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Posted in: Saudi prince sees Aramco IPO as key to overhaul kingdom See in context

Why isn't this murderer in jail?

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Posted in: Opponents of 'no-deal' Brexit defeat Johnson, who promises an election See in context

First Johnson says this:

"I don't want an election"

Then moments later he says this:

"I can confirm that we are tonight tabling a motion under the Fixed Term Parliament Act."

The man is utterly incapable of telling the truth.

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Posted in: Under-fire lawmaker hits back at criticism over S Korea war remarks See in context

This fool is free to say what he likes. Similarly, others are free to slag him off for his idiocy. It's funny how these right wingers, who demand free speech for themselves, always start whining when people criticise them.

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Posted in: UK's Labour to do 'everything necessary' to stop no-deal Brexit See in context

The next few days will show us who really is prepared to do "everything necessary" to stop a no-deal Brexit, and who is a posturing windbag. It's time to put up, or shut up.

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Posted in: Farage offers Johnson an electoral pact for no-deal Brexit See in context

But I wouldn't use the "Let's spend it on our NHS instead" quote. You can dislike it, but it wasn't a lie.

That phrase by itself isn't technically a lie; the lie was, and is, "We send £350 million to the EU every week".

That amount has never been sent by the UK to the EU. This can easily be verified, e.g. here: https://www.ons.gov.uk/economy/governmentpublicsectorandtaxes/publicsectorfinance/articles/theukcontributiontotheeubudget/2017-10-31

The UK government and treasury figures show that Johnson was lying about the 350 million, but Johnson keeps repeating it regardless. This is the behaviour of a charlatan.

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Posted in: Japan’s problem with noise pollution See in context

The TV is also full of programmes in which everyone is shouting. That problem is easily solved by turning it off.

The police used to drive around at 3 or 4 in the morning where we live, shouting through their loudspeaker at the taxis parked on the side of the road (a wide road with multiple lanes and almost no traffic at 3 am). They would do this every 20-30 minutes. I complained several times and eventually they stopped. One young policeman asserted that they could use their speakers in an emergency and insisted that illegally parked cars at 4 am were an emergency matter. So there you are: if you see an illegally parked car, call 110; it's an emergency!

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Posted in: Farage offers Johnson an electoral pact for no-deal Brexit See in context

Soon after, detail emerge that the spokesman (for whatever reason) had been quite dishonest himself. Number 10 published information which proved Boris was telling the truth. The media were not interested in publishing these details though.

Could you provide a link to this "evidence" that No. 10 produced (and not just a statement that they produced "evidence")? The only articles I can find, e.g. this one https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-49470831 state that the company in question refuted the "evidence".

It appears that Johnson was indeed lying (as usual).

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Posted in: Japan closely watching yen moves: Aso See in context

The yen isn't volatile at all: it has been steadily appreciating against the dollar since April.

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Posted in: Estimates cast doubt over Japan's public pension sustainability See in context

The graphs in the paper this morning all showed average incomes rising in the future, whereas the reality in recent years is they have been stagnant or falling. Even if the pension payout remains at 60% of average income, if those incomes continue to fall so will pensions.

I thought the consumption tax increase was supposed to help make pensions sustainable, but the government has decided to fritter it away on other things instead. I suppose it gives them the opportunity to use the same argument when they raise the consumption tax to 15%.

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Posted in: Johnson assures Abe of smooth Brexit See in context

Abe is laughing at Johnson's Brexit problems.

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Posted in: Tokyo expressway to adjust tolls to curb traffic during 2020 Olympics See in context

If they had built the village next to the stadium, or vice-versa, they wouldn't have to worry about this kind of thing.

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Posted in: Trump suggested nuking hurricanes: report See in context

Of course nuking a hurricane will be ineffective: what you need is a series of giant fans to blow them away.

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Posted in: TEPCO may mothball reactors at world's biggest nuclear plant See in context

So, Tepco "may" do something at some unspecified point in the future. Then again, they might not. In fact, they almost definitely won't.

This "promise" has no value whatsoever and it is an insult to the local people for Tepco to make it.

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Posted in: Macron expected to raise Carlos Ghosn case with Abe at G7 See in context

It is routine in Japan for preparations for trials to take months.

In Ghosn's case the preparations are taking years, despite the Japanese persecutors claiming they already have plenty of evidence. It's almost as if the persecutors are dragging their feet on purpose.

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Posted in: Mori Building announces massive urban regeneration project in central Tokyo See in context

These places could be in any city and destroy the character of Tokyo. Why would anyone want to travel to Japan to see these rectangular boxes? Despite the guff about oases and greenery, the only reason they build these towers is to maximise profits.

