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Posted in: Tokyo’s beckoning cat temple asks foreign tourists to stop writing on the beckoning cats they buy See in context

Would have loved to hear what the temple is usually doing with all these cats left at their premises since they are " sacred items". Usually these type of good-luck things get burned/disposed of once a year in a ritual-like fire etc. But with that many, I doubt the temple has enough storage space for all of them. With this in mind, it really starts to sound suspiciously like they want to resell these cats...

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Posted in: Fringe group members arrested for obstructing rival Diet candidates' campaigns See in context

Have you not noticed the fruitcakes who are actually running the country?

"The Gutless Fruitcakes"...could be a name for a punk group. Or the name of a new "fringe-sounding but very mainstream" Party in Tokyo. Subtitle would be "New leaders of the sheeples" ;-)

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Posted in: Man suspected of ordering Tochigi killings held; total arrests 6 See in context

Like most others my bets were on the Yaks...but surely they would have only killed one of them, or kidnapped the daughter. Sekine probably thought by giving out lots of money the other guys would do a propper job of letting the bodies dissapear and not have the police find them this fast.

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Posted in: Nara considers increasing number of deer that can be killed each year See in context


Might depend on the prefecture. Here in Nagano hunting goes until middle of March. As I love to roam the bear-free mountains in winter I always check with our town office about hunting areas beforehand bc they change from year to year

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Posted in: Winnie the Pooh slasher film 'wins' Razzies See in context

Peter Pan? Maybe show it how it really was: Peter Pan is into little boys, and kills them off when they get too old?!

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Posted in: Another prefecture to restrict night climbing on Mount Fuji See in context

Damnit, one of the few trails that are "easy" (not too technical) and without bears, making them great for night climbs, and they are going to close them...

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Posted in: Mount Fuji climbers from Yamanashi side to be charged ¥2,000 as tourism rises See in context

2000 Yen isn't that expensive, also I wonder where it will be collected, 6th station? Bc many tourists just go for a stroll from the Base Station. And I would expect a bit more openess about how that money will be spend. But what really gets me going are those TV "news variety", who seemingly hunt down the most crazy foreigners to give the impression it's only the Gaijin that are a problem and liability, when in reality many more Japanese have similar distress, either bc of in-experience, or bc they are too old, but stubbornly go ahead until they break down....

It also would be nice to try to advertise tours with views of Mt Fuji, or the Zero - Fuji trail, which would be much more interesting for hikers than using the overcrowded route.

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Posted in: Japanese comedian Matsumoto sues publisher over sex scandal report See in context

 7 years since the alleged abuse and only through a weekly rag. All it takes is pointing a finger now a days!

New to Japan? Those weekly magazines are the only type independent enough to run these kind of stories. TV channels rely way too much on "talent agencies" to publish anything negative - unless it got something to do with drugs. And 7 years...surprise, but for some victims it takes that long to speak to anybody about it esp when it involves a powerful figure, and that is the same in every country.

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Posted in: Face-off in Britain over controversial surveillance tech See in context

...meanwhile here in Japan, about every news regarding crime mentions "street surveilance cameras" in some form or the other. Which makes me think that they use very similar tec but as to not upset the general public, will release only positve outcomes, and scaled down, rather grainy video with it. And while I'm all for it, the above mentioned "Who guards the guards?" is even more frightening in Japan with lethargic citizens and media being the norm.

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Posted in: Man arrested for disposing of victim’s body in mountains after hitting him with vehicle See in context

So that old man was out in the streets from 9 pm till 4 am? That driver could have gotten away with way less if he had just reported the accident, but he might have had a drink before and panicked...

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Posted in: Seven still missing after U.S. Osprey crash off Japan See in context

Accidents happen, even in times of peace. But shouldn't an aircraft built for war be able to make at least a controlled descent with one engine still running?

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Posted in: Japan sees 2.52 million visitors in Oct, exceeding pre-COVID levels See in context

Just saw in the news that Japan's GDP (GOP?) has been overtaken by Germany! Their population is 2/3 of Japan, they grapple with immigration, wars in the east, strong Euro....but still manage a higher output! Looks this country will become one huge amusement park for foreigners.

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Posted in: Man dies after being attacked by bear in Nagano Prefecture See in context

Saw this on the news. I've seen traps (on tv docs, not for real) made from wires where the leg gets caught, but this one was an old-fashioned spring iron trap like you would see in western movies or cartoons, that buries it spikes into the animal's leg. Damn painful and rightfully forbidden in many countries for cruelty. So this old guy got too close to the trapped bear who rightfully jumped on him and the guy bled to death from his wounds.

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Posted in: 5 animals found only in Japan and where to see them See in context

Watching in monkeys in parks, e.g. enclosures, is not their "Natural enviroment"! And it is also not natural for them to bathe in hot Onsens, otherwise a lot of Onsen on the countryside would'nt be able to offer outdoor baths for their human guests. My favourite one is the Kamoshika, Serow, for their cute looks, being usually alone in the wild, and their calm behaviour. They are related to cows, hence not running away until really neccessary.

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Posted in: Tourism and Mount Fuji's rocky recovery after COVID See in context

It goes around it, not up it

I went to Swiss once and boy do they have cable cars and all that stuff..! One remote village's only access to the outside world below was a cable car, because even maintaining a railroad track costs way more than that. As such I would think the same about Mt Fuji: unless they are planning to use the road that runs up to the 5th station, it would be crazy to do bc of construction costs and maintaining. Not to mention cutting through the forrest.

