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Posted in: Australia's Victoria marks steady downward trend in new COVID-19 cases See in context

Victoria now also has the problem of COVID-19 now appearing in it's sewerage outflows at a couple of it's costal resorts (https://www.theage.com.au/national/victoria/victoria-records-13-new-cases-of-coronavirus-four-deaths-20200930-p560hy.html).

Hopefully Japan and too many other places hasn't also got this problem appearing, but i'd be asking about testing folks.

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Posted in: News Corp to stop printing more than 100 Australian regional papers See in context


says more, and some of these papers cover big areas. I expect quite a bit of backlash to come out of this.

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Posted in: News Corp to stop printing more than 100 Australian regional papers See in context

oh, and zilch, they have remained online, but cut back in size and releases. Use to be mon, wed, fri, changed wed, fri with little or no news except what the locals sent in, maybe!

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Posted in: News Corp to stop printing more than 100 Australian regional papers See in context

Well, two of them are in my area, and one already has had a new paper going a few weeks now and doing well, and the second has announced one is starting in a few weeks, both supported locally, with all profits going back into the communities and not mainly 'distant unknown places'. Also, both are being handled by the local printers that 'create' our individual district local papers, so distribution and creation processes are already there.

People will have jobs still in their own districts if they want them, as adverts for positions have been released. Those positions that were 'transfered and centralized due to costs' will come home.

Maybe now we will see news and information of a regional content in our regional paper, rather than rehashed state/national/international news that we can get anywhere, with maybe one page for the region.

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Posted in: Wuhan lab had three live bat coronaviruses: Chinese state media See in context

I can think of another senerio.

Some backyard 'natural medicine creator' gets a bat with a coronavirus and unknowingly uses it's blood/fluids in a creating a 'new' medicine mix containing other bloods and fluids and such and it modifies itself genetically with each addition, and after being used in a few more 'mixes' it gets to be "Rather Potent" and having been given to a "patient" who doesn't react to it, it then spreads through others in the wet market where at least one of it's genetic ancestors allows it to reside for a time, it gets into humans via the damp air these markets are full of, and off it goes....

I could give others, but this is one that could have actually happened.

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Posted in: U.S. pulls out of Open Skies treaty See in context

OK, one of the things that the open-skies treaty gave was the right's of members civilian aircraft (read Airlines) to fly across aothers airspace without having to get permission and crew documentation (like a passport) approved beforehand. Cancelling their membership is going to cost a lot of time and money for the Airlines, both USA Airlines, and those that fly into the USA, and who do you think will have to pay for that. Flights are going to cost enough as it is when properly allowed! I also wonder how many will be refused.

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Posted in: How the Spanish flu of 1918-20 ravaged Japan See in context

And if you want to look further you have the TWO versions of the black death about 100 and 200 years earlier. The British and French are still ocasionally finding mass burial sites from back then, London found one only a year or two ago that wasn't registered anywhere when cleaning up an old site that had been built on top of before a tower block was due for construction (on a bbc show last year).

I wonder whjat we would find if a propper check of history happened further back?

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Posted in: 44 more people on cruise ship test positive for virus; some elderly to be allowed off See in context

ZombieNemesis Today 02:58 pm JST

At the moment they can test a maximum of 300 people a day but hope eventually to be able to expand this to 1,000 people a day.

Curious to know why only 300? Is it simply a mater of limited test kits? Does this expose one of the many weaknesses in our ability to test, manage and treat this when it becomes a pandemic?

safe testing conditions are limited for one-at-a-time tests, consider isolation rooms with individual work bays, all with negative air pressure, same with the incubators as you don't want air transfer. It's not like a lot of normal petri dish tests where as long as the dishes don't touch there is no transfer and you could normall borrow a lot of egg incubators to use, not in this case. It costs a lot of money and some time to set up one testroom, especially the air cleaner to deal with the waste air as you don't want 'that nasty stuff' getting free. Also most people working in this sort of environment have to be pendantic, and their not easy to find let alone train, so it's not a fast process to ramp-up. I actually don't think their doing a bad job considering the timeline from it's appearance to now.

More curious to know how Wuhan is able to test 50x, 100x that many. How many in China are going untested? Does it raise questions on the total infected numbers we are being provided by China?

yup, there was an article on the taiwan news on this, I won't comment as to it's veracity.

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Posted in: 3,700 cruise ship passengers, crew face 2-week quarantine off Yokohama See in context

Read it right folks:

Everyone on board the Diamond Princess had received initial health screening, Kato said, a process that identified 273 people for testing. Of that smaller group, 31 results had been received so far, revealing the 10 confirmed cases.

i.e. only 31 of 273 have had their results back and of that 10 are confirmed!

