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Posted in: Putin finalises 'annexation' in Ukraine even as troops flee front See in context

I was the President,I would pull the plug on Ukraine aid 

thankfully you’re not

I think there’s not much to worry about here, first you have to actually be an American before you can become president.

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Posted in: Ukraine forces break through Russian defenses in south; advance in east See in context

Ukrainain do not realize,this administration ,and no future US government will ever ratify Ukraine as a member of NATO,yet they go behind US and keep this delusional alive,

What article are you going on about now? Certainly not this one!

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Posted in: S Korea, U.S. and Japan hold anti-N Korean submarine drills See in context

It's essentially the same flag

No it isn't the same flag !

Sorry, but it is…

The Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force adopted this ensign at formation and has never used the 8 ray version. South Korea didn’t object to the flags adoption then, nor was it objected to when Japanese ships made calls on South Korean ports well into the 2000s. Protests against it’s use by the Maritime Defense Forces is relatively recent, within the past 15 years or so by groups that had never been in war nor occupation and were searching for something, anything, to protest against.

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Posted in: S Korea, U.S. and Japan hold anti-N Korean submarine drills See in context

Iam a little shocked to see the controversial Japanese rising sun imperial flag with South Korea together.

The Ground forces use the 8 ray version but the Maritime forces have used the 16 ray version since it’s formation. It’s essentially the same flag that has been used 1603.

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Posted in: Putin's call-up fuels Russians' anger, protests and violence See in context

Numan,the US have no territory in the Arctic,Alaska is the only territory, near the Arctic,but not in the Arctic

For the geographic challenged: this is incorrect. There are actually eight countries, including the US, with territory in the arctic…

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It took less than a single generation for Putin to turn the Chechens from bitter enemies to willing to die for Russia loyalists.

It looks like it took him a much shorter time to turn a lot of the Russian population against him though!

Russian police moved quickly to break up demonstrations against the mobilization that were held in several cities across Russia on Saturday…

Many Russian men bought up scarce and exorbitantly priced airline tickets out of the country as as rumors swirled about a pending border closure…

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Posted in: Ukrainian president says burial site contains torture victims See in context

I want to remind the Russian haters again that it was Ukraine who started the war by the constant attacks on the Russian speaking areas with the loss of more than 14,000 citizen's lives.

This is obviously the old “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” approach. However I would like to remind that the 14,000 quote is not civilian deaths, and the more than 6,000 Putin has murdered in this invasion far outnumbers the Russia-backed (weapons and soldiers!) conflict of 2014.

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Posted in: IAEA to have 'full picture' of Ukraine nuclear plant in days See in context


Ukraine had been shelling the Donbass Russian speaking regions for the last 8 years with the loss of over 14,000 civilian lives, and you think the Russians are bad.

I believe you know this is not true trolling and spreading false propaganda is, at best, disingenuous and more than likely an out and out lie.

Most civilian deaths in Donbas occurred at the very beginning of the war there in 2914 and 2015. Civilian deaths since 2014 to date total about 3,400.

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Thefu Ukraine cede these areas in the Minsk Agreement,come December Ukrainain agree to cease fire term ,that will be worst,would continue to endanger your family,if you could stop now and at least save some kind of roof over your head or be out in the cold come December,

It’s difficult to decipher that salad you have as a comment, however if I understand what you’re trying to say you don’t need to worry about you misunderstandings of the Minsk agreements because On 22 February 2022, Russian president Vladimir Putin declared “the Minsk agreements no longer exist".

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The US' one China policy doesn't support Taiwan independence

The US policy also doesn’t support unilateral changes of the status quo.

The TRA does say the US is legally responsible to "to maintain the capacity of the United States to resist any resort to force or other forms of coercion that would jeopardize the security, or the social or economic system, of the people on Taiwan."

With strong bipartisan support I would say the US would defend Taiwan if attacked.

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China doesn't consider it an annexation because Taiwan is part of the one China.

But they should, because it’s not.

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Posted in: 'Glimmer of hope' as Ukraine grain ship leaves Odesa port See in context


All profits from Ukrainian grain should be confiscated and paid in subsidies to offset the crazy energy prices ordinary European families have to pay.

Almost correct but I think you meant “All profits from Russian grain should be confiscated …”

Russia is planning to start shipping more grain so there will be something to confiscate, and they are the ones that caused all this so that’s where it should start.

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Posted in: Japan minister says women 'underestimated' See in context

Japan isn't the world's third biggest economy that's incorrect !

Kyo, and what country do you think has the third largest economy? lol

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Posted in: Fighting intensifies for Ukraine's last bastion in eastern Luhansk province See in context


The Luhansk People's Militia are not Russian soldiers or even Russian citizens, they are Ukrainian citizens.

Actually I think the truth is that many of them are Russian soldiers, and the others are trained by Russia. Many, if not a majority now, also have Russian citizenship so let’s cut the Kremlin propaganda and be a bit more honest!

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Posted in: Kishida seeks major upgrade of NATO partnership See in context

It's like saying, the lease agreement has little to do with the landlord wanting extra income and everything to do with the tenant wishing to rent a property.

