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Posted in: Celebrities want to tie TPP trade pact with Japan to dolphin hunt See in context

As much as I want it to end its funny how Celebrity's really think they are important enough to get into modern politics. The US will be effected by declining this as well so I doubt they will interrupt it for somthing irrelevant.

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Posted in: China concerned at Japan's history textbook revisions See in context

Maybe China should worry about china and then criticize other. Heres a start china, lower child labor, lower pollution and maybe lower the illeagal slavery.

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Posted in: Abe should learn from Germany: Xinhua See in context

Im not on chinas side but they are a democracy " hint president" hint " not totalitarian"

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Posted in: Chinese cook rescued after hot-air balloon crashes near disputed isles See in context

But saketown, China practices capitalism more than communism. Actually they only practide socialism and capitalism. Communism in china basically stopped after mao left office.

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Posted in: China says Abe not welcome after Yasukuni shrine visit See in context

Facist? I think China is getting there vocabulary mixed up. By the way they China end "your" Imperialist acts before you judge Japan for there historical acts of Imperialism.

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Posted in: Japan suspends satellite rocket launch at last minute See in context

There technology is much more advanced than North Koreas so clearly there is bound to be more mistakes.

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