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Posted in: Japan says dumping radioactive water in ocean doesn't violate law See in context

Not illegal, by international law - but perhaps the crime of conscience - which has always been lacking in Japan - typical of corporate america (our corrupt banks - including the recently M&A'd Wachovia - USD 300+ BILLION in suspected money laundering - but the government declined to prosecute as the "banks" were having a financial crisis. Anyway - point is - nobody will complain until AFTER the radiated water starts affecting their ecologies. I'm sure the whales are gonna be upset about this.

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Posted in: Man arrested on suspicion of kidnapping 2-year-old girl in Sapporo See in context

Japanese society lax about child molestation, abduction, and serial killers. Coming from the USA - we're hypersensitive about this and watch our kids meticulously. They're NEVER out of our sight - even in the toilets. Overboard - but crazy people abound and the laws are impotent. Police (homicide) usually arrive AFTER the kid is molested or dead as they have to wait for a law to be broken before they can take action (reactive management by the way).

So, it's up to the respective parents to be or not to be...responsible and vigilant (or was that vigilante).

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Posted in: Radiation detected in Fukushima milk, Ibaraki spinach after nuclear accident See in context

Edano noted the trace amounts of radioactivity are higher than normal background radiation - but below danger levels. He was trying to calm people into believing products from those areas are safe - but in fact - no sane person in Japan would consume products from those areas unless they were deceived or had no choice (example prison populations, military, schools, restaurants, hotels, etc).

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Posted in: Eastwood, Bullock each donate $1 million to earthquake relief See in context

By the time you reach Clint's age - a life of luxury means a simple life with few complications. I'm wondering the the Gates/Buffett foundation is doing...

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Posted in: H&M temporarily closes 9 out of 10 stores in Japan See in context

Assuming they forfeit their pay for non-shows - post simple people are susceptible to mass hysteria. In China, there was a major run on salt - all salt in china is iodized. Get the picture? Of course - for the iodine in the salt to have even a remote possibility of countering radiation poisoning, one would have to ingest roughly a kilo per day - and I'm being conservative here...but, nevertheless, stores sold out their inventory of salt all over the country.

Mass hysteria is an amazing phenomena - but most pronounced in Asia.

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Posted in: Bungling, cover-ups define TEPCO See in context

THere's nothing inherently wrong with Nuclear Power - aside from the fact that it's dangerous and requires very high control, training, and discipline to operate. THe San Onofre Nuclear power plant near San DIego has been operating from 1968-1984 (depending on which site commissioned. Site 1 was shut down in 1992. Despite safety fears - the site has operated continuously without major incident - and California is also a major earthquake prone state - although nothing close to the 9.0 in Japan...yet.

The problem with Fukushima is a mixture of incompetence, fraud, and corruption combined during a major disaster to create another potentially significant disaster. As the news reports - this occurs because of collusion between regulatory officials, politicians, and company officials - but this is part of Japan's political and industrial culture. Calling for changes is ludicrous as it's akin to asking for self policing - which is what lead to this snafu.

On top of that is the international nuclear regulatory committee. Truly, the only way to truly and effectively monitor these guys is put them on real-time video - tne Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant blog and streaming video the public can track their performance while on the job - ESPECIALLY THE MANAGEMENT. Employees only follow orders - and frequently don't know how changes in procedure might affect a complicated system. Managers however don't particularly care and are more concerned with lowering operating costs to razor thin at the expense of safety.

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Posted in: Testing finds no health threat along U.S. West Coast See in context

Unfortunately - fewer and fewer people believe in the US government rhetoric - especially after the "Weapons of Mass Destruction" debacle.

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Posted in: Why are Tokyo cabbies so clueless? See in context

Call the taxi complaint hotline, record his license and other information - especially if they are not polite. As for threats to go to the police - call the dare -the police can do nothing - it is a civil dispute.

Tokyo taxi drivers usually claim ignorance if you're a foreigner - even with perfect japanese. I look japanese so they always acknowledge my destination - helps to give a subway station stop or major cross streets - but as soon as they hear me use english - wham - their stupid act kicks in along with sucking all the air out of the taxi - but as long as you give instructions, they have no choice but to take the correct, shortest path - fuming all the way.

And - if you're an attractive woman - BEWARE - make sure you bring your keitai and start chatting (even if to nobody - pretend). cabbies may try to coerce a date out of you or worse as they drive you around isolated abandoned areas - such as the docks.