Actually it’s not anything like that, but nice try.

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Posted in: Kishida seeks major upgrade of NATO partnership See in context


The reason for the invasion was the build up of US and NATO bases near Russia.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine had little to do with NATO and everything to do with Putin wanting to expand Russia’s boarders and dominance.

He used the excuse of “de-Nazifing” Ukraine and “liberating” it’s people. Of course what he’s mostly “liberating” them from is their homes, land, and lives!

Putin also said he was only interested aiding in “peace-keeping” in Crimea, until he annexed it!

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Posted in: Ukrainian forces ordered to withdraw from key battleground city See in context

The one point that the Kremlin propagandists on JT conveniently avoid is that it was Russia that INVADED Ukraine and began killing civilians and destroying cities in an obvious attempt to steal portions of the country. No matter how much propaganda, on either side, the fact is nothing can justify Russia’s invasion of a sovereign neighbor.

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Posted in: Ukraine's Zelenskiy looks to EU offer as Russian missiles rain down See in context


Don't know about mutiny but , BBC, CBC, CNN and more are reporting mass desertion among the ranks of Ukrainian forces.

This was backed up by UK military reports.

No point in posting links just Google Ukraine troops desertion.

You do realize that Russia’s parliament, has proposed a new law that would impose harsh penalties against Russian soldiers who deserts or citizen that supports Ukraine as well?

Why was that? Certainly not because there are no Russian desertions now was it?

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Posted in: Ukraine's Zelenskiy looks to EU offer as Russian missiles rain down See in context

immediately ends

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Posted in: Ukraine's Zelenskiy looks to EU offer as Russian missiles rain down See in context

So many posters miss the simple fact that it’s Russia that started this, invaded a neighboring country, murdering their people, and destroying their cities. Ukraine is defending itself against the invaders.

When Russia stops then it immediately. There is NOTHING that can justify what Russia did and is continuing to do so the point should be how to get Putin to stop and be held accountable! That’s it!

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Posted in: Microsoft: Russian cyber spying targets 42 Ukraine allies See in context

Rodney, I’m sure you knew what Speed meant but I’ll give you credit for twisting things the way you like! lol

But, after saying that I must agree the Putnin regime certainly has become a cancer trying to attack the world!

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Posted in: Ukraine ignores Sievierodonetsk ultimatum; urges faster arms deliveries See in context

Ukraine says more than 500 civilians, including 40 children...

So that probably means that 50 civilians and 4 children didn't know that hiding in the basement of an industrial plant was a bad idea compared with just moving to relative safety a few miles to the west.

But the Russians say “up to 1,200 civilians may be inside”. So, in your assessment, why did those other 1,150 hide there?

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Posted in: Japan starts 4th COVID vaccine shots for seniors, at-risk groups See in context

that it has proved to be useful even if not to a 100%,

You and all the experts told us nonstop the vaccine IS effective.

What is it with all these people that try to use an argument that if something is not 100% effective then it must be 0%?

Is everything in their life black and white?

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Posted in: Texas gunman warned online he was going to shoot up school See in context

Gun supporters will make damn sure mass shootings remain a staple of American society.

No, we want to discuss various ways how to decrease gun shootings without hearing the emotional diatribe of the left screaming about taking away or limiting gun owners rights.

So what you’re actually saying then is then is “make damn sure mass shootings remain a staple of American society”!

You can’t have it both ways…

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Posted in: Kishida, Biden to affirm alignment over Taiwan See in context


Actually Taiwan is usually used as a common name for the ROC which, btw, is made up of over 160 islands not including any disputed territories.

The main islan of Taiwan, also known as Formosa, is of course the largest.

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Posted in: U.N. chief, Putin agree on key Ukraine evacuation See in context

Ukrainian are sheltering because if they cross path with Russian solders they will be shot, raped or maimed.

who told you that? Bilken or Johnson.

they are either human shields or families of neo-Nazis. So Azov won’t let them escape.

And who told you that? Putin’s propaganda machine?

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Posted in: Chinese navy ship enters Japan waters near Kagoshima Pref islands See in context

The news said "Territorial Waters"not "Soverignity Waters", so the ship could entered "EEZ", Economic Exclusive Zone and that was nothing Japan do this to protest.

Actually the article says the ship was west of Kuchinoerabu Island. Yakushima Island is also west of Kuchinoerabu. In fact it’s only 12 km west, meaning the farthest this ship could have been from Japan’s coast is less than 6 km!! I would say something a bit stronger than “protested” was warranted!

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Posted in: Presidents from 4 countries on Russia's doorstep visit Ukraine See in context

Yes. At least according to publicly available information.

“Publicly available”? As in “Kremlin controlled propaganda”?

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Posted in: Presidents from 4 countries on Russia's doorstep visit Ukraine See in context

Kiev was a distraction and the Russian speaking south was the goal the entire time.

A “distraction” that likely killed 10,000 Russian soldiers? Yeah, right! lol

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Posted in: More flee as Ukraine warns of stepped-up Russian attacks See in context


Russian missile for targeting children ? 

I sincerely doubt that .

Why would you doubt it when Russia has already targeted children in other attacks?

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