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Seapig comments

Posted in: Hungary will seek to opt out of NATO efforts to support Ukraine, Orbán says See in context

Ramsey's Kitchen  08:31 am JST

Orban calls it as it is.

From the article

…Russia, which cannot even deal with Ukraine…

I agree Orbán on this at least

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Posted in: Russian missiles pound power plants in central and western Ukraine See in context

Seems to be about knocking the grid off balance and didn't happen throughout winter for humanitarian concerns.

More accurately it didn’t happen in winter because Russia couldn’t make it happen! Putin is trying to take advantage of a small window before they won’t be able to attempt it again.

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Posted in: Kremlin, NATO at odds over pope's call for Ukraine to show 'white flag' and start talks See in context

…they must negotiate with Russia and cede territory.

I do not support Russia

non sequitur

Putin has essentially offered to freeze the battlefield along its current front lines

This is a fair and reasonable offer.

see above

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Posted in: U.S. Senate defeats border deal, but Ukraine, Israel aid may survive See in context


Republicans will run on Immigration and crime, looking at the crime rate out of control across the country and in blue states, the left doesn’t have a lot of hope of getting elected to anything.

I would be interested to hear how you can think this is true when the murder rate is about 25% higher in States that voted Trump than in the States that voted Biden. In fact it has been higher in those States every year for the past 20 years.

Perhaps my understanding of your “Red” and “Blue” is wrong?

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Posted in: Russia launches fresh drone strikes in Ukraine after promising retaliation for Belgorod attack See in context


Note that Russian strikes are at night, to minimize civilian casualties

When they are attacking civilian infrastructure, like hotels, it is to maximize civilian deaths!

Attacks on civilians in cities will only harden the resolve of average Russians.

You need to replace “Russians” with “Ukrainians” here…

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Posted in: China plans to keep ships near Senkakus for 365 days in 2024 See in context

Stephen Chin

The islands are worthless pieces of rock.

If that’s the case China should have no problem not trying to change the status quo and steal the islands from Japan, no?

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Posted in: Trump tangles with judge, complains of treatment at New York fraud trial See in context


you actually do. It’s your defense of accusations.


Trump often avoided direct answers, instead bragging about his properties and his wealth

So you’re saying not answering questions but deflecting and bragging about wealth is his “defense of accusations”? Interesting…

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Posted in: 6 killed in Russian attacks on Ukraine as Kyiv continues drone counterstrikes See in context

You think Ukranian power stations Russia bombed don't supply power to Ukranian military / weapons factories and workshops? Both sides use the same argument when bombing power infrastructure.

Or did you miss that point?

Did you?

No, didn’t miss anything.

Of course Ukrainian power stations may partially power some military areas even if they are primarily civilian. This is true of other Russian power stations as well.

What’s different here is this sub-station is a dedicated sub-station supplying power to nearby military facilities, not to civilian infrastructure.

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Posted in: 6 killed in Russian attacks on Ukraine as Kyiv continues drone counterstrikes See in context

La vie douce

…however, since the western press ( where JT gets its articles from ) only pushes NATO narrative my posts aim to balance that.

I see. So what you’re saying is the your posts are definitely pro-Kremlin but you try to justify that by saying others are pro-NATO (which isn’t actually in Ukraine) so you feel compelled to post your pro-kremlin narrative? Hummmm……

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Posted in: 6 killed in Russian attacks on Ukraine as Kyiv continues drone counterstrikes See in context

La vie douce

Bombing electrical infrastructure used to elicit howls of outrage from JT NATO propagandists. Suddenly and mysteriously they are very quiet and it appears to be fine and acceptable.

Your pro-Kremlin bias is becoming more evident with each passing day.

There’s a huge difference in the civilian infrastructure, electrical or otherwise, that Russia is attacking and an electrical sub-station that is used as the sub-station used to supply electricity to a group of military facilities.

Or did you miss that point?

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Posted in: 6 killed in Russian attacks on Ukraine as Kyiv continues drone counterstrikes See in context


Russia using cluster bombs

Russia doesn't bomb Donetsk!

Russia has bombed areas in Donetsk since 2014. There’s clear evidence that Russia started using cluster munitions there since January 2015.

The article also clearly states Russia bombed Kherson.

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Posted in: Russia says it has foiled major Ukraine drone attack as concerns grow over Kyiv's weapons supplies See in context

I'm not concerned about this at all. I'm pleased that Zelensky will be forced to the Peace table…

Zelenskyy has put forward a peace plan already, it’s Putin that refuses to negotiate and doesn’t want peace. He wants Ukraine!