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Posted in: Citizen to sell 'world's most accurate' quartz wristwatch See in context

I have a nice Citizen watch that receives radio time signals. It is always accurate and far cheaper than the watch shown here.

Nobnaga: In recent years the prices of some mechanical watches have rapidly increased, reaching multiple millions of Yen. Some people buy them as investments. My friend makes good money buying and selling them.

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Posted in: Greenland fallout: Trump scolds Denmark over rejection See in context

As Trump is in a deal-making mood I think China should ask to buy California. Trump can get rid of all those pesky democrat voters at a stroke and also get billions in cash to give to the remaining US states. What's not to like? And China has trillions in US bonds it could use to make the purchase.

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Posted in: Controversial study links fluoride in water to lower IQ See in context

Here is the article: https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamapediatrics/fullarticle/2748634

They state that women living in areas with fluoridated water had an average of 0.69 mg/L of fluoride in their urine, whereas those in non-fluoridated areas had 0.40 mg/L. Thus, the effect on IQ, if any, would be about 1 point. Given the sample sizes it's difficult to draw any firm conclusions.

They also note that black and green tea are also significant sources of fluoride, which I didn't know. One more thing to worry about if you are pregnant.

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Posted in: Japan's two biggest opposition parties to join forces in Diet See in context

I'm sure they will be splitting up again soon, probably just before the next election. Too many egos and too few positions of importance in a single party makes this inevitable.

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Posted in: Ex-education ministry bureaucrat given suspended term for drug use, possession See in context

In addition to the suspended sentence he has also lost his job. I think that is punishment enough for a first offence.

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Posted in: United Airlines to increase flights to Tokyo See in context

Hope they also increase the quality of their in flight meals! Worst of any airline.

That nauseating breakfast omelette they give you towards the end of a long-haul flight is enough to make anyone heave. Even thinking about it is making me queasy.

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Posted in: Omar: Go to Israel, see 'cruel reality of the occupation' See in context

Omar, of Minnesota, suggested President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu were suppressing the lawmakers' ability to carry out their oversight role.

What self-appointed "oversight role" is this? I would like to see Omar travel to Saudi Arabia, Iran and other middle eastern dumps and investigate the repression of women and murder of homosexuals in those countries. Will she criticise those countries for their appalling treatment of political opponents and minorities? I very much doubt it.

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Posted in: Apple CEO warns Trump about China tariffs, Samsung competition See in context

Trump should have told Cook to move production out of China if he wants to avoid tariffs.

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Posted in: UK faces food, fuel and drug shortages if it leaves EU, says contested leaked document See in context

The worst case scenario may be unlikely, but it is possible. Gove and Lying Johnson should admit that shortages of food, fuel and medicine are definitely possible if their no-deal approach is followed.

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Posted in: 57% oppose sending SDF to Middle East: survey See in context

I think the question should be: "Are you or your children willing to be sent to the middle east as part of the SDF?". If people aren't willing to sacrifice their own and their childrens' lives they shouldn't expect others to be asked to do so.

It's called the "self defence force". Getting involved in an argument between two dumps on the other side of the world (Saudi Arabia and Iran) has nothing to do with the defence of Japan. Leave them to fight amongst themselves.

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Posted in: Doctors suspect vaping behind dozens of lung illnesses in U.S. See in context

It should be obvious that using these vaping devices cannot be any good for you; the only question is how bad are they? I expect it will take many years before a clear picture emerges. Those hospitalised can console themselves with the thought that they are willing pioneers in this medical experiment.

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Posted in: Temples turn to lodgings for overseas tourists in bid to survive See in context

My son stayed at a temple in Kyoto last year. It was a very reasonable price, not the nonsense prices quoted above.

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Posted in: N Korea's Kim supervised 'new weapon' test again: KCNA See in context

That bloke on the left who isn't clapping is now in a labour camp.

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Posted in: Fiji PM labels Australia PM 'very insulting' after Pacific standoff See in context

If China is so great perhaps Bainimarama can explain why he allowed a Chinese company to ignore Fijian laws and destroy part of the island of Malolo?

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Posted in: Japan under pressure over past hunting of endangered whales See in context

Here we go again: Japan found guilty of breaking the rules and whining when caught. Under the rules the Japanese must destroy their illegal stock of sei whale meat, just as ivory and rhino horn is destroyed when found. Instead, the Japanese will probably withdraw from CITES in a sulk.

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