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Posted in: Season's 1st snow on Mt Fuji See in context

Meanwhile Chamonix has already seen 30cm of snowfall...

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Posted in: Police apprehend the 'Lego Kid' and accomplices See in context

The people who are calling Lego as just "kids plastic toys" definitely haven't seen the big ones, mostly for (adult) star wars fans, but also for car fans etc. And they start at over 20.000 Yen per set for the smaller ones. Thank you but no thank you.

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Posted in: Toyota recalls electric cars for faulty wheel that may detach See in context

Only 112 for Toyotas supposed home market Japan? They really try hard to sell their image of "Green technology" hybrids here without agnowledging how far they have fallen behind on the global market!

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Posted in: Mark Wahlberg piles on the pounds as boxer-turned-priest See in context

50year old becomes faithful? Sure, happens all the time. Enjoy your Easter stories kiddos. Which are of course much older than 2000 years. And don't get me started on the 17-year age gap between them. But he is the older one, so it's ok right?!

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Posted in: 25,000 runners take part in Tokyo Marathon See in context

Congrats to all the finishers. I'm sure a lot was done to ensure the participating runners' health. But much less so with the spectators, or were there none at all? Standing in the same spot close to other persons, shouting "Gambatte" etc with a loud voice...than walking in a crowd to ride a crowded train...that imho is where the spreading is being done!

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Posted in: Toyota apologizes for suicide of employee after overwork, harassment See in context

Toyota promised an investigation into the case to prevent a recurrence

Since they didn't say external, I guess it will be a quiet "internal" investigation without any findings published to the public or even the bottom staff...

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Posted in: Beijing flame to be lit in a vacuum in Olympia See in context

You cant lit a fire in a vacuum! It needs air, same as the Olympic Games need spectators, otherwise they are just some kind of World Cup.

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Posted in: Mitsubishi Motors reveals design of all-new Outlander PHEV model See in context

Ugly front, yes. But I guess it looks nice in the dark with all those different lights shining bright! And there is nothing ”All-New" if it is still the same hybrid motor/engine combination!

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Posted in: 1.4 million people urged to seek shelter as heavy rain triggers floods, landslides in Japan See in context

They had about 25 min of this in the NHK evening news, interrupted by some Covid numbers. But not a single word about Climate change, climate crisis, that we might see more of this in the coming years! Not even much of how, much less why the weather front moved around Japan in a wider context! Yes, there has been heavy rain with mudslides etc before. But it usually during rainy season or bc of a taifun crossing the country, not in the middle of August, a few days after the taifun has passed. Denial and self-pitying, without any will to educate/inform about global facts.

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Posted in: 5 incredible mountains to hike in Japan See in context

Mt Takao is only a crowded hill, nothing more. And I second kohakuebisu, spend a night out hiking up there for an incredible experience ( I did a Yatsugatake range traverse south to north last year). The sunset can be beautiful with pink clouds turning red, than dark. But even better is the hour before sunrise: darkness turns to light and the birds start to sing, ending the long, quiet, darkness of the night

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Posted in: Kono says gov't trying to reach young adults to combat vaccine misinformation See in context

Can't blame it on Gaijin anymore bc Olympics, so now blame it on another group that are very low in voting...just utterly despicable. Plus, without any serious data-collecting, there is no way to tell what the real problem is, and as such, no way to get us through this mess at a faster pace. So, mask up as soon as you leave your home, and than "gambatte", as that is all that's apparently needed

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Posted in: Bach says anti-virus rules working ahead of Tokyo Olympics See in context

On the one hand, I feel sorry for the all the people in Japan who have to put up with a higher risk and less resources because of this mega game show. On the other hand I can't stop feeling that in part the Japanese got what they deserved by not protesting, as in taking to the streets, shut down the government offices...they are just too lame, put on their "sho ga nai, sho ga nai" face and go about their stuff. You got such a huge accumulation of people in the wider area of Tokyo, how was it not possible to stop this madness? The government will just get more lazy and brazen in their ways, because the opposition parties are of the same kind anyway, and critical media reporting is too few!

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Posted in: Japan retracts controversial policy over alcohol-serving restaurants See in context

More and more this whole soap opera is becoming a crime sit-com: in an neverending effort to hide the first crime of half-@ssed measures and denying broad testing, the government is shooting false flags just to show off, pretending that they are doing something, but of course it cannot work, because nobody knows how many with Covid virus in their bodies are running around and thus it's impossible to say were the most infections are happening.

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Posted in: Tokyo takes most of Olympic torch relay off public roads See in context

Please already, stop calling it "The Olympic Games". Its more like a chopped-up limpless decaying, rotting body of an over-aged, over-worked and exploited xxx "entertainer", displayed on the altar of greed as a money-making piece for the Privileged. It had been deteriorating since time before, but never like this smack-in-your-face attitude of self-service that makes you want to through up!

