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Posted in: Doctor suspected of sexually molesting 4 women during health checks See in context

HIs excuse: " I was stressed from work and in the videos I saw, the women always got aroused by a breast massage..." :-)

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Posted in: Beer fear: Japan urged to stock up for Rugby World Cup See in context

Kohakuebisu: Since Heineken is produced by Kirin, they might just switch to something else like Ichiban or so, without telling anyone ;-) doubt many will realize it...

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Posted in: Boeing wins confidence of shareholders, prepares for key 737 MAX test flight See in context

”chain of events”? Yes, as in rushed modifications - brushed away concerns by engineers - depending on one (1)! single data input - short reaction time for pilots because of low altitude right after start. Really not the best choice of words, but if Trump can tell 10.000 lies and still has many believers, business leaders will follow that rhetoric of denying, deflecting, alternative facts.

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Posted in: Josh Stinton: Handcycle Japan from south to north charity success See in context

Sorry, but what actually was his aim again?

His hope was to meet families along the way and visit towns that are still recovering, share their stories of resilience, strength and courage all while raising donations to APRICOT Children cycling by/through them as fast as possible? Leaves me rather clueless and confused with a underlying feeling of angry. But maybe thats how American Expats are doing things?!

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Posted in: ANA unveils new Boeing 787-10 for international routes See in context

So window-seated person now has to ask 2 persons to move to be able to get out?! Thats crazy. Even if they know each other it still means that 2 persons have to get up and clog up the aisle for the 3rd one to be able to leave, two times for every bathroom tour...will get rather crowded in the morning!

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Posted in: Airline complaints: Which bothers you the most? See in context

Rude staff at the check-in counter, not in Japan of course, but home country of Germany....second complaint would be serving kids dinner at 1.00 am after taking the last flight out of Haneda. I will eat, sure, but wtf you expect a little kid to be up and hungry?

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Posted in: Leopalace21 probe finds ex-president directed changing wall materials See in context

There is to supposed to be some checking by the local department for fire safety, esp commercial buildings need stickers on walls and carpets etc as proof of fire rresistant materials etc, how did they get through those checks?

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Posted in: How to approach, or respond to the approach, of a neglected child living in your neighborhood See in context

Thats why I wanted to buy an old house in a farming area, because of the community. But my wife insisted to be close to the station so now we live in a nice but small house with not much direct sunshine coming in and it cost more than to buy and renovate a big old house. And not much of a community around.

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Posted in: Want to live in an abandoned house in Japan? Here’s why it’s not really free See in context

Here in Karuizawa is not much of empty houses and even if, the town office would never start an Akiya-bank bc it goes against the image of a resort town. But next to it in Miyota, Saku and Komoro there are listings 20-30min by car to the station, than 70 (Karuizawa) or 80 (Sakudaira) Shinkansen ride with reclining seats and plugs for your laptop. But you still would want to have a company that is willing to pay most of your train fare of 120.000 or more per month...!

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Posted in: Grocery robots detect spills - with some far-off human help See in context

I think we have advanced enough to accept non-human looking robots as helpers. So why oh why those totally out-of-place looking fake eyes?!

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Posted in: Fire breaks out in under-construction Tokyo high-rise building See in context

Patricia: One of the roofing crew's guys forgot his lighter for his cigarette and asked his colleague for fire... :-)

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Posted in: Nissan seeks to block Ghosn's access to apartment in Rio See in context

This looks like Nissan is desperately trying to paint themselves as the good guys and Gosn as the evil one. After all these alleged misconducts happened for many years while someone at Nissan was in charge of filing his taxes, doubt he would be able to do it himself even if he wanted to. Now their plan to get rid of Gosn and Kelly for their high salary without severance pay etc, has backfired badly bc shareholders know its not as straight as story.

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Posted in: IOC chief calls Tokyo 'best-prepared' city for Olympics See in context

The stadium was supposed to host the finals of next year's Rugby World Cup, are they on time? And I faintly remember that they wanted to build a tunnel or so from Tsukiji, now changed to only a huge parking lot...Not exactly best prepared!

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Posted in: 'Ababis' and 'Star Wnrs': Knockoffs thrive in China e-commerce See in context

Love me my "Kuma" T-shirt... :-)

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Posted in: One of our islands is missing: Japan 'loses' a bit of land See in context

For this very reason, other "islands", or as saided above more accurately, outcrops, that are more important to Japan are surrounded by a concrete frame. But I don't think Japan is the only country doing this, so it's still fair game to me.

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Posted in: Wild boar attacks, seriously injures man in Tochigi Prefecture See in context

To make yourself look big when being attacked, opening up an umbrella towards the boar is very helpful

Boars are not free from disease: a kind of tick can spread, causing the boar to loose it's hair and become in so much pain it becomes disorientated and tame-looking. And the meat can get infected, so better enjoy it well-done

Ashikaga sounds like Ashitaka, the main character from Mononoke Hime, which also involves a lot of rather big boars...

