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GO Warriors!

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Posted in: U.S. Navy lifts temporary drinking ban on its sailors See in context

"after a senior officer said personnel had shown they understand how alcohol-fueled bad behaviour "

Most sober people understand the negative consequences of being drunk. Most sober people also understand that murder and rape are negative behaviors. It is when people are drunk, they forget right from wrong. Maybe the correct correlation is the fact that no one was drinking, no one was drunk, hence no one was raped or killed.

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Posted in: Trump dashes Cruz's hopes in Indiana; Sanders-Clinton close See in context

The GOP circus led by head clown dtrump will continue to suck up the oxygen as corporate shill news organizations cling to whatever outrageous demagoguery spills out of that clowns mouth at the cost of legitimate news for ratings. Honest press is dead. RIP. In terms of the progressive side, hclinton is republican light, not trusted and not liked. Bernie Sander's supporters will not just roll over and again be in the position to vote for the best of the worse. dtrumpette voters will be out in mass and Bernie supporter's will either not cast a vote or write in Bernie Sanders. The RNC and DNC are witnessing their own decline into obscurity, Expect a rise in third party candidates. If there is to be positive change, then vote Bernie Sanders. The scorched earth alternative is dtrump. For dtrump, all that matters to this megalomaniac is that he gets to check off an other item on his bucket list.

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Posted in: Sakurajima volcano erupts explosively in southern Japan See in context

It seems to me, that the positive that a nuke plant offers is immediately wipe out when there is a failure. The lives lost, the contamination of the surrounding areas never justify the savings in energy that was created by the nukes. And then we have yet to touch on that we do with the waste. Nope, nuclear energy is a very negative road to travel. Geothermal energy, wind and sun.

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