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Posted in: McDonald’s Japan updates children’s Happy Meals to be more inspiring and nutritionally sound See in context

So the only new thing is the yoghurt, and that might be rather sweet as well...It also targets an even younger age group that shouldn't be in a Fast Food place at all!

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Posted in: Nintendo’s victory over MariCar finalized by Supreme Court of Japan See in context

While very happy of this ending, I don’t really wish for a change in law. Because new laws might make it difficult to introduce single or two-person small EV onto the roads which would be similar in size to go-carts.

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Posted in: NiziU, Babymetal to perform for 1st time on NHK's 'Kohaku' music show See in context

Sorry, but Babymetal is not a female group. Its singers are cute girls yes, but all the guitar, base, drums etc are being played by male musicians. At least thats what I would guess, but all their faces are covered up. And since one of the three original members left, there are two new members who rotate as the "third girl". Not so different from the boys bands, idol bands, etc, and all "produced" by some big agency.

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Posted in: Niigata Prefecture heightens bear alert after woman dies from attack See in context

One combined effect of depopulation and aging is that more and more rice fields are being left dry and unattended and will grow dense with wild plants and young trees in a very short time, giving the bears more cover to hide closer to housings, thus more encounters with persons tending the fields.

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Posted in: 10 anime with compelling female characters to enjoy See in context

Yuru camp has just started on night time BS TV. That and lots of others as well. But I do think there are too many high-school girls (in their cute school uniforms) whether its the hero, adventurer or horror genre. And strangely they are mostly girls-only group, no boys mixed in. Made in Abyss imho belongs on the same level as Akira, saw the first two movies by chance on BS 11 and am fascinated by it's rawness, dark humor, and fresh jokes and much more. But kids might not enjoy some of the scenes of a zombie body crawling around at night, or a big bird of prey ripping out the innards of a human while imitating his voice as a trap to lure other explorers. BTW the third movie from this January was rated up to R15 after its no kids, even together with adults!

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Posted in: Japan's tallest skyscraper, 'Torch Tower,' to be built in Tokyo See in context

I think the office area around Tokyo station will thrive even when other areas are not, because of the Shinkansen, which makes commuting from the country side for a once-weekly office day much more pleasant

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Posted in: Japan sees fewer COVID-19 hospital deaths than other nations: study See in context

Japan has clean toilets yes, but the users...because of fear of spreading the virus, air dryers have been shut off in toilets. So now many persons (not just men, women as well) find it to much of a hassle to use their own hand towel and will just push the pump bottle with the sterilizer in it to clean their hands, meaning that button will house many peoples dirty stuff on it!

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Posted in: Glove at first sight: The Japanese man obsessed with lost gloves See in context

Gloves...? With shoes I could understand it much more, because there are so many single ones on the side of the roads, in the middle of it, etc...

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Posted in: Virus travel bans separate families even as restrictions ease See in context

It's even more annoying when you think that it was Japanese coming back from overseas travel that brought back Corona with them in several cases bc instead of "voluntary quarantine", they had welcome-back parties with friends...!

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Posted in: Abe weighs skipping visit to Russia next month in favor of G7 summit See in context

At least when in USA he wouldn't have to wear his cute mask, because it's seen as political incorrect :-)

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Posted in: Mt Fuji to be closed to all climbers in summer due to pandemic See in context

Closing the mountain is a bit over the top. Regulating the number of people at the 5th station and staying at the huts would have been enough. Than again, this is Japan, and closing it is far easier to decide on than debating numbers and figuring out who will control it and whether fines are even possible etc...

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Posted in: Abe to consider starting academic year in September See in context

Reg Online lessons:My kids both got chrome books from their school, my older one, 4th year elementary, loves it. My younger one, 1st year, is a bit shy type, doesn't like it very much, often just listening. And he says it is not school. So I guess it depends on kids nature. Also, many teachers and students are just thrown into this, so they don't know how to make the best of it.

That said, I think starting the year in September would be great. One thing about this Pandemic is that nobody knows when it will be 'over', as in part of our live like flu. It might well be that next winter will turn bad again, and than students won't have the possibilities to study as much as needed for exams.

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Posted in: Gov't waiting for Golden Week to decide on extending state of emergency See in context

Would love to see the highways closed down for GW with only trucks allowed...Living in a "refugee" town (Karuizawa) its disheartening to see so many out-of-towners cars at the supermarket who think just because they pay taxes on their summer houses here they can go back and forth as they like..!

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Posted in: Abe warns Japanese to prepare for prolonged coronavirus battle See in context

Meanwhile back in Germany, the whole country is in lockdown and tests are being done about 500.000 PER WEEK! Japan will need a few weeks to even get to 100.000 tests. Pathetic.

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Posted in: Tokyo Disneyland won't reopen before April 20, operator says See in context

Lots of reports about park closures and shops closed, but no mention about the many staff that work by-the-hour, will be compensated for their financial loss...

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Posted in: Japan, IOC agree to postpone Tokyo Olympics for one year See in context

So bets are open again over were the marathon events will be held: Tokyo at night, Sapporo, or maybe even inside the long highway tunnels beneath Tokyo, should be possible by now to fit a 42km course inside ;-)

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Posted in: Japan, IOC agree to postpone Tokyo Olympics for one year See in context

Telephone call is just for the public, in reality IOC and Japanese committee members have probably already worked out a deal with their layers present. Problem is postpone to what date? Summer didn't work out (no marathons), so to request it be done exactly one year later would go down very bad with athletes. But autumn would have the sport TV companies quarreling about scheduling conflicts...

