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The pompous attitude of the vaccinated sure seems misplaced the more we learn and see.

Does it really?

I think that only finding four breakthrough infections, and all of them with minor symptoms, is instead a testimony for the vaccines.

The fact that only vaccinated individuals at Narita were detected is simply because everyone arriving at Narita on an international flight is fully vaccinated so 100% of the people tested will fall into the breakthrough infection category.

Hopefully this variant will turns out to be less dangerous so the unvaccinated don’t overwhelm the medical system when it spreads to that group.

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It's obvious now that the finger that once pointed only at the unvaccinated can point at the fully vaccinated as well.

True, except for every 1 finger pointing at a vaccinated individual there are 1000 pointing at the unvaccinated…

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Approval ratings go up and down by the day, but I think it was actually Trump that had a 35% approval at the beginning of November, 2017. Right now I think Biden is just under 40%. Not great for the day but let’s wait and look at the average later…

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Still 10,000+ Air Force members refusing vaccination. 

“Extreme minority”? Nope.

You do realize that 10,000+ is less than 4% of active-duty Air Force don’t you?

This 4% also includes those that are exempted from vaccination leaving an even smaller percentage that actually refused. That does seem like an extreme majority, don’t you think?

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Posted in: Man arrested for drunken driving after rear-ending car See in context

Slow news day?

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Posted in: Chinese warplanes fly toward Taiwan for 2nd straight day See in context

And with the current pro Beijing regime in the US, they have no reason to.

Purely political comments like this with no basis in reality are really getting old!

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Posted in: State-run vaccination sites to extend operation until late November See in context

@blue in green

Since the pharmaceuticals, taken in the proper dosage pose zero threat

There is nothing, pharmaceutical or otherwise, that poses zero threat. Everything is a risk-benefit situation and right now the lowest risk for the highest benefit seems to be the vaccine!

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A spike of around 20 deaths per day compared with close to 100 on the previous wave

acknowledges ongoing Israeli spike and deaths lagging. check.

completely meaningless word salad afterwards. check

Some are not as strong at reading comprehension as they would like to believe.

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Posted in: Vaccination site for younger people to open in Tokyo's Shibuya district See in context

@Burning Bush

There is no shortage of supply.

There is a shortage of demand.

I both agree and disagree with you on this.

I agree there is no shortage of supply.

And, sorry I realize it doesn’t fit your narrative, but there is no shortage of demand either.

It’s purely the government’s incompetence in getting thing distributed and shots supplied.

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Yet more proof that the vaccine does not stop transmission of the virus.

Vaccinated people can catch it and they can spread it.

I’m really getting tired of these kinds of statements that have been addressed so many times!

There is no need for “more proof” that “vaccinated people can catch…” the virus. No vaccine is 100% effective and without including the rest of the story these comments are just misleading! Sure there is a VERY VERY SMALL chance of a vaccinated person catching the virus, something like less than 1%, but the persons habits (mask, no mask, etc) certainly have an affect.

Please be honest in these posts and stop trying to mislead others by cherry picking and using only half of a fact.

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I see these claims as true, if it were also fact that the vaccines actually stop the virus.

95-97% effective isn’t bad but, for comparison, can you tell me the effective index of the smallpox vaccine since that virus was certainly stopped?

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Actually the origin is Okinawa, which is neither Chinese nor Japanese. Of course Chinese techniques, like many other things of the time were blended, but it was purely Okinawa and referred to by the area practiced such as Tomari-te, Shuri-te, etc. Karate (唐手) came when some Okinawa masters began to spread karate to mainland Japan. By that time not only had the original Okinawa-te blended many Chinese techniques but it had also absorbed a lot of Japanese ritual leading to the change of the first kanji from 唐 to 空. However the origin is still very Okinawan and, in reality, neither Japanese nor Chinese, though both try to claim it!

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Posted in: Graham 1st vaccinated senator to test positive for COVID-19 See in context

@Burning Bush

Show me the undeniable scientific proof that the vaccine will cause zero side effects to my health.

If I show you undeniable scientific proof that even water isn’t 100% safe and there have been people that have overdosed and died from it will you promise to stop drinking water?

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A healthy person with a strong natural immune system does not pose a clear and present danger to those around them, therefore no legal justification exists to restrict their rights.

I’ll fix it for you. It should be:

A healthy person has a strong natural immune system which helps reduce the danger to himself while still presenting a clear and present danger to those around them, therefore many legal justifications exists to restrict their rights.

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Those who want to wear masks should do so and those who do not should not, and neither side should be immature kids to each other with the name calling and hostility.

This would be great if masks were like seat belts where primary protection is for the wearer. Unfortunately, as has been pointed out repeatedly ad nauseam, masks offer primary protection to those around them not the wearer. I just don’t understand how some people still refuse to understand this. It obviously goes far beyond ignorance.

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It's already on record that the vaccinated are passing on the infections.