Now that's nasty!

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Posted in: Australia calls for another mass evacuation as monster bushfires return See in context

sorry, hit post to early.

nsw is via https://www.emergency.nsw.gov.au/

Oh and there's a big one in Western Australia that's stopping east-west traffic on the main highway that doesn't seem to be mentioned anywhere

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Posted in: Australia calls for another mass evacuation as monster bushfires return See in context

If anyone is interested in local links, Victoria's ES link is http://www.emergency.vic.gov.au/respond/

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Posted in: Japan aims to keep elderly driving with compact EV subsidies See in context

Can't comment directly on in Japan, but here in Australia, it's now mandatory the EV's have anti-collision inbuilt and automatically operational, some even have auto-parking too. Strange looks from those on the curb, when you take your hands off the wheel and the car moves into a curbside parking spot, it'll even warn you if the space is not sufficent for it to park. Really the only problems here are quietness and distances for EV's.

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Posted in: Japanese manga publishers file lawsuit in New York against 4 pirate sites See in context

My initial question would be are they really being used for a real illegal purpose, or so scanlators (look it up) who do not pay for their physical work or charge for the results, and even clearly state the origonal owner also owns the resultant work. Also there is a problem with already translated work that it is not always still available from the origonal publisher or not available in the readers country, so scanlators take the origonal work and retranslate it.

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Posted in: Tour company Thomas Cook collapses; global bookings for more than 600,000 canceled See in context

I'd be more worried about all those with Thomas Cook Travelers Cheques, will they be honoured or not.

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Posted in: Do you see any alternative to Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) dumping radioactive water from its destroyed Fukushima nuclear power plant into the Pacific Ocean as it runs out of room to store it? See in context

Firstly I'd be considering how to concentrate it up to a level that allows it to be used in an existing or new type of reactor as fuel. Tritium is a very powerfull molecule, it would be a shame to waste it.

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Posted in: Amazon Japan announces locker delivery service at train stations and convenience stores See in context

Next thing you'll see is someone have a go at hijacking a complete locker complex, with a truck or forklift. I didn't say they would suceed, but i'm sure some idiot will have a go.

I hope their properly monitored from all directions and Amazon has the appropriate extra insurance coverage.

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Posted in: Train stations in Tokyo lease out strollers on trial basis See in context

Nice idea, my only worry would go to care and sanitation processes between times and users.

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Posted in: Woman, male friend arrested over murder of ex-husband in fire 3 years ago See in context

As a defense, the first thing i'd be asking is when the policy was taken out; Was there a reciprocal policy at the time; At what age were they then; Was it possibly against the loss of one of their lives while they had or planning for children; When did Yuko Sugai and Tsutomu Asano first meet; Maybe after the breakup or before, or was their meeting the cause of the divorce.

Sorry, not enough information japantoday!

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Posted in: Suspected arsonist in Kyoto studio attack regaining speech in hospital See in context

KyoAni is known worldwide for a lot more than just the two Anime series that keep being quoted, there are many better known Movie and series in the english speaking world.

I'm still wondering what really caused this, and why, if it was a result to a mental meltdown as seems to be being implied, why someone didn't see some reaction to cause a response. The outcome was terrible I agree, as i lost friends in it, but, the why worries me the more.

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Posted in: Court rules TEPCO execs not guilty of professional negligence over nuclear crisis See in context

This may be my first time joining a site for a single reason other than just reading the news!

Has anyone considered who it was that allowed the reactors to be sited where they were in the first place?

Considering that Japan is known for Volcano's, Earthquakes, Major Rain Storms and Tsunami's, I would of hoped that some Major National Government Department would be at least overseeing where they are all authorised to be placed, let alone conducting real-time, not just on paper, ongoing processes for monitoring, forcasting and ensuring the updating of sites. I haven't seen anything relating to this being publically presented yet.

Blaming the current top executives, who's job it is to overall manage the systems and output nowadays and not those from when the site was planned and built, for everything, is just not fair. Unfortunately, they are fair game as I suspect that the real ones, both private and government, who should be called to account are long gone from association with the project. I'm not saying that they do not seem to own some part of the blame for the outcome, but it's not just them. They took information given to them and responded after consideration and deliberation, unfortunately this time they were wrong. I wonder what the response would have been if they had decided to spend the money, upped users charges to pay for the work and nothing eventuated, would they have been blamed for 'spending money recklessly'!

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