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Posted in: N Korea fires missile hours after warning of fierce military response to U.S., allies See in context

Once again, every media outlet uses old missile launch footage from N.K. Why ?! Doesn't it seem strange to ANYONE that there isn't a single photograph or video of the alleged missiles across the night sky or daytime for that matter? Extremely similar missiles are used by Russia in Ukraine, with hundreds of iPhone videos of them mid-air. Everything about N.K. is fake, but ESPECIALLY their missiles....

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Posted in: N Korea fires ballistic missile over Japan; some trains suspended See in context

Doesn't anyone think it's strange that after all these years of "launches" there's not a single video or still photo of these missiles? Ive been following this pretty closely since 2005. Why don't they pull one of the sunken missiles from the bottom of the ocean? That would be a little solid evidence. Stock photos & videos is what we get to see on the news instead. Furthermore, when North Korea had their big military parade a while back, German military experts pointed out that the missiles on display were all fake. Which would follow, as NK has been known to constantly lie and exaggerate its capabilities. The other, more interesting question is, why does the Japanese government go along with the stories?? And in 2022, not a single person with an iPhone captured these projectiles over Hokkaido? A lot of questions....

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Posted in: Djokovic given medical exemption to play at Australian Open See in context

Djokovic is no fool, he knows of the many other athletes who have had extremely serious side effects from the vaccines. We should applaud him for his stance. Not sure he wants to develop myocarditis have have serious heart issues during a major game. Or at all.

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Posted in: Coronavirus cases skyrocket across Australia as Omicron spreads See in context

Technically correct but also not accurate. More than 90% are now fully vaccinated (had 2 doses) which may explain why the current surge is not resulting in more hospitalisations. Time will tell however. It's also notable that testing requirements are being reduced.

According to some independent Australian researchers, the vaccination rates in Australia are actually closer to

42%. Which is less than half of the government figures. That would follow what Ive heard from Australian friends who have been telling me that (in certain circles) very few people had actually gone in for the vaccination. This is why the anger of the Aussies don't seem to balance with the vaccination stats. Would you be surprised if the Australian government lied about something ?! The question is WHY exactly they would mislead their own people and the world on these figures ! Questions, questions.....

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Posted in: Japan records 503 coronavirus infections on Wednesday; biggest daily jump since start of pandemic See in context

So wait a second... What about Hokkaido then ? It had a number of cases a while back, but now that’s all gone?? So does or doesn’t this virus spread the way they say it does? I recommend checking what German Doctor are saying now, that many many deaths have been erroneously recorded as Covid19 related on the death certificate of dying cancer patients, terminally ill , etc.. Wtf is going on here , people ?!

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