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Posted in: Erdogan says lira crash 'political plot' against Turkey See in context

He said Turkey's response was not going to be based on "reciprocity", adding: "Those who commit a crime will pay a price."

Unless, of course, the person committing the crime is Erdogan or a family member. In that case the evidence is destroyed and charges are dropped.

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Posted in: Japan to raise maximum age for new recruits to boost dwindling military ranks See in context

Raising the pay isn't being considered then? Higher salaries = more applicants, guaranteed.

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Posted in: Erdogan tells Turks to buy crumbling lira as Trump turns the screws See in context

You can be sure that the crooked Erdogan family will certainly not be converting their stolen funds into Lira: that's something only fools would do.

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Posted in: Japan wage growth hits 21-year high See in context

It will be interesting to see what pay rise we get this year, as it is supposed to be based on the average increase received by other workers. I expect they will change the formula if they have to pay out more than the 0.2% we have been getting in recent years. This year my take home pay is lower than last year due to an increase in the local income tax. Previously it went down because of increases in the pension. I think the old age care insurance is also going up this year, along with a new levy to employ ex-bureaucrats in the name of conserving forests. These factors explain why consumer spending is down even though wages might have gone up.

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Posted in: Justice minister, family to get police protection for life after Aum executions See in context

What about the person who pulled the handle: will he get any protection? The LDP couldn't care less about him.

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Posted in: Japan's road system needs to be redesigned to make it safer for cyclists See in context

Most of the cycle lanes in Sendai are downright dangerous, with sudden, blind bends, obstacles, people walking in them, cars and bikes parked in them etc. It's often easier, and safer, to cycle on the road than on the cycle path. The city is absolutely clueless when it comes to designing cycle paths that are fit for purpose.

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Posted in: JABF announces independent body to investigate boxing chief Yamane See in context

I borrowed my granddaughter's bank account for a few months, because I don't have an account I could use. None of the money came to me.

A likely story. How does he receive his salary and pension without a bank account? This guy is a classic crook, fixing matches in league with gangsters in order to profit from illegal betting.

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Posted in: Former campaign aide to Trump testifies he committed crimes with Manafort See in context

Looks like the "witch hunt" is having a number of successes and people are confessing to their crimes.

I wonder if sweaty Donald has anything he would like to confess to?

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Posted in: Tokyo Medical University also manipulated male applicants' scores: sources See in context

This wouldn't be so bad if it applied to all applicants and was publicised in advance. At my university students taking resits have to score more than 70% to pass, compared with 60% the first time around. The medical school could take a similar approach, increasing the pass mark by 10% for every resit. Sneaky, underhand manipulation of the marks is out of order though.

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Posted in: Tokyo businesses may be asked to turn up ACs and open doors to help keep Olympic spectators cool See in context

I know: members of the IOC and JOC can get out of their air conditioned limousines, line up along the marathon route, and fan spectators and athletes.

I would also note that original design for the new olympic stadium had a roof that could be closed, allowing the interior to be cooled. The JOC scrapped that design in favour of an open bowl, exposing athletes to the baking sun.

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Posted in: Googlers bristle at censoring search for China: report See in context

Google should be investing in defeating the Chinese firewall and allowing Chinese free access to information. Google should not be doing the bidding of the unelected Chinese dictatorship.

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Posted in: In waiting for answers, automakers stick to Obama-era rules See in context

Trump wants to make cars less efficient and then he complains about the cost of fuel to run such cars.

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Posted in: Japan-U.S. trade talks to test Tokyo's negotiation skills See in context

Japan is expected to stress the advantages of multilateral trade frameworks

This is at the same time Japan enters a bilateral trade deal with the EU?

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Posted in: Japanese exec pleads guilty to raping colleague in New York hotel See in context

I wonder what he'd have gotten if prosecuted in Japan?

If you know the right people you won't even be arrested in Japan, never mind prosecuted.

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Posted in: Gov't urges quick probe into female medical university discrimination See in context

This university should be shut down as it is a disgrace. At the very least it should receive no further government subsidies for its illegal activities. By lowering the threshold for admittance for men only they are effectively letting less qualified people become doctors, compromising safety.

