Japan Innovation Party. In return the JIP will be expected to support revision of other articles that the LDP does want to change.

But you can be 100% sure that the free education provision will not be the first constitutional change to be voted on. First it will be changes to Article 9, or similar. Once that is passed the free education amendment will suddenly become "difficult" and the LDP will drop it. They did exactly the same with their Komeito stooges: lots of promises that were dropped as soon as Komeito came on board.

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Posted in: Higashi Ikebukuro 52: New Japanese idol unit made up of credit card company employees See in context

It's good to see some fully grown women for a change and their singing is far less squeaky and annoying than the "idol" groups. It doesn't seem like their "professional" lyricist made much of an effort though.

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Posted in: Professor concerned that female soldiers would be naked after bombs blow off clothes See in context

I think the professor has been watching too many cartoons.

Women choose to join the SDF and should be ready to serve in any position. Ms Inada says this might include serving in infantry and tank units. Of course, such service can only be possible within Japanese territory as the constitution forbids the use of force to settle international disputes. I hope Ms Inada remembers this.

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Posted in: Japan must stick to budget balancing goal, Aso says See in context

Does this mean the consumption tax rise won't be postponed again? If Abe is still in charge it certainly will be.

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Posted in: Parties split over fish market move in pledges for Tokyo assembly race See in context

Koike is still a member of the LDP. Tomin First is basically another LDP faction. By running as two "separate" parties the LDP / Tomin First can grab 2/3 of the seats in the election and continue their domination.

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Posted in: Gov't considers splitting school holidays to ease travel congestion See in context

From what I hear from my wife, all the children of all her friends spend all their holidays at juku. Who are these children who aren't studying non-stop?

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Posted in: Debate heats up over Cool Biz temperature rules See in context

"Our headquarters, all branches and sales outlets are setting thermostats to under 20 degrees,"

I bet they set the heating to more than 20 degrees in winter.

This university tells us not to set the cooling below 28 degrees, but that's because they want to save money. I think most people ignore it as they often send round "emergency" e-mails warning of high power consumption in the summer. It's not possible to work if you're sitting in a pool of sweat.

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Posted in: Armed forces to be deployed to key sites in Britain after Manchester suicide bombing See in context

Is it even fair to call these people Muslims anymore?

Those people self-identify as muslims, so that's what they are. The politicians and others who claim that they are not muslims are usually the first to insist that we must respect a person's choice of gender. They cannot have it both ways.

"What comes next will be more severe on the worshippers of the cross,"

I wouldn't be surprised if there were more muslims in the audience than "worshippers of the cross". I don't know anyone who goes to church.

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Posted in: Armed forces to be deployed to key sites in Britain after Manchester suicide bombing See in context

It seems a bit late, and probably ineffective, to be stationing armed troops at "key sites". My son's school is across the road from the Manchester Arena and the children have been sent home as access to the area is still restricted. The police wouldn't even allow the caterers in yesterday. I think it's an overreaction and it also means some of the children will miss important exams this week.

I can't think of much that can be done to stop these idiots from blowing things up. Better intelligence is one thing. That doesn't mean monitoring every muslim, but carefully identifying those who might sympathise with ISIS, e.g. by looking at those who access extremist web sites etc.

One thing that should be done is to ban any foreign money from funding places of worship and religious schools in the UK. I'm thinking in particular of money from our intolerant Saudi "allies", which they use to disseminate their extremist views around the world.

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Posted in: 15-year-old arrested over forcing classmate to eat insect, dog feces See in context

People can go blind from contact with parasites found in dog faeces. I hope the bully is charged and sent to a reformatory. He should certainly not get off without severe punishment.

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Posted in: Feline good: Cats counter stress at Tokyo firm See in context

I don't like cats so this would not be to my liking at all. Just look at the top picture: how can having a cat's backside shoved in your face reduce stress?

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Posted in: Ex-ASDF chief Tamogami found guilty over illegal payments to campaign staff See in context

In pleading "not-guilty" Tamogami shows his lack of repentance at attempting to pervert the electoral system. I think that deserves a jail sentence, but as he is a mate of Abe's he walks away.

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Posted in: Trump lavishes praise on Saudis, but silent on human rights See in context

Double-standards Donald didn't mention "radical islam" once in his speech, but slagged Obama off for not mentioning it.

Instead, Don tried to claim that radical islamists are not muslims at all. Those people self-identify as muslims and Don has no religious authority to claim otherwise.

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Posted in: Man being investigated over insider trading of Toshiba stock See in context

Poor business decisions may cause stock prices to go down and that's tough luck for the shareholders. However, I think people who invested in Toshiba based on the false accounts put out by the executives could claim to have been misled and the executives should be charged with fraud. But I know they won't be.

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Posted in: No time for Brexit delays, says UK's May as poll lead slips See in context

"No time for delays", says May, ignoring the two month delay incurred by her unnecessary election.

Then we have David Davies saying that the UK will walk out of the talks if the EU won't agree to talk about trade at the same time as other issues. If there's "no time for delays", then there isn't time for walk-outs and other useless posturing.

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Posted in: 4 major brewers to begin joint deliveries in Hokkaido See in context

Small, independent brewers will be put at a disadvantage by this collusion.

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Posted in: Man being investigated over insider trading of Toshiba stock See in context

How many Toshiba executives have been arrested over the scandal? I think the answer is none. Several million Yen isn't a huge amount of money, yet it is enough for this guy to get arrested. Meanwhile, Toshiba stock holders have lost huge sums and the executives walk away scot free.

Short selling is when you borrow stocks to sell now (when the price is high). You then hope that the price will fall in the future so that you can buy them back more cheaply. If the price goes up, you lose.

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