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Posted in: Japanese man who threatened to spread coronavirus dies See in context

So apparently Abe did the "Japanese Thing": not testing (only 15354 as of today!) and hoping it will go away. Now we have a sleeping giant in numbers of Japanese walking around with Corona. Just wondering when this all will blow up like Italy, Spain, and USA

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Posted in: 'Isekai' anime: 5 must-see fantasy anime set in a 'different world' See in context

Not so much into Anime (more bc of time restrains), but I really loved the first 2 movies of "Made in Abyss", just so fresh and raw, with it's mentioning of bodily parts and functions and dark humour (" I'm sorry I have to use you little bunnies as bait for the big monster. I would have rather eaten you myself.."!)

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Posted in: Tokyo Marathon limited to elite runners over virus fears See in context

While loosing your starting fee already sucks, imagine those who lost in the drawing and went for a "donation" ticket for 100.000 yen bc they really wanted to run this year. Wonder what will happen with their money, but probably the same as regular runners...

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Posted in: Tokyo Marathon to restrict entry to elite athletes due to coronavirus See in context

Alex Einz - The issue in Karuizawa last year was that same areas in the forests were without electricity for 3-4 days after the taifun tore down many trees. So the organizers thought it wouldn't be right to hold an event while some people were still not able to have a normal life. In the end, electricity was restored to all places before that weekend, but the decision had already been made...Anyway, the Autumn race is mainly to make money, following the very popular race in May!

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Posted in: Tokyo Marathon to restrict entry to elite athletes due to coronavirus See in context

Similar thing happened to me 1 1/2 years ago with the Matsumoto Marathon: the organizers canceled it on the night before, at 19.00 o'clock. The reason? A taifun was approaching and would reach the area late afternoon or evening, but since the town is surrounded by mountains it's never as dangerous as near the coast. Nevertheless JR decided beforehand to stop the express trains to Tokyo from noon that day, and the organizers thought the inconvinient return to Tokyo, or maybe impossible if further to the west, to be enough reason to crash everyone. What really pissed me off was the reaction on twitter: 95% of the comments were thankful(!) that the organizers would "worry" about them so much!!! Anyway, now I'm running trails only, enjoying it, getting stronger, going for longer distances and new challenges. Beats training and running just to be a few minutes faster by a lifetime!

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Posted in: Japan confirms 2nd new coronavirus infection See in context

Regarding masks, wearing them has the positive side effect that you cannot unconsciously wipe your mouth with your hands for whatever reasons, itching, habit, dryness, which is the easiest way to get infected when outside!

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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 unveils 15,000-seat Olympic aquatics center See in context

Is there a big public indoor pool in Tokyo already? I don't think so, which would make it workable, summers are getting too hot for outdoor pools anyway. BTW, as for the Nagano facilities, they closed the Ice bob course last season for good, despite it being the only one in Japan bc of too high maintenance costs...

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics water survey shows mixed results on E.coli levels See in context

So lets change this one to Hokkaido as well? Naah, too boring. How about Yokohama, they have Intl triathlons over there all the time...would be too obvious! So, lets move it to Fukushima, it was supposed to play some active role during the Olympics anyway. And we can show the world that its completely safe to swim in the waters off the coast near a reactor that went into meltdown....

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Posted in: Emperor completes secretive key succession ritual See in context

At first look I thought it's the Nativity Scene...than again, not much difference, both have gods involved and are more about "heavenly" power... ;-)

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Posted in: Tokyo cancels flights, trains ahead of typhoon See in context

Looks like the JR managment figured out how to deal with angry customers: just cancel everything way ahead and trains won't be late - because they are not running at all. Never mind that this might make it difficult for people to get home esp on a weekend spent far away. Same happened to me a year ago when I went (by car) to run the Matsumoto Marathon. Only to find out they canceled this rather big event the night before, because JR announced they would stop the express trains from afternoon in preperation for a Taifun approaching late evening! Guess this falls under Japan's pride "Omotenashi". Only in this case it means not only thinking about all the details, but also deciding everything for the (paying) customers, no questions asked, no complaints taken!

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Posted in: Campaign encourages commuters to stand still in two lines on escalators See in context

Yeah I remember when Tokyo Midtown was newly opened and there were like waves of people wanting to go there but from the Oedo line you need to use quite a few of escalators to go up. They had staff at the bottom of every single one telling the people to stand in both lines because too many people were waiting...

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Posted in: Two 19-year-old drivers arrested for racing each other 6 kms down mountain road See in context

Curvy mountain roads are famous/notorious for racing esp at night and on weekends and there is just too many of them to control....remember the road around Hakone atop the surrounding ridge had many skid-marks and U-turns. While the road here down from Karuizawa to Yokogawa was made famous through 'Initial D', I think the one from Komoro up to Asama2000 would be quite some fun with the right car bc you got very irregular curves with way more than 180 degrees! That said, when it's close to residential areas (most of them are not) it is a disturbance that should be dealt with.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic stadium 90% complete; opening set for December See in context

Would wish that this year's FIT Charity Run Event could use the stadium as Start/Goal venue as they did with the old one, but I guess bc the first big event has to be a "Japanese" one and not an "International", it won't be happening this year.

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