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Weird. I heard a year ago that Russia expected to take over Kyiv in 72 hours.

The Russians were smart. They never went for Kiev.

Most Russians now feel they would have been smarter if they had never went for Ukraine!

As the Russian body bags pile up that sentiment grows stronger.

One can only hope Putin ends his misthought imperialist aggression against Ukraine and accepts peace, and defeat, gracefully. And soon!

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Ukraine prevails!

There is no hope for Ukraine to prevail through adopting a one sided approach to negotiations

-that is ridiculous and totally illogical

Do you mean the one sided approach of Putin when he says the territory that Russia (illegally) annexed (even though they don’t control it) can be considered as negotiable and that no negotiations can happen while Zelenskyy is president of Ukraine, since Ukraine isn’t a “real” country anyway?

Putin is the one that invaded Ukraine! There should be no negotiations and Russia should just cut their losses, admit invading was a mistake and they were defeated, and get out of Ukraine.

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Ukraine in your eyes will be actual winner "forever".

Make it this way.

Let leave facts.

Simple,troubleless and in line with JT narratives.

Actually I don’t know who will be the “winner” in the end, a lot could still happen. I’m just saying that since Putin’s 3-day “Special Military Operation” is now in its 11th month, Russia has realized none of its objectives, they hold less ground today then 11 months ago, and since the Russian forces don’t seem to be very capable they are depending on hired mercenaries, thugs, and criminals of the Wagner group recently. They have sent huge numbers into the grinder to never return. Ukraine didn’t invade Russia and didn’t send their forces anywhere, they are just fighting to protect their country.

Since Russia invaded they have to actually win to be the “winner”, Ukraine simply has to not lose and at this point they certainly are losing so that means they are winning.

With all of that, yes, at this point in time Ukraine is winning in many many ways.

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it seems that UA forces are "winning" again.

Actually it’s not only on the “pages of JT”. But keep spinning there comrade

do not ever underestimate Russians mates

One of the reasons Ukraine is actually winning, and Russian forces are literally climbing over dead comrades to be part of the meat grinder, seems to be because the Ukrainian military doesn’t underestimate the invaders.

That and they actually target military objectives instead of civilian targets.

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40% of the country has no electricity, gas or water,

Not 40% but it is true Russia has concentrated destroying civilian infrastructure. Military targets seem to be too difficult for them?

and four provinces have been reunited back to Russia.

Russia is trying to control some areas but have had no success and have been losing ground overall. Fake referendums we’re just that, fake.

Russia’s trade and economy is booming.


Really? lol

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This is a massive success for the Russian forces.

I thought your spin was all the fighters in this area were separatists fighting for their “home”? Now you say the fighters are Russian Forces? But in any case it seems you’re still incorrect as it seems they are the hired mercenaries of the Wagner group. There are no Separatists here anymore and the Russian Forces seem to be too incompetent.

Just saying…

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Russia, which initially cited a need to rid Ukraine of nationalists, now says it is fighting a Western threat to its own existence.

If Russia really wants to fight against a “threat to its own existence” then it should start with Putin.

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President midget, leave Ukraine before it's get worse..

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group that supports the widows of Russian soldiers called on Russian President Vladimir Putin to order a large-scale mobilisation of millions of men

Russian widows are asking for more men to be mobilised to defend the nation.

A little known patriotic group which supports the widows of Russian soldiers…

Nice spin.

But it actually say “A little known” group, as in very small and probably made up of a few crazies.

It also says “supports the widows” as NOT Russian widows but a small group of crazies that latched on to that premise and say they “support” the widows.

Hardly news worthy at this point.

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Seapig,if lots of Russian had conscience,they would not be living like the way ,they live, Black people in America having been living freer than the majority of Russian for generations for over a 100 years,since the Emancipation Proclamation

I have no idea what the point of this word salad might be, or how it’s actually answers my question.

I would ask you to try again but there’s really no point.

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Almost 2000 Ukrainain arrested for being Russian agents

And in Russia how many Russian citizens have been arrested not as Ukrainian agents but as Russian’s with a conscience?

Ukrainain leaders got their ,while the were citizen of Russia

They were not citizens of Russia

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It is not going to change a thing.

So you’re saying Russia will keep attacking civilians to try and slow Ukraine’s continuing, albeit slow, success in pushing the invaders from their country?

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Yesterday's civilian death toll according to the article was 16.

75% of which was caused by Zelensky's forces.

Actually 100% was caused by Putin and his imperialist invasion.

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How can an errant missile hit a government building that was shot down,,you can use GPS Coordinates encircle bombing your adversaries

Your word salad says a government building was shot down but I will assume that isn’t what you meant. Writing skills seem to match reading comprehension as well since it didn’t talk about “errant” missiles but actually said “Wreckage from the intercepted drones damaged an administrative building…” making the GPS comments superfluous as usual.

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Even while bogged down thousands of miles away in its war in Ukraine, 

You think Russia is bogged down ?