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Posted in: Tokyo may extend coronavirus restrictions into Olympics period See in context

Being in Germany now for family visit it's just crazy to see the different approach of both countries: not much masking up here outside, but 100% medical masks inside businesses and transport. And test centers in every corner of the city that only require an online reservation, result comes to your phone in 20 min! Or you buy a self-test in a drug store for about 100 Yen! Plus eating inside, visiting shows, staying in a hotel, all require a test not older than 24 h (twenty-four HOURS!). So you have rather accurate numbers and trends. Whereas in Japan the Gov, after one and half years is still having a "hands-off" approach just for their political agenda. What's worse is, the press and TV are silent as well, protests are spare and fringe in size. Japan is a nice, multi-facetted country but sometimes the sho-ga-nai approach of her citizens can make you sick, literally.

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Posted in: Apple Daily editors arrested under Hong Kong security law See in context

Stranger than fiction? This is exactly what happened in one of the "Ip Man" movies, except then it was the bad, selfish British Military police doing this!

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Posted in: Russell Crowe plans coastal Australian film studio See in context

Loved him in "Master and Commander". Hope he calculates the rising sea levels right. Otherwise he will soon have to specialize into movies like "Waterworld" :-)

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Posted in: Japan should have scrapped domestic COVID vaccine trials: Kono See in context

We must be getting closer to the Olympic Show, the blame game is getting louder and more desperate!

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Posted in: Gov't considering quasi-state of emergency in Tokyo during Olympics See in context

So bars will be allowed to stay open but serve only low-alcohol drinks in limited quantity, so that customers only get quasi-drunk, and talk only in a quasi-loud voice!

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka pulls out of French Open, citing mental health issues See in context

Seems the Japanese language doesn't even have a word for depression. In the morning news her tweet was translated as something like "長いあいだに気持ちが落ち込んだ”, which sounds rather harmless...

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Posted in: 21 runners dead as extreme cold weather hits China ultramarathon See in context

I have run 100km road races and I have run trail run races of shorter distances. Since it says it happened at the higher stretch, something like 1500m to 2000m would be my guess, it is rather difficult for emergency staff to get there fast, not to mention on slippery, partly frozen rocky ground. Another reason for the high toll could be lax requirements and checks for runners required items like emergency sheet.

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Posted in: Two different Olympic scenes: Inside and outside the National Stadium See in context

The IOC themselves are saying why the Games should NOT be held: bc they are looking only after "their" athletes and officials. Maybe journalists. But not so much for the tens of thousands (!) of local Japanese workers on the front lines. Not only health care workers, but cleaners, service staff, information staff, translators etc....they will all come in close contact and their work will not be as clean as those "Playbooks" dreamingly suggest, because of understaffing and logistical shortcomings!

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Posted in: Japan's restaurant alcohol ban sets new COVID-19 emergency apart See in context

Congratulations, you found a new scapegoat! Because with all foreigners gone it would be a difficult sell to blame them! How about banning Kansai slang as well, bc with the huge rise in the west, surly drunk Kansai people must be much more noisier than Kanto salarymen?! Did anybody even try to search for a reason, bc the only reason I heard that made some sense was that the Senbatsu high school baseball tournament was to blame as it took place in Hyogo. But I guess it would be an inconvenient truth on multible sides to cut down on big sporting events!

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Posted in: Head of Tokyo Olympics again says Games will not be canceled See in context

The Games will be held definitely. The gov will sell it to the people by claiming to create a bubble with no contacts between locals outside, and athletes plus their coaches etc inside. What they will not mention is that besides the volunteers, a huge number of local, ordinary Japanese workers will be needed to clean the venues every day, to drive all the cars and shuttle busses around, and the service workers inside the food venues. Those will be front line workers, exposed to different strains from all corners of the world of the Covid 19 virus (We might even get a new strain out of this called "Tokyo 2020"!). But as they are "unimportant" to the great scheme of the LDP and their business partners they will conveniently be forgotten, before and after the Games!

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Posted in: Teacher arrested over paying junior high school girl for sex at internet cafe See in context

Reminds me of the teacher at a friends kid's elementary school: he got arrested for installing a spy camera inside the girls toilet, !!!

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Posted in: Japan to clarify copyright rules to prevent cosplay violations See in context

Let me guess: the ministers came up with this while visiting a hostess club late at night, where some staff were dressed as characters from 鬼滅の刃?!

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Posted in: IOC, Tokyo Olympics to unveil rule book for beating pandemic See in context

So the IOC basically admitted they don't care about spectators, or local people, because they only want to sell the TV rights. Yeah, very good playbook. They also will not care much about what happens to the athletes and other persons involved after the Games have finished. Enough, just burry this farce already. Japan hasn't even started to vaccinate their citizens!

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Posted in: Vaccines not prerequisite for Tokyo Olympics: Kato See in context

So what does the Olympic Organizer say about this? I mean Tokyo/Japan is just the location, the 'janitor' doesn't make the decision about whether the venue is clear to go or not....

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Posted in: McDonald’s Japan updates children’s Happy Meals to be more inspiring and nutritionally sound See in context

So the only new thing is the yoghurt, and that might be rather sweet as well...It also targets an even younger age group that shouldn't be in a Fast Food place at all!

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Posted in: Nintendo’s victory over MariCar finalized by Supreme Court of Japan See in context

While very happy of this ending, I don’t really wish for a change in law. Because new laws might make it difficult to introduce single or two-person small EV onto the roads which would be similar in size to go-carts.

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