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Posted in: Virgin Galactic tourism rocket ship reaches space in test See in context

Beardie Branson has been promising flights into space "next year" for more than ten years. Don't hold your breath.

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Posted in: Ruling bloc endorses tax breaks on cars, homes; fiscal reform in doubt See in context

I don't have, or want, a car and the home is already paid for so these measures will make no difference to me. Still, we're getting a whopping 0.2% pay rise next year, leaving me only 1.8% worse off after the tax hike. And they wonder why consumption is falling.

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Posted in: Gov't plan for shopper rebate may face criticism for its complexity See in context

How do we get this rebate? Will it be automatically applied to credit card bills? What if you use an overseas credit card? Abe needs to explain clearly how this will work.

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Posted in: With blockbuster effects, Peter Jackson brings WWI to life See in context

It is an excellent film. One of the veterans interviewed says "we all joined up to have a go at Jerry", like it was a bit of fun, but many of the scenes show the soldiers in a wasteland with dead bodies all over the place. It looks horrendous, and I think seeing it in colour increases the impact.

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Posted in: France plans Renault CEO search as board members disagree over Ghosn See in context

You can not 'dillute' shares and get back to being the original majority, business is business, learn more about business and capitalism please not wishful thinking..

I suggest you read about stock dilution. It's a common ruse to avoid a hostile takeover.

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Posted in: New potato chips…for women See in context

It doesn't say anything about women on the pack, just a reference to "rubbery cheese".

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Posted in: Delta: On long flights, leave your support animal at home See in context

This is an outrageous breach of my human rights. I'm so precious and important that if I want to bring my support flea circus on board I should be able to do so, without regard to anyone else.

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Posted in: Cohen claims Trump knew hush money payments wrong See in context

Cohen is a lawyer so he must have known the payments he was making were illegal. Whether Trump ordered him to make them, or not, he should have refused and resigned as Trump's attorney.

You can be sure no other lawyers will be making the same mistake after this.

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Posted in: 'Bohemian Rhapsody' now most-streamed 20th century song See in context

The critics hated it, but my wife's friend has seen the film 5 or 6 times. It seems she isn't alone.

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Posted in: LA mural seen as symbolizing Japan's wartime army to be removed See in context

They should replace it with a mural depicting the atrocities committed by the Park dictatorship in Korea.

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Posted in: France plans Renault CEO search as board members disagree over Ghosn See in context

There is nothing Japanese can do. Renault owns 46% of Nissan, and this happened due to Japanese mismanagement of Nissan.

The usual trick would be for Nissan to issue a huge amount of new shares, diluting Renault's holding (and shafting all other existing shareholders too).

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Posted in: Google has 'no plans' to launch Chinese search engine: CEO See in context

Why not develop a search engine that gets around Chinese censorship? Make it available in China regardless of whether their unelected dictators allow it. That's what Google should be doing.

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Posted in: McDonald's unveils plan for cutting antibiotics in beef See in context

So it's not 100% beef: there are antibiotics in there too.

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Posted in: Don't contact our board members, Renault tells Nissan See in context

Renault should increase its stake in Nissan to 50.1% and fire the Nissan board.

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Posted in: Tokyo hotel to trial newly-developed wooden straws, ban plastic See in context

Paper straws were common when I was young. After a while they would become soggy and collapse. Still, unless you are 2-5 years old why do you need a straw?

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Posted in: Lawyers protest detention of Kelly, Ghosn See in context

Such protests tend to be routinely rejected.

If protests are routinely rejected it suggests the courts are not acting fairly and are failing to consider each case on its merits. Another fail for Japanese "justice".

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Posted in: MSDF punishes senior official who paid for sex with 30 minors See in context

It does say the police are on his case. If he is prosecuted and found guilty he will certainly be fired/dismissed.

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Posted in: 9 more med schools involved in misconduct after another admits exam rigging See in context

What punishment will these schools receive for their discrimination? None at all, that's what. No solutions have been proposed and after some apologies and "regrettables" they will continue doing exactly the same thing.