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Posted in: Trump trashes media as 'fake, fake disgusting news' at rally See in context

I wish Trump would cite examples of "fake news" when he goes on these rants. As far as I can tell Trump spends most of his time telling lies, making him the source of much of the "fake news".

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Posted in: Japan ruling party objects to lawmaker calling LGBT unproductive See in context

The decision to have children, or not, should be made by the individuals concerned and the likes of Ms Sugita and other LDP clowns have no business telling people what they should and should not do.

I couldn't care less about the low birth rate in Japan. If more people are needed they can accept more immigrants. The world has no shortage of people.

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Posted in: Japan ruling party objects to lawmaker calling LGBT unproductive See in context

Biologically humans of the same sex cannot reproduce.

Lesbians can, and do, have children. Have you never heard of artificial insemination?

No man, gay or otherwise, can have children. To criticise gay men as being "unproductive" makes no sense.

Ms Sugita is not only prejudiced, she is incorrect.

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Posted in: Apple earnings beat expectations as it sells pricier iPhones See in context

I've had enough of the MacBook "Pro" computers with their horrible keyboards and useless touchbar. I recently bought a Dell XPS 13 and installed Linux. It all works nicely.

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Posted in: Tech firms should be made liable for 'fake news'on sites, say UK lawmakers See in context

Politicians should also be held accountable for any lies they spout.

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Posted in: Japanese airlines report sluggish profits on higher fuel costs See in context

When fuel prices go up these airlines add on a fuel surcharge, so the increase in fuel costs should have no effect on their profits, unless the higher fares reduce the number of passengers.

Maybe they are referring to domestic flights, which do not have fuel surcharges, despite using the exact same fuel.

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Posted in: Japan's labor crunch is reshaping how companies attract workers See in context

Plenty of Japanese companies still treat their workers as chattels, to be moved around the country at short notice for no good reason.

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Posted in: Japan, Malta agree to maintain rules-based maritime order See in context

Are the Maltese any nearer to finding out who killed that journalist who was exposing the crooked activities of Muscat and his mates?

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Posted in: Murakumi says he can't publicly oppose death penalty for sarin gas attackers See in context

If Murakami has any principles he can, and should, speak out against the death penalty. I'm sure those Aum members who were executed deserved life in prison, but I don't want the likes of crooked Abe and his LDP mates deciding who lives and who dies.

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Posted in: Aspiring Canadian cosplayer living in Tokyo arrested for sham marriage See in context

I know a Japanese friend in which an American did the same thing to him. She married him, he was happy, as soon as she got an entertainment visa.... bam... divorced. She now does Japanese TV commercials as the cutesy foreigner blonde. I hope she sleeps well at night.

Why would they grant an entertainment visa to a woman married to a Japanese citizen? Surely the purpose of getting married would be to get a spouse visa?

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Posted in: Storms force swimmer to suspend attempt to cross Pacific from Japan See in context

At the rate he was going it would have taken him 20 months to cross the Pacific.

400 km a month is "only" about 13 km a day. Perhaps he has problems with his health.

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Posted in: Minke whale hunting ends in Iceland See in context

The Japanese hunt would also be commercially unviable if the government didn't waste tax money subsidising it.

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Posted in: 2020 Tokyo Olympics consider daylight saving to beat heat See in context

I thought the reason daylight saving is not used in Japan is it would cause too much confusion among the locals.

If they just start the games at 7 am there will be no need to change the clocks. Plus, people travelling to the games will be able to avoid the morning rush.

Alternatively, they could move the clocks back a couple of months so that July falls in September. Problem solved.

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Posted in: Ruling party lawmaker says LGBT couples lack 'productivity' See in context

The world is not in need of any more children and I wouldn't criticise anyone for not having them.

Still, lesbians can obviously bear children if they wish, and many do. Men of any persuasion cannot bear children so it doesn't make any sense to single out gay men as being "unproductive". It isn't a shortage of heterosexual men that is responsible for Japan's low birth rate: it is the backwards, regressive thinking of people like Ms Sugita and her LDP colleagues.

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Posted in: Trump could have been dealer of the free world See in context

Trump is too lazy to do his homework, to take the time to read his briefings and to form any kind of coherent strategy: he prefers to goof off on the golf course. As a result he embarrasses himself and the US when he meets other leaders, fawning over dictators and despots, whilst ranting abuse at democratically elected allies.

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