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What’s the point of getting a booster shot when people are still getting infected after receiving two doses?

The vaccines prevent serious symptoms, hospitalizations and deaths. The positive effects of vaccines wear off over time so need to boosted. Just like you have to replace the battery in your phone every few years. Vaccines aren't perfect, just like wearing a seatbelt in a car won't guarantee you'll survive a car crash, but they reduce the risk of death.

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Honestly the only people I see walking around without masks, indoors or out, are foreigners.

I don’t think you are looking hard enough. Foreigners not wearing masks are more noticeable because…. they are foreigners.

I was on the train recently and saw a foreign couple, one of whom wasn’t wearing their mask. I looked around the carriage to see how the Japanese passengers were responding and counted 6 Japanese people, young to old, either not with masks or using them as chin warmers.

No community is free of idiots.

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Japan was slow to roll out vaccinations. Can't help thinking that if it hadn't been for the Olympics, it would probably have been even slower. In the meantime, Delta would have arrived and we'd be in even bigger trouble.

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A 21 year-old Japanese guy did it according to the Japanese new. Yubaru was probably right, a lonely guy who felt he had no future.

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