Truthfully - if a taxi driver tries to cheat you and threatens violence - call the police first, make sure you fill out the police report, then send everything to the taxi company AND the license bureau. Nothing will happen - but he'll have a mark against his record and you've wasted a tremendous amount of his time at the police station (as well as yours, but it's now a challenge of wills. And make sure you call his company to complain and if you're REALLY upset - write a letter.

If the taxi driver touches you - it's assault. You can file a police report for assault.

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Posted in: Japan feels itself caught between the reality of Chinese power and questions about U.S. commitments in East Asia. See in context

The USA will continue to maintain presence in the oil poor east asia until it has milked Japan AND Taiwan dry (extortion for alleged protection from the evil China) - then it will move on to Africa. Africa is perfect for US interventionism (meddling) as the continent is politically fractured and unstable.

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Posted in: Fashion world bids adieu to Galliano's Dior reign See in context

Regretfully, Galliano's anti-semitism was covered up by Dior for years until he was finally publicly exposed on the internet. Mel Gibson also hurled anti-semitic racial epithets while drunk exposing deeply repressed racism. Anti-semitism still seems to remain strong in Europe and western countries - but is virtually non-existent in Asia.

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Posted in: Huckabee denies criticizing Portman's pregnancy See in context

Black Swan - Fantastic film noire with a wonderful nod towards the arts - ie ballet. As for having children in or out of wedlock - marriage is just a formality - what's important is the lifelong commitment to each other AND to the children. As for marriage in the USA - divorce rates are over 50% and have been that way for decades. Before expounding the virtues of marriage - perhaps politicians should first seek to repair the underlying social problems contributing to such a staggeringly high lack of social responsibility. The same applies to the US expounding the virtues of democracy - haven't set a very good example of late - what with the secret prisons, kidnapping programs (aka extraordinary rendition), and torture programs. Is that really "truth, justice, liberty" and the "American way"?

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Posted in: Johnny Depp goes normal - almost See in context

Tourist was a great fantasy, love, action movie - elements for most everyone. The chemistry between Depp and Jolie was fantastic. Won't win any academy awards - but a wonderful entertainment movie and chance to escape from the real world for just a few hours. The backgrounds and locations - exquisite.

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Posted in: Does freedom of speech include the right to yell "Fire!" in a crowded theater, yell "Shark" at a beach or joke about having a bomb on a plane, for example? See in context

Freedom of speech is usually countered with laws to prevent Inciting riots. Although those fringe church donkey oshiri groups protesting at US military funerals should drink some cool-aid (reference to mass suicide by cult churches).

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Posted in: What do you think of love hotels? See in context

Good for the occasional date, nice private place to rest with plenty of amenities, not to mention a BIG spacious room instead of those big name hotel closets.

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Posted in: Egyptian army moves to stop assault on protesters See in context

Sounds like it's roughly 50-50 pro/con Mubarak. What to do?

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Posted in: Muslims seek change in way Hollywood movies portray them See in context

Ah...the good old golden screen days - memories of Omar Sharif! I vote Johnny Depp as the next islamic looking heart throb (assuming he wants the role). He'd probably make a great ambassador.

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Posted in: What do you think about the custom in Japan of women giving chocolates to their male co-workers on Valentine’s Day as a form of “obligation,” and then receiving chocolates back from the men on White D See in context

I LOVE it - free food? Free candy? It's great. I especially love the anonymous gifts - not because of the mystery, but because I'm a cheapskate and don't have to reciprocate. And by the way - WHY are women giving me VD candy when they all KNOW I'm married? Shameless.

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Posted in: FBI raids U.S. offices of Japanese auto parts maker See in context

Probably something to do with terrorists using Takata harnesses to hold their suicide vests together...

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Posted in: Exports: It's business, not government See in context

US firms are lazy. They wait for the US Gov trade commissions a la Adm Perry to bully, beg, coerce foreign countries into awarding mega contracts instead of doing good old fashioned legwork. Over the past 10 years, as the mandated project owner, I've passed several leads to both Japanese and US firms - the Japanese firms - although sneaky, circumventing our non-circumvention agreements (their loss) acted and occasionally won small portions of these mega contracts (≥USD 800 million). The US firms - non-responsive. We still contact US firms as a matter of courtesy - but focus more on serious foreign competitors such as EU, Japan, Singapore, Australia, etc. As a general policy, we don't CHASE companies to PAY them.

