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Posted in: 24 injured after M6.3 quake hits western Japan See in context

Quite a pair of tremors early this morning in Nishinomiya. Glad my keitai emergency alarm woke me up just moments before I felt the first one. Glad that from the reports I've seen on TV, that the damage seems to just be structural. Reminds that I really need to tighten up my emergency preparedness plan...And, yes, please be safe, everyone.

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Posted in: Annette Funicello, Mouseketeer and film star, dies See in context

As a baby boomer growing up in California, I rushed home after school to catch the Mickey Mouse Club on TV and Annette was always my favorite. Sadly a bit of my childhood died with her. Enjoy this video clip from her classic movie "Beach Blanket Bingo:

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Posted in: Japan enthusiastic about Caroline Kennedy's possible appointment as ambassador See in context

You shouldn't underestimate Ms.Kennedy, an accomplished author, attorney, and editor in her own right. She's NOT just another "blonde" celebrity.

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Posted in: Author Murakami to give rare public speech in Japan See in context

I envy those who can read Murakami Haruki's works in Japanese. Alas, I will have to wait not so patiently for Jay Rubin's translated version.

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Posted in: Robert Redford to appear in new 'Captain America' film See in context

Mr. Redford is one of my all-time favorite actors. And I support his politics. His Twilight Zone episode is a classic.

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Posted in: Ford not 'yet' ready to talk 'Star Wars' sequels See in context

Typical Harrison Ford response --> always the cool guy!

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Posted in: McDonald’s Japan announces Maccha Oreo McFlurry and milkshake See in context

I'm surprised that McDonald's didn't roll out this new green maccha and Oreo-flavored McFlurry and milkshake in time for St. Patrick's Day. Missed a very good sales opportunity the little leprechaun in me thinks.

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Posted in: Fans' fury as Justin Bieber two hours late for London concert See in context

I agree with other posters - Why are parents taking kids to a concert on a school night? They have no basis for complaining!

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Posted in: ONE World Sports to televise Yomiuri Giants games in U.S. See in context

What a bunch of nay sayers. I think more coverage is a very good thing for the worldwide game of baseball. I hope folks do tune in and watch, especially when the Giants play my current hometown favorites, the Hanshin Tigers!

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Posted in: 4 Chinese ships spotted again in disputed waters See in context

I'd hardly call these "islands". Not even habitable. "Outcroppings" really describes them much better. Take a look:

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Posted in: Ravens, 49ers set for Super Bowl showdown See in context

Looking forward to seeing SF 49er QB Colin Kaepernick in spectacular action. He's on fire!

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Posted in: 16-year-old arrested for injuring 6 students in school classroom in Fukushima See in context

The man was described as being in his 30s.

What's the basis for this eye witness account, given that the culprit was wearing sunglasses, a face mask, and a knit cap? He must have flashed his ID at some point so that his approximate age could be duly noted.

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Posted in: Saitama to host Tour de France event See in context

There IS a Tour of Japan cycling event:

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Posted in: Packers, Texans win playoff openers See in context

While northern California is huge 49er country, of course, native son, Aaron Rogers (who was born in Chico, CA and played for Cal under former UC Berkeley Coach Tedford) is very popular, too. Hope it's a good game for both teams.

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Posted in: Same-sex weddings in Washington state to begin on Sunday See in context

Congratulations to all the happy and courageous LGBT couples getting married on this most historic day in towns and cities all over the state of Washington in the U.S. on Sunday, Dec. 9th, including my daughter, Olivia Luna, and her longtime partner, Regina Buenaobra. Much love and support to you both - a successful marriage isn't easy, no matter the dynamics!

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Posted in: Jackman welcomes 'Les Miserables' Oscar buzz See in context

I don't go out to see movies much, but this is one film I'm very much looking forward to seeing. What a stellar cast with Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway and so many others. Can't wait!

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Posted in: High-tech toilet maker eyes global throne See in context

It's not a matter of Americans being shy and conservative in the area of personal hygiene. It's all a matter of marketing this wonderful product correctly and aggressively to the target population: aging middle class Americans. Nearly all my friends in the States who fit this demographic, have a box of so-called "baby wipes" (I affectionately call them "butt wipes") in their bathrooms, conveniently placed near the toilet. And whenever I share about my adored washlet toilet, everyone is so envious, asking "How can I get one for my house?". I truly believe that if Toto marketed their products in a smart way, there'd be a washlet in nearly every home in the U.S. and I'm sure that most if not all of Japan's current economic woes would be solved.

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Posted in: Giants beat Tigers 2-0 for 3-0 World Series lead See in context

Rumor has it that a Giant Panda is on the loose and has been seen eating Tigers in San Francisco! Go SF Giants! Only one more win and the 2012 World Series is all yours.

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Posted in: Giants blank Tigers to take 2-0 World Series lead See in context

As I live in Kansai now, I'll root for the Hanshin TIGERS. But as a native of northern California, my heart will always belong to the San Francisco GIANTS. GO GIANTS! Sweep the Detroit Tigers!

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Posted in: I am the 1% See in context

Hey, is Johnny Depp in Japan again, sans facial hair??

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Posted in: Yankees through, Cardinals stun Nationals See in context

And who says that baseball is not an exciting sport to watch...Go San Francisco Giants! It's Orange October, baby!

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Posted in: Say cheese See in context

It isn't that Ms. Lagarde is "sitting funny," it's that she's too tall for the chair size so she has so move her knees to the side in a genteel way, which, I imagine, is rather awkward. I love the power white ensemble she's chosen to wear! All eyes are on her.

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Posted in: 8-yr-old boy, 65-yr-old man swept away by waves in Hokkaido See in context

Whether fishing from a boat or from rocks at the water's edge, wearing life jackets is a must. Might have saved both lives. How traumatic for the boy who witnessed his friend and grandfather both being swept away by what was probably a rogue wave. I do applaud the older gentleman for his efforts to save his grandson's friend.

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Posted in: Typhoon on course to hit Japan mainland; 78 injured in Okinawa See in context

Please take good care, everyone - no need to take unnecessary risks. Don't be going stupid.

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Posted in: Crooner Andy Williams dead at 84 See in context

I. too, grew up watching The Andy Williams show quite regularly along with the Smothers Brothers Show and Carol Burnett et al. Now THAT was entertaining TV programming! RIP, Mr. Williams. Your wonderful voice brought joy to millions.

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Posted in: Ken Watanabe to return to the stage after 12 years See in context

Hope it won't be too impossible to get tickets as I would love to see the magnificent Mr. Watanabe perform live on stage.

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Posted in: George Takei's own history inspires new musical See in context

I've been following the pre-production of George Takei's "Allegiance - A New American Musical," via its Facebook page for a few years. I really hope I get a chance to see it soon when I'm stateside. It's got an amazingly talented cast. If you are in the San Diego/SoCal area, you should make every effort to see it. Takei-san, Omedetou gozaimasu!

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Posted in: Japan hails Olympic medal haul See in context

My dream would be for the Olympics to truly showcase the achievements of all the athletes and to leave countries and therefore politics, out of it.

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Posted in: Win or lose - no matter See in context

Of ALL the possible pictures to run relating to Nadeshiko Japan's historic Olympic silver medal achievement, why THIS one depicting drunken frat boy-like behavior? Shameful at least.

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Posted in: Nadeshiko Japan beats Brazil 2-0 to advance to Olympic soccer semifinals See in context

Very well done, ladies! Go Nadeshiko Japan!

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