I guess they could have written it as:

Even while losing face and becoming extremely embarrassed thousands of miles away in its war in Ukraine, …

But not winning a 3 day special operation and losing more territory during that time than they started with is certainly “bogged down”. Others prefer to just say “losing”.

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so when Russia bombs a recreation center its a war crime though, right?


military target? or war crime? Who gave Ukraine these HIMARS missles?

military target

He said a "recreation centre" where people were dining was destroyed in the Ukrainian attack with HIMARS missiles.

I know you think you’ve got something here but notice the quotes around “recreation center”?

Why? Because it was a recreation center in a past life. Now it’s part of a barracks for Wagner Group. And the particular building hit was being used as a mess hall by the invaders.

Seems like the target was very military, now doesn’t it? Or are the invading military’s barracks and mess off limits in your world?

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Especially since 14,000 already died from from 2014 onwards while that area was Ukrainian territory.

A deliberate misrepresentation of facts is the same as a lie.

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The Kremlin reaffirmed Tuesday that negotiations would be possible if Ukraine meets Russian demands.

This is not negotiation. It’s your neighbor saying “do everything I say and give me what I want” and I’ll think about not raping, and killing your civilians, destroying your country, and stealing the land we want for now, but we might be back again later to do it again.

Who would capitulate to a “negotiation” like that??

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Zelensky needs to be willing to embrace a peaceful solution.

He is!

Russia just needs to do the same and withdraw from Ukraine, surrender the land it tried to steal, and pay for the damage caused with this imperialist land grab.

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The IAEA inspectors are currently in the plant under the protection of the Russian military, which controls the plant.

They know who is doing the shelling the Russian forces in the plant but it's politically incorrect to say that.

Hence the "whoever is behind this"

They know.

If I had Russian military pointing a gun at my head… sorry, I mean “protecting me”… I would be cautious about saying I knew the Russians were doing the shelling too!

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Russians have conducted a planned retreat from Kherson…

And the world will be a better place after they conduct a planned (or unplanned, even) retreat from Ukraine!

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This is going to be fun!

When he loses the fight with DeSantis, which is sure to be entertaining, will we see another Free Soil or Bull Moose to keep things entertaining?

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It almost seems that Zelensky's army is refusing to fight for Kherson unless the separatist fighters promise to flee.

First, there are really no separatists left fighting there, it’s regular Russian forces (a lot of conscripts) and the Nazzi linked Wagner group.

And it seems the Ukrainians aren’t as easily tricked as the Russian’s were a bit earlier, doesn’t it?

If Kherson residents, who are ostensibly Ukrainian citizens, are being mistreated in anyway by the Russians, shouldn't Zelensky's army be eager to roll in and save them.

So you’re agreeing that Putin’s annexation was illegal and he really didn’t make everyone there a Russian citizen? Anyway, be patient Ukraine will take over soon enough.

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Hit the infrastructure under the premise of it being an "apparatus of regime security"

And this is straight from Purim’s playbook.

“…the overnight shelling of rural areas damaged several houses”

Terrorize the civilians because he can’t win against the UA military

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The nuclear plant is Russian controlled.

and run by Ukrainian engineers

Now why is that?

The power to Ukrainian lines is controlled by a switch. It can be turned off any any time.

The Russians are permitted electricity to flow to Ukraine.

All six reactors are off line so no electricity is flowing anywhere

It's a comically farcical narrative to think that Ukraine connected power lines to the plant and is getting power without the Russians knowing that or being able to stop it.

No where did it say that connecting the external power lines was clandestine. The power lines connected are to allow power from the Ukrainian grid into the plan to cool the fuel since the plant isn’t producing it’s own power.

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Civilians should not be in a combat zone.

Actually Russia shouldn’t shouldn’t be in Ukraine

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Russia fired four missiles into the Ukrainian port city of Mykolaiv overnight, demolishing half an apartment building. Reuters saw rescue workers recover the body of an elderly woman from the rubble.

Yesterday Bronco said this about Russia’s middle strikes…

These strikes are clearly timed for minimal loss of life.

Very professional targeting.

I assume he still agrees.

But, in the end, Russia must be held accountable. And it doesn’t matter what the Kremlin pays people to write!

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things could be different if West will realize that cant win over Russia as planned and its time to step back,push Kiev for peace talk and do something abt ending of this conflict.

things could be different if Putin will realize that he cant win over UA as planned and its time to step back, remove all Russian troops, admit defeat, and do something abt ending of this conflict.

There, fixed it for you…

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is UA winning already?

UA hasn’t won yet, but at this point they are winning.

And after they have won I certainly hope Putin is held responsible for the destruction and loss of life, both Russian and Ukrainian, that’s all on his hands!

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Posted in: Putin declares martial law in occupied Ukraine as battle for Kherson intensifies See in context

@ Bass

Then how can Putin declare martial law?

The same way I could declare I’m annexing Moscow??

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