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Posted in: Outgoing Russian ambassador blames Japan for strained relations See in context

Gee, the Japanese were probably too polite to tell Galuzin to not let the door hit him in the butt when he leaves and much too polite to tell him "Oh, go get f@&ked" when he did.

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Posted in: Extension of S Korea-Japan intel pact likely to irritate N Korea See in context

Really? An "economic colony and vassal?" Whatever it is, it is working for South Korea, which has a bountiful economy and is a world leader in key industries - examples: automotive and electronics. Whereas the state-controlled economy of the North pours all of its resources into weaponry while the common people starve.

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Posted in: Seoul faces major decision over military pact with Tokyo See in context

Koreans take a fluid view of contracts and agreements, which they view as representative of a relationship and therefore not verbal or legalistic. So, it is not surprising that they do not abide by strict interpretation of a treaty negotiated and approved 50 years ago. How much money are they talking about? I heard somewhere it was $20 million. If it's addressing very old people, it cannot be that much. There aren't that many left around. Even though it is bald-faced extortion on the part of the Koreans, perhaps the most reasonable solution is to find an easy way to pay them off. Surely the GSOMIA is worth $20 million.

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Posted in: Abe visits typhoon-hit areas; emperor's parade to be postponed until Nov 10 See in context

Do you think that Donald Trump would get down on his knees and comfort an elderly woman?

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Posted in: Japan asks U.S. to refrain from flying Ospreys in Japan See in context

"Hard Landing" means a "crash".

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Posted in: Obama's Hiroshima visit stirs differing views across Pacific See in context

The Americans fire bombed Tokyo shortly before the A-Bombs were dropped and killed 120,000 people. The atom bombs were horrible, but they brought the war to a quick end. If the war had been extended, there would probably have been more fire bombings of major Japanese cities including Kyoto. There were significant elements in the Japanese military who wanted the war to continue even if it meant the deaths of millions of Japanese citizens.

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