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Posted in: What is one habit that your significant other does or has that you can't stand but put up with anyway? See in context

When my wife catches me making a simple midnite grilled cheese sandwich, boiling eggs, or eating canned spaghetti, ravioli, or peaches - she insists on turning it into a gourmet affair and boots me out of the kitchen - I think she actually WANTS me fat and chubby - even buys me new FAT pants and FAT shirts to accommodate my new physique. The worst is when she catches me dreaming about other women (bystanders in my dreams) and literally ejects me out of bed with her kungfu foot. Scary and Strange, ne? Including those eccentricities - I continue to worship the pedestal she walks on and the air she breathes.

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Posted in: How to not make a fool of yourself at a Japanese wedding See in context

Perhaps they're EXPECTING you to make a fool out of yourself - as long as no-one gets hurt - it makes the wedding more memorable.

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Posted in: Yamaha Motors continues salary reduction for directors, execs See in context

what you see is NOT what you get - I'm sure although their cash remuneration is slashed - their stock options compensate...

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Posted in: 74-yr-old man held for killing 71-yr-old wife See in context

She flares up - quickly releases her stress. He holds it in - lets it out in one big bang (or multiple stabs in this case). Anger management classes for this guy.

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Posted in: Inmates riot at low-security prison in England See in context

all a plot to provide more contract work for the pool room, the snooker room, and the mail room contractors for the new year. Part of the infrastructure economic revival plan.

That's pretty cool though - criminals have their own clubhouse. Nice. Your tax dollars at work.

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Posted in: Unemployed 30-yr-old man arrested for kidnapping 5-yr-old girl in Chiba See in context

Kidnapping children - death penalty - no repeat offenders. I see no reason to lock them up - cuz I have to pay for their incarceration - so you're potentially penalizing me twice for this social misfit's behavior - once when they kidnap my kids and assuming you can actually capture and successfully prosecute - which I also have to pay for - then you want me to pay for his free room, board, healthcare, laundry services etc ad infinitum? If you feel so strongly - please pay my share of taxes for this criminal.

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Posted in: China's spats call into question 'peaceful rise' See in context

Well - actually China DID try to invade Japan a LONG time ago (like many centuries ago) -the invasion fleet was wiped out by the "Divine WInds" or typhoons.

As for Beijing - the government has enough problems trying to keeps it's 1.6 billion people employed, fed, clothed and reasonably happy. They don't really have the time nor the energy to go invading other countries - unlike a certain alphabet nation, nor do they engage in "extraordinary renditions" and the torture of foreign nationals. If China really were lawless - how long do you think those chinese officials who embezzled billions and then fled with their loot to CANADA would survive. It's very easy for China to implement an extraordinary rendition program to repatriate its criminals - but they generally play as fair as other UN nations.

And as a final jab - don't forget that the Afghani terrorists currently spilling american blood were trained apparently too well by the CIA.

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Posted in: 65-year-old man charged with attempted murder of neighbor in fight over cats See in context

This is why it's safer (gossip mongering aside) to live in apartment complexes and mansions than stand alone least in Tokyo.

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Posted in: 81-year-old man foils telephone fraud attempt See in context

And for trying to defraud the elderly - DEATH PENALTY!

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Posted in: Lawyer's widow disputes police version of husband's murder See in context

You guys just don't understand Japan culture. The police (and anyone else for that matter) are trained for specific situations. Their ability to think outside the box - even if it involves common sense, does not exist. The police were obviously untrained to handle these kinds of home invasions, hence the fatal and messy confusion.

I'm sure while the perp was stabbing the victim - the J-police were verbally scolding the perp with "Da Me! Da Me!", "Yamete! Yamete!", or some equally strong verbal commands, followed by some severe sucking of the air out of the crime scene.

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Posted in: China's Zhang says Bale to star in Nanjing project See in context

Japan never had to fess up to the war crimes because the USA halted the Japan war crimes tribunal - for a variety of reasons - but one of the major reasons was their terror of communist China. The USA felt that it was better to kiss and make up quickly with Japan so they'd have a buffer to China. So Japan never had to face its wartime atrocities - hence that sore will never heal because Japan won't fess up and China will keep picking at the scab.

Meanwhile - despite the nationalist backlash - we all try to get along with each other as just people. The fact is many Japanese live in China and many Chinese live in Japan. It is both nations and both peoples interest to resolve this issue to mutual satisfaction and benefit so everyone can move forwards without this luggage always burning in the background.

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