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Posted in: The Japanese protest boom See in context

Thank God the USA still has the Neutron bomb - at least that's not being protested.

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Posted in: Lawson, Radish Boya team up to offer online groceries See in context

Um...also radioactive free?

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Posted in: Stringent tests planned to map radiation spread after hotspot found in Setagaya See in context

Okinawa should be looking like a great place to relocate right about now - aside from the US military bases. Personally, I prefer Miyako-jima - slower pace of life.

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Posted in: Portable gas heater See in context

No danger of carbon monoxide (or other chemical contaminants)?

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Posted in: Clinton, Gemba discuss U.S. base relocation issue See in context

We have a defense agreement with Taiwan - but don't base troops there. So, why are we continuing to spend billions to "project power" in asia - simply because we have a "defense agreement" with Japan. It's time to quit this ludicrous government expenditure of manpower and tax dollars.

If Japan doesn't want us there - have some class and just leave. If Okinawa doesn't want us there - have some class, have some pride - just leave.

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Posted in: Castroneves blasts IndyCar race officials See in context

I follow indy car racing and cricket - assuming DOMINOS PIZZA and anything drinkable (soda, water, beer) is within reach. And the buy 1 get 1 free is a great deal - especially for the humongo size...and watching F1 on TV is better than experiencing it in the tokyo taxis...

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Posted in: 'X' now a gender option in Australian passports See in context

Doesn't the Australian government have more important things to do and spend taxpayer money on?

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Posted in: Police continue search for baby girl feared abducted from car in Oita See in context

Wow - lot's of people commented about hot day - but she left the engine running with the AC ON. Very quick to point fingers around here eh? Although...leaving a two year old in a car with the engine running is an accident waiting to happen. Would this be considered a violation of the unlawful leaving a child in the car unattended law?

As for kids - we don't let our kids out of our sight OR reach. If we're in the grocery store and we're looking at something - our hand is ON the child - just for safety.

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Posted in: Bernanke offers no hints of further aid to economy See in context

The recession is officially over?

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Posted in: Sharp begins solar maintenance business in Asia See in context

Solar power requires maintenance?

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Posted in: New Zealand's legal brothels gear up for busy World Cup See in context

Guess I'm kinda late on this string - but as for paying a person for their company - you're NOT paying for their company - you're paying for them to LEAVE when you're done.

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Posted in: Can the coffee: Miso machines are the new black See in context

I thought Miso was a bit on the salty side - so if you're older and in the heart risk high blood pressure high stress group - take the miso idea with a "grain of salt".

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Posted in: Tips for helping kids settle into a new home See in context

We tend to psych our kids up for major household changes - moves, going to school/changing schools, adding new family members (new baby), etc. Kids are usually susceptible to propaganda - so we work on getting them ramped up - make a big deal about it in a positive way so they're excited.

The reverse advantage - we can tell when something's not right - such as our daughter or son suddenly not wanting to go to school (bullying), etc. Makes identifying behavioral changes much easier.

And...we also teach our kids how to identify propaganda and manipulation (which makes it more challenging for us to manipulate them - they get so sophisticated at such a young age these days).

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Posted in: Was I a date, a friend or just a potential English teacher? See in context

To be unceremoniously dumped implies Ms. Yuko was a fair weather friend. However perhaps it would have been more prudent if you'd asked her "Why?". That said, congrats on attaining fluency.

I'm not Japanese, I'll never be Japanese, don't want to be Japanese, will never be accepted as Japanese - and don't particularly care - I'll always be an outsider, regardless of how close our friendships are and I'm quite comfortable with that. And I'm asian and can blend comfortably (the GM of my former famous brand multinational employer once made a seriously illegal comment about getting rid of all the gaijin in the company - at which point all of the Japanese staff looked at me - the only gaijin in the meeting - guess I blended too well that day - but kind of amusing).

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Posted in: Kan drops plan to visit U.S. for summit talks See in context

Japan's government woes are reminiscent of old Bolivia - minus the military coups. This episode in japan's history illustrates one of the deficiencies of the democratic system. Perhaps it's time for Mori-dono to make a comeback?

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Posted in: Paying their respects See in context

These two guys kind of remind me vietnam vets - they fought an unpopular and unwinnable war, returned home to national shame and scorn. It's true Japan committed uncountable wartime atrocities, including rank and file servicemen. It's also true that many good men also died while fighting for their country.

This was the last major war that Japan fought and the scars of the former military vets have also not healed - ostracized by society - swept under the rug - this is precisely what happened to the US vets of the vietnam war.

Japan must come to terms with its past and put it to rest both for its own sake and for peace and harmony with its neighbors. Currently Japan uses the USA as a military buffer between N Korea and China - but it's largely un-necessary for all parties concerned. Both China and Japan are the two largest stakeholders in US debt - so in essence, all three are tied together.

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Posted in: Defense chief questions why China needs aircraft carrier See in context

Simple - why doesn't this guy study naval tactics - aircraft carriers help naval fleets project power over the horizon - far beyond the traditional lines of sight for surface vessels. They also assist in rapid deployment - bring power quickly to a hotspot within the fleet's operating radius. Really silly question. He's really just jealous because Japan doesn't have something similar...yet.