But you know that. What you’re really saying isn’t that you want anyone forced to the “Peace table” but that you want Ukraine to surrender to the invaders and give up their country!

Sorry, that isn’t going to happen!

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Posted in: Russia accuses Ukraine's Western allies of helping attack its Black Sea Fleet headquarters See in context


*She also said the goal of the attack was to "divert attention from the failed attempts of Ukraine's counteroffensive".*

Did you really expect her to tell the truth and admit that the attack was actually part of the counteroffensive and the goal was to destroy the HQ of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet? Which was successful by the way.

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Posted in: Russian Black Sea commander shown on video call after Ukraine said it killed him See in context

I read the Putin propaganda here from the fanbois but no matter how many times it’s repeated none of it changes the fact that Putin made a huge mistake and painted himself into corner. A corner he probably won’t be able to get out of alive.

His plan to take over Ukraine with his 72 hour “Special Military Operation” has failed and is well past the 72 hours it was supposed to take.

I terms of size Russia is huge compared to its smaller neighbor but, at this point, Russia’s invasion (72 hours, remember) has failed and Putin hasn’t achieved even one of his stated goals. In fact several went decisively in the opposite direction. The Ukrainians continue to successfully defend their country and have stopped Russia’s invasion forcing them to defend instead of “invade”. They haven’t ended the invasion yet but that will eventually come too.

When I read on JT the pro-fascist Russian supporters I wonder if they realize that the bottom line is Ukraine, a country 1/28th the size and a prewar gdp less than 1/10th of Russia has successfully defended their country for almost two years against what WAS considered prewar a world “superpower”.

It’s taking time but this situation as unthinkable two years ago. Ukraine has shown what Putin really is and, although slower than hoped, remember 1/28th and 110th, Ukraine is slowly pushing the invaders from their country and deserve all the praise and help the free countries of the world can give!

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Posted in: Putin signals he expects long war in Ukraine; says Trump prosecution shows U.S. political system 'rotten' See in context


What a pointless loss of life.

I agree! Putin needs to stop this immediately!

Why send men and boys into a battle that they can not win?

Ask Putin

There is no reason for these 71,000 fathers and sons to be missing from their families.

Trying to save their country from Putin’s imperialistic land grab, with the added goal of destroying and taking over all of Ukraine.

Oh, and you forgot to mention Russia’s 300,000+ casualties…

The people who argued for diplomacy and peace negotiations prior to the "great spring counter offensive" were correct.

You mean Zelenskyy peace plan? If you want to read it’s on a dedicated website for you, and Putin, to read any time.

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Posted in: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un arrives in Russia See in context


Name calling is not gonna stop inevitable end to this war in Ukraine…

It’s not clear but I would like to assume your agreeing with James Cleverly.

“Putin is trying to win a war he will not win, and these attacks show just how desperate he is," UK Foreign Secretary James Cleverly said.

Google Putin can’t win war in Ukraine no matter how much I want him too

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Posted in: Russian strikes on Ukraine kill 2 foreign aid workers and target Kyiv See in context

Mr Kipling

See how propaganda works?

It seems you understand very well!

Russia targeting civilians around Kyiv is unrelated to speed boats near Crimea. But trying to equate those and exaggerating the “Russia only targets civilians” goes past simple misinformation and makes your comment align nicely with the propaganda the Kremlin is pushing. Nice try though…

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Posted in: Russian strikes on Ukraine kill 2 foreign aid workers and target Kyiv See in context


I think what was said was there are about 45 days before “winter weather hinders” the offense.

Did you notice he also said “all of World War Two will have been fought for nothing' if the West allows Vladamir Putin's invasion to stand.” ?

Looks like you fell for more misinformation. Google did I fell for Russian propaganda again

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Posted in: Russian strikes on Ukraine kill 2 foreign aid workers and target Kyiv See in context


There, fixed it for you. No thanks necessary…

The much vaunted unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, which was supposed to take 3 days to reach the Kyiv and replace the legitimate government of Ukraine failed and, in over two years of trying, Russia has yet to meet any of their stated objectives.

The tiny breach which has cost Putin 300,000 casualties and precious Russian lives.

Putin needs to accept the fact Russia can not win and end the war. It’s all on Putin!

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Posted in: Ukraine war brings surge in global use of cluster bombs See in context

No matter how many times a poster(s) say “both sides this, both sides that” there is absolutely no comparison. One side unilaterally invaded a neighboring country with the intent of conquering and appropriating that country’s territory. That cannot be discussed or pandered to, only after the invading forces completely withdraw and return, restore, or compensate for everything the did can anything else be discussed. Putin can withdraw his forces or they can be forced out. Putin doesn’t want to end the war and has refused to negotiate so the only option is for the world to give Ukraine anything and everything they need, and keep giving for as long as necessary, to expel the invaders!

