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Posted in: Putin begins 5th term as president, more in control of Russia than ever See in context


The West's policy has not changed towards Russia in 75 years because its behavior hasn't changed.

It doesn't matter it's just a factor. Whoever will be the next president of Russia he will follow the narratives -

Russia must be self sustainable whatever sanctions are. The western establishment cannot be trusted as a basic principle.


No free and fair election when Putin prevented any main opposition from running.

The pro-western opposition isn't opposition at all they're collaborators. The main problem that the real opposition (including liberal parties) cannot access to a public field.

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Posted in: Putin begins 5th term as president, more in control of Russia than ever See in context


You should know what is https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Zasechnaya_cherta and why. For starters...

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Posted in: Putin begins 5th term as president, more in control of Russia than ever See in context

Certainly Putin is a usurper as well as his election was a mockery.

Though it doesn't change the fact that he has a vast support in Russian society. And one of the reasons why it's his current anti-colonial policy. There is a consensus - the "western" establishment cannot and must never be trusted, ever.

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Posted in: Belarus says it has 1.5 million potential soldiers outside armed forces See in context

Many from Belarus have gone to defend Ukraine, without the puppet leader, Belarus would be sanctioning Russia like everyone else in Europe.

Barely squad.

Westerners (at least here) show a brazen disregard for Belarus's people opinions (as well as Lukasenko) and this thread is a stark example of it.

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Posted in: Mikhail Gorbachev, last Soviet leader, dead at 91 See in context

His ineptitude, his deeds had caused social, demographic and economic disaster more than WW2.

Apropos. Keeping for years ignorant, biased and politically motivated moderator(s) is a disgrace for any public media declared as free.

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Posted in: Mikhail Gorbachev's death mourned as passing of rare leader See in context

Russia's open enemies praise the last leader of USSR. It speaks volumes.

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Posted in: More U.S. lawmakers arrive in Taiwan with China tensions simmering See in context

It looks like USA establishment has planned to instigate another war.

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Posted in: Russians, Ukrainians fight block by block in eastern city See in context

The AvengerToday 10:30 am JST

Somebody tell the Russians we will lift the sanctions in about 20 years.

Russians must do something useful with their country in order to make sanctions presence irrelevant for their development. By the way, it would be good stance for any country.

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Posted in: China expanding its nuclear arsenal faster than anticipated: Pentagon See in context


So, If replace China with U.S. in your message: is it would be ok?

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Posted in: Moscow shuts down as Russia sees record virus cases, deaths See in context

Really hope antivaxxers can come to their senses and get the jab.

Probably not. They have no sympathy to those who suffer most - older and those who have serious illness. They just don't care or had easy form of COVID or don't trust any vaccine or simply egoistic morons. And no politics.


My sympathies for the Russians who are suffering under the despotic putin!!!

FYI, most vocal critics of Putin got a jab.

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Posted in: Chinese, Taliban representatives to meet in Qatar See in context

And Afghanistan can in return ramp up drug production for the west. It’s a win win there.

Look who says it.

Opium production in Afghanistan increased manifold since U.S. entered there.


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Posted in: Russian COVID spike persists, setting new death record See in context

In Russia the most of the deaths (near 90%) are among elderly patients also above two thirds percent people 60 years and older are not vaccinated.

That's the facts.

And hidden joy I see from some individuals.

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Posted in: China declares all cryptocurrency transactions illegal See in context

I wouldn't really care if crypto exists or not if it would use ASICs to mine. Crypto is the main reason of insane graphics cards prices today and probably the future disaster for related industries e.g. computer components.

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Posted in: 316 people are shot every day in America. Here are 5 stories See in context

If one would do estimates of death based on these photos it shows that blacks and latinos kill themselves.

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Posted in: Facebook suspends Trump for 2 years See in context

Let freedom of speech flourish!

But it's our freedom of speech not them.

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Posted in: Biden says he is confident he can meet Putin soon See in context

There's stark differences between U.S. and Russia in the visions of what is right and what the future of the world should be.

The U.S. establishment wants Russia to fall back to the misery and dependence of 90s, Russia (in general) hopes USA will have the plenty of internal issues not allowing to keep pressure on Russian economy.

Talk is better than war but I see no common grounds to compromise.

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Posted in: Ethereum breaks past $3,000 to quadruple in value in 2021 See in context

It's sad, this year video cards won't have a sane price tag.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for attempted murder after throwing newborn son out the window See in context

I guess the rate of infanticide is directly dependable of the population density as well as birth rate.

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Posted in: Japanese astronaut joins biggest space station crowd in decade after SpaceX arrival See in context

Hopefully, the top photo could be a sign that future of mankind is not doomed.

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Posted in: U.S. expels Russian diplomats, imposes sanctions for hacking See in context

History repeats itself. ((

"No one wanted war - the war was inevitable"

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Posted in: Leaders of Russia and China tighten their grips, grow closer See in context

An awful choice for the Russian people

Please, don't worry about Russian people. When west becomes to "worry" about something usually it comes to war.

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Posted in: U.S. weighs Beijing Olympics boycott with partners, allies See in context

Remember the 1980 Moscow Summer Olympics?

Remember Los-Angeles Summer Olympics?

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Posted in: Putin signs law allowing him 2 more terms as Russia's leader See in context

This is a stupidity and it means he trusts no one, have no real friends and allies. Hence, when he'll go the system may and probably will fall apart.

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Posted in: All-time greatest anime song singer releases all albums, 41 singles for online streaming services See in context

One of. There are so many great artists who became known due to anime tracks: 志方あきこ, つじあやの, 新居昭乃, 松浦櫻子, 梶浦由記 and much much more. But I think that japanese female vocal deserves to be known to a far wider public.

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Posted in: Russian Foreign Minister says relations with West have 'hit the bottom' See in context

Let's face Russia and West are enemies always was. I see no signs it could be changed in future.

There are only two states - the first when Russia is weak enough and West is happy and the second, Russia is strong enough to keep sovereignty and fight for own interests when west countries establishment do what it usually do against the centuries old enemy: wars, proxy wars, foreign agents and, of course, lie the more lies the better.

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Posted in: Report finds COVID likely jumped to humans from bats through 'missing link' See in context

It's funny. The same persons who attack the USA elections conspiracy theories are ardent believers that China has created COVID.

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Posted in: West sanctions China over Xinjiang abuses; Beijing hits back at EU See in context

After reading comments I must say - Vivant M.A.D.! Vivant professores who made Nuclear Weapon real! If Russia and China haven't had it Third World War would be already started.

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Posted in: It's official: Spectators from abroad will not be allowed at Tokyo Olympics See in context

Olympics games as apolitical and world uniting movement is over what remained is only vanity fair and big companies advertising venue.

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Posted in: U.S. sanctions Russian officials over nerve-agent attack on Navalny See in context

I'm just interested when sanctions against some persons become sanctions against all Russians. I see that the process of dehumanization of the people who tolerate "vile Putin" already started.

P.S. I miss the old Japan Today forum when moderators weren't part of discussion.

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Posted in: Rush Limbaugh, ‘voice of American conservatism,’ dies at 70 See in context

The simplest way to know what totalitarianism is to listen "liberals" when they disagree with you.

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