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Undergo or flee imperial justice? Being was the first act of Carlos Ghosn I wondered what was going on in Carlos Ghosn's head during his long hours of interrogation which did not require much to answer, so the main accusation seemed obsolete and the other charges were crumbling at the source. The resentment of injustice had its weight, but what is for much in the decisions of Carlos, is the discovery within a nation which wants to be noble, of a system in flagrant contradiction with the fundamental principles of its code d 'honor. The saber blade of his prosecutors blinded by the nationalism of yesteryear, slid slowly on his neck ... what to do when you have a whole life of principles, successes and when the choice is limited to the form of the final execution . It is beautiful to judge on the forms, flight or escape or exfiltration or others and to devote oneself to defend the great principles of an abundant Japanese justice by its purgatory decisions .. it is beautiful to reproach Carlos Ghosn for alienating himself his principles of man integrates respectful of the laws, all the laws including the most scrupulous, "dura lex sed lex" for all ... then what to do in his place .. To suffer certain death out of respect for principles or to flee an injustice by committing another injustice. Critics will be on time in both scenarios, because for many, especially in France, you have to animate your pen well to get the most out of avid readers of this novel reality show. When political leaders do not talk about it, cowardice and silence go hand in hand and I am not surprised that languages ​​are loosening so that a scandal will touch some accomplices at Renault and / or at the government at very high level. In any case, it is to ignore the man Carlos Ghosn that everything is put back in place according to his "management" and beyond everything that has been said or acted his last months including by a France fleeing from its civic obligations and on the run from his own economic interests, or even this miserable Japanese justice so blind that it commits a last dishonor by calling it (and apologizing later) to prove its innocence, an act which undeniably confirms Ghosn's decision . Churchill said: big decisions are simple and quick. Ghosn only applies them. His exfiltration of Japanese injustice is surely carried out with the most banal actions, and his line of defense is titled on facts that are easy for public opinion to understand. By the way Carlos Ghosn acts as a vigilante more than accused, and the next weeks will silence the bad tongues which continue to be recharged in the fog of the businesses and the Japanese justice will be cornered to denounce by itself as well as Nissan which will pay the expensive price for his treachery. Several courts are already being asked to take over from Japan, which will only have to present its prosecution files. What we reproach Mr. Ghosn in the face of this Japan which is finally questioning itself, concerns the very principles of man and his integrity, because for him he did not respond to injustice with an injustice in leaving Japan, by the simple fact that he refuses to harm anyone including Japanese leaders: simply spread the truth and the actors who have damaged his reputation, in Japan and universal justice. It is with this genius strategy that Carlos Ghosn acts, a vigilante justiciable like all but who will not leave his critics resting. In a justice that ventures into the spheres of economic war, Mr. Ghosn acts as a master of martial arts and he will have something to answer to those who thought he was submitting without combat. (Hamid sebaly brussels belgium)

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