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Posted in: TEPCO says it has lost contact with 143 nuclear plant workers See in context

A continuation of inept incompetent irresponsible lazy management.

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Posted in: China calls Japan defense comments irresponsible See in context

Seriously? Bolstering shore defenses is preparation for an invasion. Why would China possibly want to invade Japan when travel visas are so easy to get for Chinese nationals - not to mention the radiation tainted food, sea water, etc. This sounds more like a ploy by the SDF to increase their budget, during budget cutting times, and more beneficially, provide jobs for companies and staff in the shore defense bolstering business - which is cool.

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Posted in: Man held over murder of younger brother in Kyoto See in context

IT's a crime of passion- if he's remorseful - which I'm sure he sorta is - he'll be out in a few years. But having a murderer on your family registry can be problematic for marriage - renders the family somewhat "untouchable".

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Posted in: NEET spouse in the house not such a neat arrangement See in context

I forgot to add to the mutual respect comment - that also means she respects (and loves) me. It seems the J-NEET comments reveal a lack of mutual respect.

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Posted in: NEET spouse in the house not such a neat arrangement See in context

Even though my wife is a stay at home mom - we still share household chores - as I've always consider domestic work a full time job. She gets at least two days off a week - which I call date nite - eat out etc and WE go shopping whenever the fancy strikes her - which is frequent. Note: shopping does NOT equate to buying. When we shop together - I learn more about her and her tastes - apparently I still prefer clothes that look more like curtains and she prefers clothes that look like ... well, clothes.

I do all the heavy cleaning - steaming the floors, I usually do the dishes (so I bought a dishwasher gyahaha), clean the bathroom and toilet. Since she does the cooking and laundry - things related to being clean and sanitary - I do all the dirty jobs - including changing the babies' (plural) poopy diapers.

For the record - my wife was a former US bar certified attorney (all US attorneys are insane) and a former telecom and bank executive (aka executive VP) - her goal in life was NOT to be a high powered exec, but to be a stay at home mom - which she's ultra fantastic at...understandably.

Life is great when there's mutual respect...oh and I take out the trash - sorted properly of course! I'm also the designated driver and it was my responsibility to bathe the kids when they were babies. We split the time now that they're toddlers...and I carry the groceries, push the cart...

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Posted in: 9 companies, Fujisawa City to collaborate on sustainable smart town project See in context

50km west of tokyo is tsunami prone? cough cough...Kudos to Panasonic, although I wonder what's in this for accenture - the former greedy consulting arm of Arthur Andersen - changed their name - but did they also change their culture?

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Posted in: 9-month-old seriously injured after falling from baby changing table in dept store See in context

I thought most of the changing tables have "seat belts" to strap the toddlers in? Anyway - seatbelt or not - whenever I used these tables - I ALWAYS had one hand resting on our child's stomach - little kids are unpredictable and can suddenly twist, turn, etc.

Commons sense seems lacking amongst many parents - that or they just don't care enough.

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Posted in: What makes conspiracy theorists tick and what is the best way to combat their beliefs? See in context

Can't beat 'em, join 'em.

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Posted in: 89-yr-old man held for strangling 85-yr-old wife to death See in context

Our neighbor's wife likes to gamble the family's grocery money on Pachinko - we occasionally hear the husband chasing her around the house - obviously beating her up. I'm sorry to say - we don't particularly care for her (rude, greedy, bitchy), so we just ignore the domestic abuse. She used to come up to our apt to complain about the noise from our baby (what noise?), opening, closing our doors too loudly, walking too loudly. My wife just responded - "Can you not make so much noise when your husband is beating you up?" Never saw her again. Their arguments (aside from the beatings) make for some incredibly funny content - we actually look forwards to their domestic disputes - better than TV - can't make this stuff up!

One night we heard her threaten to leave - the husband said "go ahead" and she did - funny thing was we heard him lock the door behind her. Apparently she wandered around the neighborhood all nite long (forget to take her pachinko money with her) and was back in the apt the next day - eventually. Oh well...

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Posted in: Aki Hoshino launches own beauty products See in context

My fear isn't the use of those products - my fear is what will I see when I wake up the next morning! Obake?

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Posted in: Heartbroken Kobe man stabs ex-girlfriend, three policemen See in context

I think the J-Police showed incredible bravery, tolerance, and patience in dealing with this domestic dispute to save both the woman's life AND the perpetrator's life. It's easy to say, "just shoot the perp!" but having to live with the weight of actually killing someone can be a terrible burden. In many asian societies, the spilling of blood can taint a family's name for generations to come - although I doubt this philosophy was running through the JCOPS minds.

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Posted in: Paul McCartney engaged to girlfriend Nancy Shevell See in context

I'm wondering where they're gonna live - London? NYC? Spain?

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Posted in: Man smashes wrong door in case of mistaken identity See in context

Always wear a mask when doing naughty things...

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