Of course this happens because no vaccine is 100% effective. However since 97% of the hospitalizations and 99.2% of COVID related deaths are unvaccinated that should make a good argument for even the intellectually challenged to get vaccinated and help end this pandemic.

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Posted in: Vaccinated Americans are getting angry at holdouts See in context

Blacks are the ethnicity with the highest proportion of vaccine opt outs.

Actually this isn’t true…

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Actually, emerging evidence is showing that unvaccinated people develop noticeable symptoms and thus quickly get tested and self-isolate.

I assume this evidence came from the imaginary study that you did personally in your spare time? /smh


explain a vaccinated person infecting an unvaccinated person

Not that difficult. Vaccines are only 95% effective, or 88% against the Delta variant, so a small percentage have the possibility of contracting the virus and easily passing it to those that stupidly remain unvaccinated and unprotected.

Now if everyone were vaccinated the rate of transmission would be so low that the virus would have difficulty finding a host and the pandemic would be nearing an end.

One of the biggest problems is made up “evidence” against vaccination that we so often see on this board!

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Posted in: With virus surge, U.S. to keep travel restrictions for now See in context

The PCR test can’t even tell the difference between COVID and flu? Yet it will still be used until the end of the year....why?

Actually that’s not true, the PCR test does reliably differentiate between COVID and influenza. The simple antibody test does have a some possibility however because there is a small, but real, possibility of it detecting the antibodies produced by other seasonal coronaviruses.

That’s why when someone tests positive with one of the quickie antibody tests it is confirmed with a PCR test to make sure it’s not a false positive.

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Posted in: With virus surge, U.S. to keep travel restrictions for now See in context

@ Burning Bush

…huge payouts after Walmart tries to block entry to people with vaccine allergies or people like Haredi Jews because of their beliefs.

Bring on the restrictions, and we'll bring on the lawyers and you'll be paying out big time for your eugenical apartheid.

I’m genuinely curious. Since you used “we” I wonder which to group you belong, the group with a vaccine allergy or the Haredi Jews?

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Posted in: With virus surge, U.S. to keep travel restrictions for now See in context

A hundred years ago, you couldn't board a train in America without proving that you were vaccinated for smallpox.

And what happened to that tyrannical law?

Oh yeah, easily defeated in the courts.

Perhaps you’ve confused US history with that of another country?

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Please let me know why the ''vaccines'' contain magnetized nano particles and graphene oxides.

This is exactly the type of misinformation that the article refers too. It’s hard to imagine some people actually believe these things and don’t bother to take the time to check. Do they always believe anything that appears in the net has to be true or it wouldn’t be there for them to read? smh

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Posted in: Trump Organization, CFO indicted on tax fraud charges See in context


Ok, so the guy will be charged for not filing taxes on his Benz? Wonder if he’ll get life for this.

Did you miss this part?

Weisselberg alone was accused of cheating the federal government, the state and the city out of more than $900,000 in taxes.

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*Trump visited the Marine Corps Air Station in Yuma. 

We are talking about the US Southern border. We don't have illegals coming in and it's not stopping the mass exodus out of California

Of course you realize that his second visit was also California, right? In fact he didn’t visit the Texas border until Jan 10, 2019! Almost three years after he took office. Oh, and wasn’t that for a rally?

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By adopting you spouse surname, you announce to the world you are married to that person…

But that only works for one in the couple.

By that logic maybe you should suggest they switch surnames. smh

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Posted in: Pure business at Biden-Putin summit: No hugs, no brickbats See in context

with an agreement to return their nations' ambassadors to their posts in Washington 

Putin caved, what a pushover.

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Posted in: Mass vaccination site to fill vacant slots with police, other officials See in context

But if you gauged the demand for the vaccine by the number of expats wincing on Japan Today forums you would think 100% of the residents want it.

Or gauging by the other half of the comments you would think 100% of the residents DON’T want it.

The truth obviously lies somewhere in the middle and making a judgement based on JT comments is probably not the smartest way to judge demand.

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Posted in: Ghosn pledges lengthy fight to clear his name See in context

Japan should pay off senior gov't officials in Lebanon to capture and bring him back.

Bribery? Doesn’t sound any better than what their accusing Ghosn of doing, but I guess it’s normal for government officials in Japan. smh

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this has no basis in fact. The data that exists shows 74.2 million votes. why would 24.2 million people have switched to supporting Joe Biden?

I don’t believe anyone said 24.2 million people switched to supporting Biden. It was (at least) that many stopped supporting Trump! After January 6th it’s probably even more than that and, if there were another election today, Trump would lose again, most likely by even more than the 7 million he lost the popular vote by last election.

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Posted in: Pipeline hack fuels gas crunch; U.S. suspects Russian origins See in context


Oh come on!

The title doesn’t say it was a Russian “hack”, it says suspected Russian “origin”. And yes “origin”, by definition, means “that’s where it came from”. It also says the government doesn’t think the Russian government was involved. Either you didn’t read the article or your purposely trying to twist things...

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