There should be a national entrance exam for medical schools. Medical schools can publicise in advance the score required for entry; any applicant who gets that score automatically gets a place. Any schools that wish to opt out from this should not receive any government funding.

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Posted in: British PM May survives party confidence vote but Brexit deal still teetering See in context

"It is a terrible result for the prime minister," Jacob Rees-Mogg, leader of a hard Brexit faction, told BBC Television."The prime minister must realise that, under all constitutional norms, she ought to go and see the queen urgently and resign."

The nutters are still not satisfied. Despite winning 63% of the vote, a significantly larger percentage that the number who voted for Brexit, the likes of Rees-Mogg still say May should resign. If Mogg considers 63% of the vote to be insufficient then a 52% vote share must also be inadequate. Rees-Mogg should accept the will of conservative MPs and accept the result. That's democracy. If he doesn't like it he is free to leave the party.

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Posted in: Takanawa Gateway, new JR Yamanote Line station name, fails to resonate with Tokyoites See in context

They should scrap the new station altogether: it will make journeys longer for everyone who isn't getting off there, adding to the misery of the daily commute. People can walk to the area from Shinagawa in 5 minutes anyway.

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Posted in: After delaying Brexit vote, May looks set to face leadership challenge See in context

Even if Lying Johnson or David "thick as mince" Davies replace May they still won't be able to force through a no-deal Brexit: they just don't have the numbers.

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Posted in: Exploitation, overwork a scourge in seedy world of 'chika idols' See in context

The Labor Standards Inspection Office is also hesitant to provide guidelines with regard to the contracts of idols

That's because the labour standards inspection office is useless and refuses to make companies obey the law. It's also because most of these "talent agencies" are run by gangsters.

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Posted in: Japanese tourist in Thailand lured by travel freebies into smuggling meth See in context

"It's a never-seen-before method, luring tourists to traffic drugs out of the country,"

It's not new: there's a TV series called "Banged up abroad" which features these kind of stories. The Japanese man will have to worry about the gangsters coming after him to collect the money he has cost them.

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Posted in: Panel proposes mass evacuation of coastal areas if mega quake hits See in context

It will not be possible for everyone to evacuate in time and thousands will die. The government could ban all new building within 1-2 km of the coast and let the danger area gradually depopulate over time.

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Posted in: Court rejects Ghosn's appeal to end detention See in context

As far as I can tell, the only "crime" here might be Nissan failing to declare Ghosn's future retirement pay in their annual reports. Ghosn has not understated his income: he has not received the money yet.

If these annual reports are so important, why was nobody from Toshiba's management arrested and charged when that company overstated its earnings by $1.2 billion? That's a much larger sum than anything Ghosn might ever receive, but the Japanese prosecutors didn't arrest anyone, nobody is in jail, it's all very regrettable etc.

The only conclusion to be drawn from this is that the Japanese "justice" system is biased, unfair and not impartial. It is not independent of the government and its actions are based on political motives rather than any desire for justice.

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Posted in: Group sues over next emperor's enthronement funding See in context

I don't know why people bother. Everyone knows that in several years time, once the money has been spent, the Japanese "justice" system will find all spending entirely appropriate.

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Posted in: Anime industry's market size in Japan an all-time high See in context

I've no interest in anime at all. The Japanese constitution guarantees privacy of communication and forbids censorship: anime companies should also respect the law and not ask for illegal censorship to be imposed.

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Posted in: Japanese school explains why it won't let cold schoolgirl wear tights under her skirt See in context

Why on earth can't they let the girls wear trousers if they want to?

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Posted in: Foreign Ministry official reprimanded for drunken violence See in context

He sounds charming, and he was an ambassador for Japan too.

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Posted in: Ruling bloc to agree on tax reforms spurring car, home purchases See in context

The minimum wage should be increased until demand for workers drops to match supply. Inefficient employers who cannot afford to pay higher wages will be forced out of business and the productivity of the economy will increase.

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