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Posted in: Gaza remembers Tohoku disaster See in context

Near a Japan-funded housing project. Well, there's your motivation. I'm surprised they're not making cranes.

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Posted in: Inside the world of recruitment See in context

One of the unspoken headhunting issues in Japan is that many, if not most, of the headhunters in Japan are ex-English teachers. Although it is understandable that they want to move to a real profession rather than teaching English, they typically have zero business experience. As a result, they rely on their training on Japan recruitment companies that have zero concern for professionalism and measure people simply on activity. Throwing crap against the wall to see what sticks isn't a recruiting strategy.

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Posted in: Yahoo Japan defends online ivory sales as criticism grows See in context

Does Yahoo Japan make enough money on "legal" ivory sales to offset the bad publicity? This is a classic example of corporate leadership being shortsighted.

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Posted in: O'Barry ordered deported from Japan See in context

"freakish antics"? What exactly, Sapporodenki, constitutes "freakish antics"? Does that imply exposing the mass killing of dolphins or is there something else that qualifies for that bizarre label? You sound like a moron.

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Posted in: Memo to U.S. citizens: Pay your taxes or you may lose your passport See in context

Jumin Rhee - "Screw em right back. Get a consular officer and renounce your citizenship."

The U.S. charges $2,350 to renounce your citizenship plus they can add the tax bill you owe. It's not a real solution for past tax issues.

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Posted in: Star of dolphin-killing film 'Cove' detained at Narita airport See in context

"He is not entering the country for sightseeing. A tourist visa is for tourism and vacation. He is entering the country for purposes of his work. He is planning to consult with business associates and or negotiate a contract. In such circumstances a tourist visa is not an appropriate description of his activities while in the country."

Your post in wrong. He's entering Japan under the visa waiver program. From the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - "Nationals and citizens of those countries and regions shown below are not required to obtain visas to enter Japan when their visits are tourism, commerce, conferences, visiting relatives/ acquaintances, etc.

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Posted in: Star of dolphin-killing film 'Cove' detained at Narita airport See in context

So the lesson is that anyone is welcome to come to Japan to spend money, but not to expose Japanese practices that are widely condemned across the world. There's nothing morally bankrupt about that.

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Posted in: Startup connects Japan-loving youth with domestic companies See in context

That is about the most deceiving headline I've seen in quite some time.

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Posted in: Ernst & Young affiliate fined Y2.1 bil over Toshiba audit See in context

I'm sure that the E & Y folks are celebrating this slap on the wrist.

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Posted in: Belgian designer to pursue Tokyo Olympics logo plagiarism case See in context

How can anyone defend plagiarism and deception? It's more than money, it's also the recognition for his creativity.

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Posted in: U.S. drops atomic bombs on Japan in 1945: How AP reported it See in context

It must be August again if the Japanese press is once again focusing on the atomic bombings without any discussion of the underlying causes that resulted in the decision to use those weapons.

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Posted in: Campaigners push for pacifist Japanese people to win Nobel Peace Prize See in context

Sitting on the sidelines doesn't exactly warrant any sort of prize. What do these supporters actually think they've done to deserve consideration? This campaign seems more inspired by Nihonjinron thinking than any actual real world facts.

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