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Posted in: Ukraine investigates incident that killed 3 pilots while Russia attacks with cruise missiles See in context


Ukraine is incapable of defeating Russia however much hardware is sent to them.


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Posted in: Ukraine investigates incident that killed 3 pilots while Russia attacks with cruise missiles See in context

Russia isn't intent on destroying the whole of Ukraine

Perhaps, but they are intent on absorbing it entirely and Ukraine would cease to exist as a sovereign state.

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Posted in: Ukraine investigates incident that killed 3 pilots while Russia attacks with cruise missiles See in context


Trolling this faux concern daily does not change the fact that it’s Russia that launched an invasion intent on destroying Ukraine and absorbing its territory. Ukraine is just defending in an attempt to save their country. There is no other option! Security and peace in the future from Russia’s aggression, and this is not only for Ukraine, dictate the Russian’s must be defeated or concede, not Ukraine!

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Posted in: Russia destroys drones over Moscow, Black Sea See in context

Seapig,drag it out and bleed the US dry of billion of dollars for natural disasters

If Russia is allowed to continue this imperialistic land-grab invasion and the west stops supporting Ukraine it will end up costing much much more down the line. If Putin succeeds he will just move forward with his next invasion. Plans for after Ukraine have already been laid out.

Give Ukraine as much as they need now to protect their county and repel the invaders!!

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Posted in: Russia destroys drones over Moscow, Black Sea See in context


better be plain and honest.

Better to follow your own advice

*UA have zero chance to win over Russia.*

Putin is finished one way or the other so, in the end, Ukraine prevails

*this conflict have no military solution.*

Putin and his trolls seem plenty worried

*one and only way to stop this killing is peace negotiation.*

No, the one way is for Putin to stop his land-grab invasion and get out. He’s most likely finished in either case so it’s best he just admits it was wrong and get out. The war stops immediately in that case instead of dragging on to the same conclusion!

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Posted in: Russia destroys drones over Moscow, Black Sea See in context

so what is damaged or destroyed can be not the intended target? 

good to have that confirmation

Blacklabel, I’ve seen numerous posts of yours saying middle or drone wreckage that hit a civilian area in Ukraine was because it was shot down. Since the real target was military Ukraine shouldn’t shoot them down and they wouldn’t hit civilian targets.

Hypocrisy much? lol

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Posted in: Russia unleashes country-wide missile barrage on Ukraine as Putin addresses security conference See in context


Like usually and always, they did not write about the killed residents of the Belgorod region. Civilians killed by American cluster shells.

None of which would have happened if Putin hadn’t invaded a neighboring country in a naked land grab.

Putin started this and Putin can end it anytime.

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Posted in: Russia unleashes country-wide missile barrage on Ukraine as Putin addresses security conference See in context

“Everything is being done to ignite the conflict even more, to draw other states into it,” Putin said.

Actually everything is being done to help the sovereign nation of Ukraine defend itself against the imperialist Russian invasion.

Putin could end his war today by simply going home.

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Posted in: Tritium at 13 China monitoring points above Fukushima water level See in context

@Samit Basu

It's not the tritium that's not the problem, but plutonium, cesium, strontium, etc.

Not that releasing any radioactive pollutants is good but it’s misleading half-truths like this that keep people from understanding the actual situation.

Currant systems, including those used at Fukushima can and do remove 99.99 percent of cesium etc. The tiny bit remaining is not only well below international standards but id actually below the background radiation levels.

Yes, it’s true the that plutonium, cesium, strontium, etc. would be a huge problem IF IT WERE PRESENT in the water to be released, but it’s not.

Tritium on the other hand can’t easily be removed and this is why all nuclear power plants release levels of tritium that are far too high. Some countries with a lower control level, like China, South Korea, France, Canada, have nuclear plants that releasing tritium far exceeding safe levels, but all plants release some amounts. This is certainly a good argument for non-nuclear/non-fossil fuel power plants but I researched and misleading information does nothing to educate the public!

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Posted in: Ukraine reports bringing war deep into Russia with attacks on Moscow and border region See in context

Are you sure you aren't getting angry

Im quite sure Im not. 

just stating facts.


1) Ukraine has its own drones as well. If you have proof that US drones were used please share it.

2) Ukraine was obviously targeting military targets, but as the article states:

while two others were jammed and crashed into the Moscow City business district.

It seems Russia should be smarter than jamming the drones over a business district. But maybe not…

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