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Posted in: German tourist admits to stabbing Japanese man on Nagasaki street See in context

Looks like some part got lost in translation: you are supposed to say that you don't remember anything when you go with the drunken excuse. Admitting to the charge is, in the court's eye, juxtapose to being drunk!

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Posted in: What do you think of the quality of waiters in Japanese restaurants? See in context

Agree with the above. One tip: when you have food allergies, you might want to try a big-name hotel restaurant. They don't want to have their name appear in any angry twitter rant so they train their staff more detailed/have a list with allergen ingredients for every dish out of the kitchen.

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Posted in: 2020 Olympic volunteers to get ¥1,000 a day for transport expenses See in context

Didn't do any volunteer work, but running marathons you see loads of volunteers at every event plus many more people lining the streets rooting for the runners. Because they know that runners sacrifice a lot of time training and traveling to the venue and running very hard to the point of painful., using just one off-day doesn't feel that big in comparison And while part of them are organized from those "neighborhood-groups", many are also volunteering freely, just because they want to be a part of it, or they want to make the runners feel welcome...

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Posted in: Gunman kills 5, then himself in southern California rampage See in context

Wait, how come this didn't show up in my FB news feed? Oh, I see, only 5 victims, and no school/kids involved, hardly news anymore, thats why.

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Posted in: Gov't starts crafting contingency plans in event of Mt Fuji eruption See in context

My first thought was at well, now? But when you read the text, it states that a previous panel talked about 10 cm of ash inside Tokyo, meaning somebody did think about some scenarios sometime before. So, why now? Is there an important election coming up for Abe? Wonder how many scenarios they will think up reg season, weather, Taifun/ earthquake etc. Whatever the outcome, I dont want to be around esp when that ash starts mixing up with rain and clogs everything!

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Posted in: Happy Halloween in September See in context

...and back in Germany, where Halloween is only an excuse to party wild until morning, shops are rolling out the Christmas sweets, nothing new

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Posted in: Vienna tops 'world's most liveable city' ranking; Osaka 3rd, Tokyo 7th See in context

Vienna: Tourist town and snobbish locals who think they deserve the title of "classic cultural capital" more then Paris. Plus, all shops are closed on Sundays (if they haven't changed the laws recently)!

Otherwise you just have to know what budget range they were looking it. Tokyo is nice if you can live on the 50th floor of a company-provided condominium around Tokyo bay area and take the taxi after the night out at a nice restaurant etc.

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Posted in: Taking it easy See in context

My guess too is that its a SUP, which would actually be quite enjoyable to do at Odaiba. If you have strong enough arms that is.

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Posted in: Gov't orders check of concrete walls after Osaka quake deaths See in context

To all commentators complaining about the blocks not being staggered: the wall fell in one piece, staggering wouldn't have made any difference at all! As mentioned above, steel rods are inserted vertical and horizontal between the blocks, which would be very cumbersome with staggered ones. These walls are not load-bearing (except maybe people leaning against them), only to block view and sound. Vertical rods embedded into the concrete below the walls are supposed to bear the side forces, but this wall's rods were too short, meaning they couldn't adequately be connected with the horizontal rods inside the wall.

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Posted in: Gov't orders JR West to probe fatal incident involving bullet train See in context

Don't see much fault with the driver. The crack (and blood) is on the side of the nose, hard to realize it was something big, esp inside a tunnel with its other noises. But the station employee should be questioned harder. Looks like he thought only about punctuality, doing his motions during that 60 sec stop as learned in the training. Which begs the question: if a customer was in trouble, would this employee spot it and act, e. g. use his brain?

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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 Olympic marathon, race walking courses to go by iconic landmarks See in context

First, much more important than the route is what time is it going to take place, early morning like 5 a.m.? Otherwise its going to be very hot and humid.

Secondly, wtf are 3 turns doing in an Olympic course. These people run at a pace of about 20km/h and then have to do a full turn 3 times, totally getting off the rhythm!

Third, are they going to change the course of the annual marathon in February (again), as well?

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Posted in: 2 killed in head-on collision in Nagano Pref See in context

Wow, thats close to were I live. FYI, its a new "mini" highway, only the first 25 km are open yet, without crossings etc, only one lane per direction, with those orange/white poles as dividers in the middle. Meaning, also upcoming cars are close, its not that easy to sway into the opposite lane...

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Posted in: Trash talk: A guide to garbage disposal in Japan See in context

Japan produces a lot of waste with its love of packaging, so its only fair. The problem so is that this recycling tends to let people forget the only way to be eco-friendly: which is to reduce the amount of trash, including recycable ones!

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Posted in: Fatburger opens in Tokyo, and we do battle for the throne with its huge Kingburger See in context

I am all for simplicity when it comes to burgers, don&t need no avocado, shrimps, or other fancy stuff. But this looks disgusting! Esp for that amount of money. And how comes its cheaper than the double, but more expensive then the triple, gram-wise?

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