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Posted in: If you grow your own cutting garden, you'll have beautiful flower bouquets all season long See in context

...or you could get 2-3 sets of the LEGO flower series and be creative all year round ;-)

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Posted in: Suica penguin See in context

This was made to compete with the dog statue in Shibuya. It will become the next big meeting point in Tokyo.

My first thought as well, but upon closer look there is lots of greenery and shrubs around it as if to prevent any congestion or , god forbid, touching or stroking the Kawaii Penguin!

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Posted in: Kabuki actor Ichikawa Ennosuke taken to hospital; both parents dead See in context

Kudos to the weekly magazines for reporting on yet another power/*sexual harassment by a person too big to touch. Also with a famous and powerful father he was probably brought up in a world where this was ok and didn't get the message that things have changed, even in Japan. And blaming it on his parents would be one reason why he would kill them before himself

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Posted in: Hotels' part-time job offers surge as inbound tourism recovers See in context

Nice of them to offer short works for your spare time, I actually do that already, gig job without any social benefits, seasonal up and downs etc. It also pays about 10.000 Yen for 2hours, of which less than half is hard work. Can any hotel offer me similar plans?

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Posted in: Kyoto may be getting more modern, tall buildings as city relaxes development limits See in context

I live in Karuizawa, once known for it's beautiful greenery (now mostly for its big Outlet shopping center). The former mayor who was finally ousted this year, encouraged the development of many 2-story condominium buildings, changing the forresty atmosphere and also the building of big hotels. One company is right now constructing 3 (!) hotels in different corners with the most cruel one right at the Ginza Shopping street, across the oldest surviving Ryokan, with the design of an ugly business hotel, maxed out spaces, hardly any parking for guests and of course no regards for the surroundings. I hope Kyoto doesn't slither down this path, it is like a Pandora's box, once opened it is difficult to control, bc concerend citizens are usually the last ones to know about ongoing projects and it becomes a huge task to stop anything. And that is even before thinking about how the high buildings might affect air circulation in summer which is already awful with the ongoing climate disaster.

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Posted in: Japanese convenience store clerk outsmarts robber with just two words See in context

If it's a store with a self egister, it would be very to easy to say for the clerk, bc they really don't handle any money anymore themselves, and they could even say they cannot open the automatic register, only the mananger can. So, it's not that surprising to see the robber give up that easily.

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Posted in: Mount Fuji eruption escape plan calls on residents to evacuate on foot See in context

Nicd and good if Mt Fuji is following this thought up scenario. With lots of experience from other volcanic tremblors and eruptions and with lots of sensors around, there should be enough time before the main eruption hits. But I would imagine it taking too long time after the first warnings and everybody settles down again...A big questionmark is the weather: during strong rain, nobody wants to walk, plus mudflows would be much faster, but still deadly. And then there is the ash flow, tiny particles that get into every air conditioning unit and clogging up drains and water filters when mixed with rain...

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Posted in: Gelmisa leads Ethiopian trifecta at Tokyo Marathon See in context

38.000 runners, but only about 2 dozen wheel-chair athletes is rather pitiful for a World Marathon Majors event. And sadly not a single mention in this article ...

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Posted in: World champion halfpipe skier Smaine dies in avalanche in Japan See in context

Last weekend was a deadly one. It does make me wonder, is it a lack of preperation, or more because backcountry is still seen as a fringe sport of "the young" with lack of accurate and easly accessible information and gear rental (beacon, air-bag, etc)? Japan has a tendency of blanket statements and closing their eyes to new, bothersome things...I tried just now to get weather info for 10 min to no avail, then tried Wistler, and the Ski hp had link to Backcountry, from there link to weather map with avalanche risk...

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Posted in: Heavy snow warnings issued for parts of Japan; flights canceled See in context

...not only flights, but trains have stopped, and highways are closed. Not bc of heavy snow, but more as a "precaution", but esp with the trains this is becoming more of a "not in my backyard" mentality I got the feeling. Meaning they don't want to deal with stress of delayments, short-notice changes etc, and just close up everything, no matter how much more inconvenient it gets for all regular users.

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Posted in: Japan’s cherry blossom forecast for 2023 is here! Tokyo among cities to see sakura first See in context

What about Okinawa

Has already started (mentioned by a friend on Jan 8th, who went there for some company golfing). Mentioning an event that happened in the past would look the comitee stupid because they are supposed to "predict" said event... :-)

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Posted in: Emperor, family give first public New Year's greeting since 2020 See in context

"Why the masks?" was my first thought as well, but seeing the 2nd pic, I would see the reasoning, with older people around who have a fragile health and probably a weak immun system as well, and with whom you don't live together, not putting on a mask would be the wrong choice to show to the public. Still, a bit of a regretable situation, not being able to tell the people that at times not masking up is ok.

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Posted in: Heavy snow in northwest Japan leaves drivers stranded overnight See in context

"Northwest Japan"??? When I think of anything northwest, I can only see a deep ocean...and maybe Korea!

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Posted in: It has become a status symbol to own a hotel in Kyoto, which brings such a high brand value. With companies buying up available lots as soon as they become available, land prices in Kyoto have not decreased much even during the pandemic. See in context

Similar things happening in Karuizawa now, hotels going more and more for max number of rooms instead of good design. And the mayor here sees the town more like "the 24th ward of Tokyo" than a place full of green...

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Posted in: Prosecutors raid Dentsu in widening Tokyo Olympic probe See in context

Here's hoping something will come out of this, but I'm afraid the managers at Dentsu started destroying everything as soon as that other company got in trouble, bc they knew what was coming...

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