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Posted in: 17 arrested for selling illegal porn at DVD shops in Tokyo See in context

Just sell the porn without the fuzzy stuff and everyone will be okay. I mean as long as the shops are not featuring any kiddy porn or selling it everything is cool.

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Posted in: Father arrested for abusing 11-year-old daughter in Kobe See in context

WTF is going on with these crazy MFers, if you don't know how to correct your childs behavior maybe you should go to parenting class or something.

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Posted in: Woman arrested after trying to flush infant down toilet in Nagoya See in context

Dudenextdoor, I agree with you and Cmeandu this is stupid and she should be taking out to a gun line and shot to death or torture to death for killing an innocent child that never got the chance to enjoy his or her short lived life. If she didn't want the baby she should have never had spreaded her legs and allow the guy next door to get her pregnant, or maybe she some issues but suck it up and take care of your kid. Why killed the baby, how about an attempt at adoption or having an abortion. I guess she is going to say she heard voice telling her to kill the baby or some BS like that.

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